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Four Fucks Not Rape

It was two months after I had broken up with my partner after four years. My mother urged me to travel and see as much of the world as I had hooked up with my partner straight from school and without thinking much of it became a mother. My little son was being looked after by mother.

I was travelling with an old fuck buddy, Ed for the most part so my mother insisted I took sex protection as she knew I enjoy good regular sex.

While travelling through different countries in South America, Ed and I were at a large festivity and got separated in the crowd and I found myself unable to contact him. The local guide had told me not to worry and that I should wait on the bus while he finds Ed. It soon got dark which in South America was intense darkness when the moon was not out. One of the local men on the bus came to offer me a blanket to cover for the night. I tried to ask if the guide can be found but the four men said they will look after me and I should not worry.

It soon got really dark but for distant lights and I got worried when I felt movement around me so I switched on my mobile phone only to see that one of the men had dropped his pants and was climbing over me.  I realized that I have been deliberately tricked and was about to be forcibly fucked by these men.

I thought quickly and decided to take control so that they don’t hurt me. The man’s hand went slowly up my t-shirt and I said in a friendly way that I thought they were gay as they did not make a move for me earlier. I asked to see the rabbit before it goes into the hole knowing they had torch lights.

One of them switch on the torchlight and I could see all four men stroking their cocks and I asked if they had condoms to stop me giving them disease which gave them a worried look. I told them not to worry that I had 5 condoms left which meant one of them can have two goes at fucking my pussy. I explained that I have had a few boyfriends recently and I have a slight itch which I showed them a false prescription ointment.

The first one offer me his cock to suck which I refused and said using the condom means the entrance will be moist. I love to suck cocks but recently cleaned ones!!

The first fuck was short and uneventful he got on top of me and pushed in his cock, fucked my pussy and ejaculated and his dick deflated, the second man did not hesitate before coming over. He pushed in his two fingers into my poorly fucked pussy and used his thumb to rub my clit and when I arched my back he smiled and looked back at the others saying let the woman choose who fucks her with the 5th condom as she has been cooperative. He lifted off my top and sucked on my nipples which got me wanting more. He kept sliding in and out his fingers out of my pussy. Then he smelt my pussy and whisper in my ear your pussy is health and experience for someone so young. I begged him to put his cock in which was gloriously long and thick, I could feel the weight of his cock pull inside my pussy. I began moving to his push and we fucked long and hard and one of his friends cried out and said he was wasted as he came at the sight of us grinding. He finally shot his cum in the condom and withdrew his cock and he kissed my pussy farewell.

The third guy was fat and so I asked him to do it doggy style to avoid sweating and quashing me. He firstly sucked on my tits and then he knelt behind me and he lifted my right leg up and placed it on his shoulder then he placed his cock in my pussy. He then gently allowed me to lie on my side still with the right leg on his shoulder and he fucked slowly at first and then fast and then slowed down took the condom off, which I protested and he said he has fucked lots of women and he knows he is clean and my pussy should feel him. He was right the feel of his smooth cock and the thick veins were easier to feel and he stayed fucking my bare pussy until he shot his cum inside me and he smiled that was for lying about my itch.

The fourth man wore his condom and even before I could catch a breath he was fingering me and scooping out the third guy’s cum out of my well opened pussy. He asked if my pussy was tired which I thought was rather sweet of him. He told the third guy off for disrespecting me and then he went down to my pussy started kissing and sucking the lips before he spat inside my pussy and used his fingers to fuck me. He watched me closely and asked if he could enter and I reached down and felt his big long cock which I then guided into my pussy. I thought after so many cocks that I would not feel the difference but I did feel him as he pushed as much of his cock deeper inside me than any of the first three. While having his cock inside me and I was having an orgasm he pulled out and turned me on my back which allowed me to push his cock deep to my womb and he lent forward to take my nipple in his mouth as he knew I was controlling the push. We fucked the longest time and when he finally  exploded I felt the gush even in the condom.

 He pulled out but without the condom and he used his fingers to gently retrieved the cum filled condom.

I was asked who should have the last condom, I looked at the four men who had tried to rape me but which I made them lovers. I asked for first man if he thinks he could do better that I wanted his cock in me. The others thought it was fair and I gave the first man another chance. This time he was more thorough with sucking both my tits and then sucking and kissing my clits before he asked how I wanted it. I asked for missionary so that I can feel his balls smacking under me and that was I can grind my pelvic bone on his. He was collected this time and the head of his cock had an upward curve which I did not notice the first time. This caused a sensation in my pussy when it went in, out, in, out, in and out. The pussy was pulsating so much and I thought the first man’s cock was getting bigger and when his movement got faster his big balls banged against my pussy causing me to cum multiple times.

I asked him to stop so that I can go on all fours so that he can bang his cock deep. He was delighted and he kissed my nipples before kneeling behind me and one of mates mopped his forehead and another fingered my wet pussy before placing his cock in. One of the men came to feel my tits and play with my nipples. He then slid under my arms and kissed and sucked my tits. He supported my shoulders and I heard myself groaning so loud from the pleasure until the first man exploded him cum into the cum sack.

We all slept in the bus and in the morning, all four men thanked me and gave me breakfast. Although I had been fucked so hard the night before, seeing them in day light I was horny for a fuck again but thought better of it.

Later they took me to my friend, Ed who had been worried about me and asked if they had treated me well. I did not tell him that the men had tried to rape me and instead I had consented to being fucked in turn. When we got back to the rooms I washed myself and slipped my finger into my pussy to feel her energy which was going to take Ed’s cock the minute I came out of the showers. Ed was relieved to find me well and unhurt, I did not share with him the night of hard fucking I had but my pussy was relieved to have a familiar cock inside her and I orgasm very quickly but continue my fuck with Ed to erupt several times more.




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