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the first day of fun

Me and Maria just seperated. I walked to my friend,rebecca,house. I knocked on the door and she came to the door crying and tears coming down her cheeks. I asked what was wrong and she said that her boyfriend broke up with her.she cried on my shoulder and she went to the kitchen to get her drink. I snuck up behind her and hugged her and said ” im sorry becca” and began to kiss the back of her neck. she turned around and kissed me. i picked her up and carried her to her room i let her stand up.we began to kiss i hugged her tightly and took off her shirt and bra. i kissed her chest and began to suck on her nipples i kneeled down and started kissing her stomach and unbuttoned her pants. i ran my hands p and down her legs and ripped off her panties. she laid on her bed and i was eating her pussy she was giggling and moaning. i got on the bed with her and got on a 69 position. I cummed on her and she turned around and got on top of me and started to bounce gently on my cock. I stood up and kissed her all over her neck we both moaned and she got off. I got her on a doggystyle position and began to fuck her she moaned loudly. when we finished she said “i feel better now,thanx.” i shook my head and left. that was my first day of fun

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