Lester Perverts His Mom

As Lester leaves the bathroom running on bare feet and just a towel wrapped around him, he hears his mother calling:

“LESTER, COME GIVE ME A HAND HERE.” she calls out.

The old woman’s timing can always be so totally out, he thinks to himself.  He likes to get dressed immediately after a shower, before he does anything else.

But, as he has to walk pass her bedroom in any case, he might as well see what it is she wants.

As he enters his mother’s bedroom, he sees that she is standing with her back towards the door, dressed only in her half-slip.

Ah, the bra again, he thinks to himself.  Since he was a small boy, he always had to help his mother to fasten the clips of her bra at the back.  When he was smaller, he did not give it two thoughts, but as he grew older, he really hated it.  He loved his mother, but he really did not want to be THAT close to her.

And now that he is 24 years old he definitely doesn’t like doing it at all.  But she still insists on asking him.

“Mum, let me first get dressed,” he says from the door.

“Just fasten the clips, Lester.  It will only take a few seconds to do it,” she insists.

He observes that he can see right through the sheer material of the slip that she is wearing.  Underneath the slip, she has on a bright pink floral panty.  Those large ones that covers up to the tummy.  It sits tightly over her soft, well-rounded bum.  Small rolls of fat are visible on the sides, giving her that plump, forward-leaning, old woman look.

Although his mother is 65 years old, she is still very active and does mostly everything around the house.  She is very active in welfare organizations and likes to volunteer.  She even has her own soup kitchen where she feeds the homeless and people living in squatter camps.  Her age never deterred her from doing exactly what she wanted to do.

As he starts putting the little clips into the little hooks of the stretchy band of the bra, his mother’s warm womanly smell enters his nostrils.  She is very clean on herself and everything around her.  She smells like carnations and cinnamon.  Standing that close to his mother, feeling the heat from her soft, plump body and getting her nice scent makes him think of his mother as a woman for the first time in his life.

He immediately tries to get rid of the thought, but it sticks like hot toffee in his consciousness.

He and Cindy had a hell of a fight two days ago and he told her never to return.  He had already decided – even before the fight – that he was not going to take her back, no matter how much she cries when she cools down.  They were fighting far too much in the last few months and he finds it exhausting.  What with all the problems at work, he cannot afford to have stress away from work as well.

Problem is, for the past few days he did not have a good fuck.  And here he has a woman right in front of him.  A woman with whom he had been living his whole life long.  And she is standing millimetres away from his cock, wearing only her underwear.

His mother has been a widow for, what is it…fifteen years now…

Since his father died, he never saw his mother with a man, which means she did not have sex for longer than fifteen years now.  Unless, of course, she is doing things he does not know about.  He knows his father was very sick for over two years before he died.  So he will be doing his mother a favour if he fucks her.  A favour that she maybe does not want, but he will just have to convince her that this is the right thing to do.

He is her little boy after all.

He can feel that his penis had already taken that decision for him as it had already started filling with blood, swelling out to its full size.  To a cock a pussy is a pussy, does not matter whom it belongs to.  A man’s cock is, after all, the least discriminating organ in the whole body.

With the decision taken, he unhooks the bra and lets it fall to the floor, exposing his mother’s breasts in front.  At the same time, he unhooks the towel and suddenly he stands with his upstanding cock against the nice soft plumpness of his mother’s slip-covered ass.

“LESTER, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” his mother exclaims loudly.

He gets a good grip on her from behind, while pressing his strong cock even harder against the softness of her ass.  God, it already feels so fantastically good, and he did not even arrive at the flesh yet.  His hips start moving against her from behind.

At the same time, he starts squeezing her big, soft breasts, moving it like dough in his hands.  His fingers move lightly over the firm nipples, stimulating them.  He knows that his mother’s brown nipples each lie in a big brown stain on her soft white breasts.  That was where he sucked his milk from when he was a baby.  Today he will suck it just for pleasure.

“LESTER, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? NO!” his mother reprimands him now in a strict voice as she struggles to get out of his grip.

“Don’t worry Mum, I will do everything,” he says as he kissed her on her wrinkled neck, blowing hot air over the sensitive skin. He knows this wakes up the fires of hell in any woman.  But this will be especially nice for someone who didn’t feel the strong touch of a man for so long.  His hips are already moving up and down, rubbing his erect penis over the smooth material of the slip covering her big bum.

“LESTER, STOP IMMEDIATELY,” she says as she now desperately tries to get out of his grip.  This makes the plumpness of her ass move even more against the stiffness of his cock.  He grinds his cock up and down the smooth slip even harder now.

“I can feel that stiff thing of yours on my behind.  We can’t do this…I AM YOUR MOTHER, for god’s sake!” she says as she struggles against his much stronger arms.  “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, DAMMIT?”

“Relax Mum, this is going to be so nice.  Just relax and enjoy it.  I am not even in you yet, but already I can feel the extreme pleasure.  You are going to like this a lot.”

“Please, Lester, stop this. We can’t do this. We cannot do stuff like this, I am your mother,” she says desperately.  “No!”

With that the plump buttocks gyrate some more on his excited penis as the old lady makes a final effort to get out of his strong grip.

“Oh, oh, Mum, it feels so good. Don’t worry, no one will know.  This is going to be our secret.”

He let the tip of his tongue dart all over her neck.  He lightly blows hot air over her ear and whispers.

“Lift up the slip Mum.”

“No, Lester, stop this,” she says. He can hear the uncertainty in her voice as the pleasure also fills her body now.  His hands feel the nipples getting hard.  When one did not have sex for a long time, any stimulation will make you explode with sexual energy almost in no time.

When she reluctantly moved her hands down to the slip and slowly starts lifting it to expose her panty covered ass to him, he knows that she is under his control now.

“We shouldn’t do this, baby. Please stop now.”

He holds his cock away so that she can lift the slip and then he feels the heat of her plump, cotton covered behind on the naked sensitivity of his cock.  With the slip gone, he feels the warmth of her body radiating right through the cotton panty.  And her ass is so soft and well-rounded that it already fills his cock with enough pleasure.  She is also slightly moving it, making it feel alive.

He moves his cock to the crack of his mother’s still panty covered ass and starts moving it in and out.  He can hear the old woman starting to breathe faster and harder.  Inside the cotton covered crack more of the sensitive flesh of his cock gets covered now and the joy is more.

“Please, Lester, stop baby, before it is too late. uh…uuuh…oooh…”

While his hands still work on her breasts and his tongue on her neck, he moves his hips lower down, to get his cock between her legs, right there where her pussy is.  He moves his one hand down from the front and moves the panty hem away, uncovering her sweet pussy, so that his soft cock can slip in.

He feels her even helping him, by slightly opening her legs, while still in the standing position.

With his cock on the soft flesh of his mother’s pussy lips now, he does not put it in, but just rubs the swollen cock head over her smooth outer lips.  He feels the burning heat and dripping moistness radiating from his mother’s most secret place.  In just a few minutes, he aroused his old mother with sexual lust.  A lust that only one thing will be able to satisfy now.

This is the same vagina he arrived into this world from, 24 years ago and within seconds, he will return there.  But this time in a much cooler way.

“Oooooh, Lester, no, what are you doing? Please stop, baby, we must stop… oh, god…oh, god…we must stop…”

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