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Heavy Petting Zoo

I was already panting lightly when I slipped over the turnstile into the small petting zoo at the ranch where my sister works and lives. She had gone out of town for a few days, so I had spent my weekend at her apartment, dog-sitting again. I was bored with Thunder’s affections, and seeking some new excitement. The petting zoo was the logical choice. For the past three days I had wandered around inside it’s fences, checking out the animal pens, visiting, letting the inhabitants get to know me a little. It wasn’t a fantastic zoo as far as these things go – some fallow deer does, a couple of hostile llamas, a bobcat & a coati mundi. Even a shy little coyote bitch. Most of the smaller animals were behind chain link or chicken wire so people couldn’t hurt them, but the larger ones, like the burros and llamas, just had thick pipe corrals or wooden slats that were easy to reach through.
The animals were all inside their pens that night, tucked away for bedtime. Most of the animals were nocturnal, tho, so there was a lot of movement & soft noises of eating, and in the case of the burros, fucking. It wasn’t the llamas or the burros I was interested in, though. It was the the billy goat. I had also gotten to know the erratic patterns of the ranch’s night watchmen. They aren’t very effective, but there isn’t much going on out there after dark. Mostly drunken tourists looking for brothels, the occasional horny teenage couple, that sort of thing. And after dark, the petting zoo is pretty much ignored unless the animals start making a lot of noise. None of them seemed to even care that I had just climbed over the turnstile & was crouched down behind the entrance sign.
I was listening for the guard and fingering myself through my shorts already. I slunk past the first few pens, steeling myself for a loud hue & cry from the burros, but they were busy amusing themselves. I stopped to watch the jack mounting a jenny, his hooves clenched at her shoulders, biting into the back of her neck, her rump lifted to meet his pounding thrusts. It was over way too quickly for me, and I longed to run my hands down his slick, wet cock as he pulled away from her, cum running out of her & splattering off the tip of his prick. It was still thickly engorged,the tip spread open like some alien flower. She flicked her tail back into place & he went to the next female. I walked past the burros and deeper into the maze of the petting zoo. My nipples were like pieces of glass under my tank top. Earlier I had spread sugar water over my body before getting dressed, a sweet treat for my tryst with nature. When it dried, the sugary syrup had made my skin feel taut & smooth.
I tweaked my nipples through my shirt, pussy juices were trickling from between my lips already. I passed the llamas, who seemed to be the only thing asleep in the zoo, and saw the luminous eyes of the bobcats watching me from across the way. I went to the back wall where the big billy goat was kept. I could smell him before I saw the crescent of his horns outlined against the top of his pen. I had visited him almost exclusively the past few days, and he came to the front of his yard as soon as he saw me. I had brought him special treats of candy & carrots, and I emptied my pockets for him that night, too. Of course, I had masturbated with some of the carrots before him, so my salty juices were dried on them. He munched them from my hand with great relish & butted his head against his fence so I could scratch between his horns. His randy musky goaty scent mingled with the alfalfa in his pen & the scent of my own musky pussy juices. It made me even more turned on, if that was at all possible.
I don’t know what kind of goat he is, but he’s tall & wide across the chest, with floppy ears & beautiful yellow eyes. He’s a short-haired goat and his balls dangle to his knees. He turned to the side so I could scratch him thru the bars, but instead I straddled the low side of his pen & came inside with him. He looked at me kind of puzzled, like, “hey, what are you up to, anyway?” but as long as I kept scratching his head he didn’t seem to mind. I moved from scratching his head to scratching his back & sides, working with him like I had with Thunder. My hands moved progressively over his body, down his silky flanks to his hips & back legs. He was butting me gently in the chest & chewing on my shirt. His little tail was wagging madly as I went underneath his sides to scratch his belly & chest. I was completely immersed in his smell. I lifted my shirt up away from my tits, letting him sniff at my chest so he could smell the sugar I had dowsed myself in. Soon, his rough, soft tongue began to busily lap at me, covering me in his spit. I didn’t mind tho, because while he was distracted by the sweet surprise of my tits, my hands were working lower along his belly.
His cock was sheathed like a dog’s, and like a dog I could feel the shaft inside the sheath. I rubbed along it to his heavy ball-sack, delighting in the texture of the skin there, slightly cooler than the rest of his body. I turned and laid down and he kept licking at my breasts, causing me to gasp every time his tongue rasped over my nipples, the night air making them even more sensitive. I tucked my head between his rear legs and wiggled out of my shorts. I had drenched my body in the sugar water, so the goat had no qualms about applying his tongue to other parts of me. I stroked his scrotum with long caresses, taking a few experimental laps at it with my own tongue, the taste of his skin sharp and tangy like his scent. The hay in his pen scratched my back & bare ass as I worked my way between his legs. He barely raised his head from licking my belly & thighs as I tongued his sheath and belly. I stroked him as I licked him, my hands spreading my spit over his balls & sheath. When his tongue passed along my soaking slit I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. My lips were completely engorged and pouting, my clit almost protruding from between them. I went from his balls to his sheath, pulling on his cock, stroking him more firmly than I had before. His tongue was pushing between my lips now, rubbing my clit forward & backward. I pushed my hips up, spreading my legs further apart so he could get a better taste. The desert breezes blew over my wet body. My hands were finally rewarded by the tip of his cock peeking from its sheath.
It was taking him much longer to become aroused than it had Thunder. I reached up with my lips to encircle the tip of his penis, his musky taste almost sweet to me by now. His penis retracted and I had to go back to jacking him off. I finally got an inch or so to come back out, the tip was like a narrow spear-head, almost petite. I kept playing with him and I got another couple of inches. I could feel that was his length, though, and it was getting a lot more swollen. His little tail was wagging much faster, too. His tongue was still licking me from stem to stern, delving deep within my cunt. He nibbled at my lips and clit, and each pass he made with his velvety muzzle rewarded him with more juice. I was writhing in the dust, trying to contain myself and work at his cock at the same time. When I applied my lips to him this time, his cock stayed out of the sheath instead of running for cover. I worked my lips and tongue along the short length of it, trying to see if it would get any thicker or longer, but it stayed about 5 inches and very thin. Some liquid began to flow, tangy & musky, but also mildly oat-flavored, not bitter like dog-cum. I kept sucking while he worked me into orgasm for the third time. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to have some kind of penetration!
I rolled out from under his legs and got onto my knees. He stood there, expectantly, looking at me with those luminous golden eyes. I spread my legs in front of him and reached back to pull him towards me. He instantly dug his hooves into the dirt & wouldn’t be budged. I backed towards him with my ass a little lower & he shoved his nose into my ass & continued licking my throbbing cunt. I rolled back onto my back & coaxed him up my body until his still-stiff cock was right over the target area. I braced my legs on either side of him and pushed my hips up into him, pushing my hips against the tip of his cock. My cunt was so sloppy wet with his saliva and my own copious flow of honey that the few inches he had slipped right into me. I continued bucking against him and he finally got the idea to thrust back. He began nipping at my tits and I could feel his front hooves tighten around my ribs. His belly rubbed my clit out of its protective hood & all those nerve endings were right against his hairy stomach. The hard pointy tip of his little cock wasn’t going in very deep but it was hitting against a wall of my pussy, making it spasm each time he thrust into me. I felt the tip of his cock open against my cunt wall as the cum sprayed from it, soaking the crack of my ass because he was so close to the opening of my vagina. The sensation, and the idea, helped me into a rolling, spasming orgasm that left me with twitching thighs. I reached between my legs & dipped my finger into the goo, tasting it just to see, and it was sweet & hay-y. With the moon setting behind the mountains & the first grey light of dawn to greet me, I gathered myself back into my clothes & prepared to sneak back out.

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