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Remembeing the first time at the AIRPORT.

I thought today would never come, after six months of waiting I would finally get to see my babe again. I had promised myself that I would not get too wild but my body was ready for anything. The months of intimate letters and lots of phone sex was getting the best of me. I keep thinking back to the last time he came home, how he turned my body inside out. Taking me to intimate points I had never felt before.
I could feel a smile on my face, and my cha -cha started to feel warm and wet. I sat down at the bottom of my bed and before I realized it, I laid my head back on the pillow and my right hand on my cha-cha lips…

I closed my eyes and my thoughts took me back to the day at the airport. I could feel my body getting hot and instantly began a really great flow. I can remember the first moment I laid my eyes on him, he had this nice smile, but a question mark on his face. Like his was lost or in disbelief. I stood up and started running over to him, it seemed like forever before I could get to him but finally we wrapped our arms around each other, we could feel the heat between us. We hugged each other for maybe a minute or two and we both inhaled/exhaled at the same time. I know what I was thinking and by looking at him we both had the same thing in mind.

Get the bags and head to the car. Took forever for the luggage to come around. My pus was almost a river by now. WOOO. Finally the luggage came and we were off. Smiling at each other and a few kisses here and there, some really too long for public eyes. When we got to the car, I popped the trunk open and we began putting in his things .Our eyes met and we just stopped and began to kiss. His hands ran down my back and directly into my skirt grabbing my booty. Sliding slowly down remembering to give me the thumb first. *Am so glad he remembered*. He went from hole to hole and he knew that I had a flow going. For a moment we forgot we were in the parking lot and our hands just wondered all over each other’s bodies. We were both heated and want to feel each other bad. Where I parked the car it was just dark enough for us not to be seen. Before I knew it, my skirt was up to my waist and my butt on the trunk of the car. He whispered to me how much he loved me and how he had been wanting to make love to me. I don’t know why but I really just wanted him to fu** me, and we could make love later. But it was very sweet of him to say.

In seconds he had dropped to his knees and his teeth hit my clit while his lips hit my pus lips, my legs went weak. He was doing something a little different that I would ask about later (smile) but for now I would enjoy this pleasure that had weakened me. His tongue with his teeth and his lips were in a rhythm and I could hear myself moaning. And both of our hearts beating very loudly. He had a tight grip on me with his mouth with his hands wrapped around my booty with two fingers sliding up and down slightly touching my a**hole. He came up for air and I just felt like I could not stand it any longer. He must had felt the same way, because he lifted me up and put my butt on the inside of the car’s trunk which made it easier for him to enter me.

He kisses my lips and wrapped his tongue around mine. *Yummie*, now! I know why he loves eating me. (Smile). His hands quickly move to my nice tight thighs from top to inner thigh. He spreader my legs just wide enough to get inside, deep inside. I wrapped my legs around his waste and locked my feet so I could take it all at once, no hesitation. This is what I needed. He just moved in and out of my PUS** in a very nice rhythm. Every moment taken my breath away. I could feel myself about to cum and I moaned to him “am cumming ” his strokes became more forceful and I could feel his body start to shiver he tells me that he is about to come. **Give it to me** he and I say at almost the same time. I could not hold it any longer and neither could he? My feet unlock and go straight out and he grabs the side of my thighs. IT WAS LIKE FIREWORKS!! It had been along time since I felt his warm flow inside my walls. I suppose six months was two long, because we forgot where we were and just held each other. It wasn’t until the voices of people coming to there cars interrupted the noise from our hearts. We both laugh and finally finished putting his luggage into the car. I don’t know what he was thinking but I was thinking I can’t wait until later tonight, unless there is a dark rest area on the way home. (Smile) hummmm . I open my eyes still smiling, and wondered how much time had past. I removed my soaked fingers from my pus** and jumped from the bed .I got to shower. I don’t want to arrive to the airport late. Who knows what will happen this time ****yummmie****

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