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Mrs. Helen Johnson is our neighbour, a widow, and the nosiest, snobbiest little old bitch in the world. I know because I spent all my teenage years as her virtual slave-boy. The worst of it was that She had my Parents completely suckered in, being that She was a sixty three year old ‘poor’ widow. Anytime ‘Auntie Helen’ needed yard work, groceries, any chore at all, She wouldn’t hesitate to call my Mom, who would send me, the strong young guy, right over to the old bitch.

In case you think Im just a slacker, let me describe ‘auntie Helen’. She’s about 5′ ft 2, and 98 lbs, while not unattractive in any particular feature, She manages a permanent ‘sour grapes’ look on her face at all times. Her grey hair is always held back in a tight bun, Her tits always pointing straight out, thanks to some old style bra worn under Her white blouses. She always wore blue polyester slacks. Pleated of course. Her pants only made Her no-ass chicken legs more annoying to me. I spent the years from 13 to 18 pulling weeds, shoveling snow, whatever Auntie Helen ordered me to do, all the while having Her correcting me; ” these are not the apples I wanted” .

Chastizing me; ” When I say stop dammit!” The uptight little old lady liked to use the word ‘Dammit’ all the time, and She could always put the most fed-up, sarcastic tone in that word. The best I could ever hope for was one of Her famous back-handed compliments, like “well, I guess you were just raised that way werent you Greg?”. Her worst was to phone my Mom and make sure I got into trouble for some alleged insult or unfinished work. In fact, Auntie Helen basically was a Master of Blackmail, using my Moms Guilty feelings to manipulate Me! Now you will understand, but not agree with what happened last summer.

I had just turned eighteen, and was enjoying life as an ‘adult’. I was a big guy and had developed a voracious sexual drive. Not too brag, but I have a pretty thick cock and I could use it fairly well. Mind you, I spent most of the time sprawled out on my bed stroking myself instead of screwing girls. That Summer was a hot one and I had been in my room about to masturbate as usual, when I heard the phone ring, Mom answering, and by the guilty tone in Mom’s voice I knew I would be over at Auntie Helens for sure, and put my hard-on back in my pants.

It was just swealtering hot in Auntie Helens basement. I was carrying out Her instructions to clean out the crawlspace, which had about 100 boxes, trunks, and nicknacks that had belonged to her deceased Husband. (nagged to death, no doubt)

Of course, Helen just made a point of checking on me once an hour, complaining about ” careful dammit” or “dammit! keep the noise down” . I had asked for water in the third hour, and when She never replied I helped myself. This was a horrible mistake as She must have noticed a glass was used and promptly reminded me to “ask first” She also reminded Me that in her house We keep our shirts ON, dammit. I finally had gotten to the end of the boxes, and was surprised to find a leather bag stuffed full of old video tapes. They werent labeled and seemed out of place buried back there. I suspected they might be old porno tapes that the old man had hidden, so I figured I would be doing a favour to all if I took them with me. After the old bag, managed to give my job a passing approval, I made my way home. Helen had aready phoned my Mom while I was en route, and claimed I was walking around ‘half naked, helping myself to Her kitchen’. Thats when I swore revenge! Little did I know I had it in my hands, already!

I sat in my room going through the Videos I had found at Helens. The first few were just lame home movies, featuring a slightly younger but still skinny little Auntie Helen. Sure enough the next few were good old porno movies from the early 80’s. I was getting Hot and Hard just watching those juicy pussies sliding around on big cocks. I put in the last tape, hoping it would be another old porno tape. It was. This one was home made! I could’nt believe it! It was out of focus, jumpy, but sure enough it was taken in Helens bedroom, and started with what was Her Husband lying on their bed, a super hard boner throbbing away on his belly. In the Audio I could hear Him instructing Helen to get ready, focus etc. The big Shock came next. Crawling onto Helens horny Hubby was a girl of about 18. There wasnt much foreplay, just a tender young girl on top of this old guy’s cock bouncing up and down like crazy. The old fellow starts moaning loudly for the teen to slow down, the girl then pulls off Him, just as He squirts all over Her brown pussy. I stared at the screen in horny disbelief, as Helens hand could be seen reaching for and stroking His cock, while still holding the camera in Her other hand. The teen girl is still on top with Her ass still spread out towards Helen. The girl is then slapped very hard in Her butt cheek, “Dammit! Wrong! Dammit” shouted Helen from behind the lens. The video then switches to a scene in which Helen is now being taped standing over the bed, spanking the teen right on the pussy. Helen is fully dressed. White blouse, blue slacks. The teen is moaning and whining, but Helen is heard coldly telling Her to apologise for making the old man cum too fast. all the while smacking the girls now swollen wet vagina, over and over. The video ends abruptly and I will tell you now, It made me so horny I had to jack off twice that night. It was’nt till next morning that I developed my plan.

The next day I simply made copies of the tape and took one of them over to Auntie Helens. I was still horny from the night before and I think Helen noticed the bulge in my pants when I spoke to Her at Her front door. I just told Her that I had a tape for Her, that I had borrowed it and made some copies and would come over later to dicuss the copies. Well, That old bitch started to tell me off, without even knowing why. “dammit, what did you steal! dammit who do you..” I simply told her to make sure She watches it before phoning my Mom, and I walked away.

I made my way back over to Auntie Helens old house around dinner time. It was one of those hot summer nights and Helen was clearly upset when She let me in. I swaggered into the living room and flopped down on the couch. I was going to milk this for all it was worth. She just stood in front of me, Her lips puckered tighter than ever, Her eyes angrier than ever. “Dammit! what do you want you bastard!” I chuckled, She seethed, and I told Her that I simply wanted to be Her boss for the night. A long pause went by, Helen looking both Angry and scared. ” Lets get this over with…boss”, She said bitterly. From that point I began my ‘chore list’ for Auntie Helen.

We went upstairs to the sowing room, it was a smaller room full of fabrics and yarns, but there was a small bed in the corner, and a bathroom attached. Perfect for Auntie’s ‘chores’. I locked the door behind us and began giving Helen her orders. She was being silent but obviously enraged.

” For your first task, I want you to get in that shower and wash that damn bug out of your ass.”

“pardon me!” She replied shocked.

“you heard me, you are going to give yourself a douche and a nice long enema, that is your first order and you will do it right or Ill do it for you with ice water!”.

I was very forceful with Her and She began backing into the Bathroom.

“Hurry up Lady! I wont peek if you get to it fast”

Helen ran in the bathroom slamming the door behind her. After I heard the shower running I went in and standing outside the curtain I reminded Her that I Knew She had a douche so not to fake it.

” dammit Greg, Im doing it and please dont look, I promise Im punishing myself like you asked”.

I did here a squirting noise followed by a groan, so I was satisfied She did it. I told Her I would be waiting in the sowing room to give Her more instructions, but before I left Her, I made sure to take Her blouse and underwear. I left Her slacks and nylons. I also took Her old fashioned bra, and using a pair of fabric scissors, I cut the pointy tips off the cups and placed them back in the bathroom. I then stood outside the bathroom door and released my incredibly hard cock. I could hear Helen dressing and muttering to herself ” Oh you little pervert, I get it now”.

I told Her to come out wearing Her remaining clothes. When She did, I dont know which of us looked more surprised. I stared at Her jiggly fat breasts pervertedly squished out of Her ‘new’ bra holes, Her huge nipples all hard. Helen just looked stunned, staring at my big obscene cock, which I pushed towards Her.

“I know what this want to look at my boobs and play with yourself, dont you Greg? Well go ahead you horny little bastard!” She said, Her eyes never leaving my hard-on.

I was close to an orgasm already and I only had to point at my cock and smile and Helen knew what I wanted instead. She moved closer and wrapped Her bony little hands around my cock, slowly massaging it up and down, rolling my foreskin up and down over my cherry coloured cockhead, She bent over a bit and held the base of my shaft with Her other hand. She had to bend down a bit to do this and I could see Her tits hanging out of the bra holes, while Her facial expression remained sour, all the while Her tiny hands wrapped around big rude cock. It was to much for me and I let go, “oh shi..!’ I grimaced and sprayed cum everywhere. Helen never stopped stroking through every squirting convulsion. I looked down to see sticky cum juice all over Helens hands, dripping off Her pursed lips,even on my stomach.

While I fell onto the bed to recover, I noticed Auntie Helen grab a cloth and clean herself up. She seemed relieved it was over and actually looked a bit smug, as if She had won the battle by having me climax so fast. I made it clear to Her otherwise.

” thats was good bitch, now I can make sure I stay hard extra long for the real fun!”

Helens bony shoulders slouched, as I reminded Her that us eighteen year olds can cum several times in a row. I actually fell asleep for 20 minutes, after telling Auntie to make me some tea. When I woke up, She had placed a full tea tray beside the bed. I sat down in a small chair which I placed across from the bed. I made Helen stand against the middle of the bed, her back towards me.

As I sipped tea I had an idea. I told Auntie not to move. I took what looked like a fly swatter off the window sill and standing beside Her I began slapping Her ass and tits. I asked Her why She had Her blouse on again, now rubbing Her nipples with the swatter. When Auntie only sighed at me, I got behind Her, dropped the fly swatter, pushed my thumbs into Her waistband and pulled Her slacks right down.

“oh Greg please.” She moaned, but I reminded Her I was the boss. I tied Her blouse around her waist, pushed Her skinny legs apart and sat down in the chair. The light was good in the room so I could see every detail of Aunties naked bottom. I let the humiliation stretch out by taking my time. As I began masturbating I was stunned that such a pale skinny old lady would have such a big red pudgy anus!

” oh man Auntie! you have a big fat asshole!” I teased at Her.

“Greg I beg you..” groaned old Helen. She had no ass cheeks at all, and I couldnt even see Her pussy lips with that big red puckered anus poking out. The enema had probably relaxed Her hole and in fact it was almost open a bit. I was getting a raging hard-on again but wanted to make sure Helen recieved the maximum punishment as well, so I got up and pushed Her forward onto the bed.
“ohhh, nooo..Its so rude greg..mmmm” Helen moaned.

I grabbed the honey from the tea tray, and poured the sticky liquid carefully over Helens fat anus and now spread open cuntlips. Her old pussy was pudgy like Her asshole and huge compared to Her stick legs. The sight of this little old bitch bent over with Her cunt and asshole spread out and dripping with honey was amazing. I told Helen it was time for inspection, and I took my hard dick and began rubbing the head up and down Her swollen lips, I made sure to circle Her tiny clitoris on the down stroke while pushing the tip into Her loose anus at the top stroke. Helen was moaning but only until I suddenly thrust my cock deep and hard into Her juicy old pussy, Then She just began grunting like a wildlady!

I power slammed Her maybe 20 times but had to stop, as I neared a massive climax.

” i’m gonna cum Auntie, but I want your hole to take my cock, understand?” She could only whimper a “yes dammit” I pulled out of Her hot squishy pussy and as slow as I could pushed my cockhead against Her big red rosebud. Her puffy anus offered no resistance but rather opened up and almost seemed to suck on my throbbing head. realizing I needed a better positioning I shoved Helen straight and lengthwise on the bed, face down legs together. I then moved on top of her pulling her ass up and again pushing my cock slowly into her puckered asshole. With all the honey I slid in easy, but She felt so hot I couldnt take it much longer. I began pumping Helens ass hard and fast, while She bit into the pillow grunting madly.

I knew I was about to cum and pulled out, as Helen tried to get up I wrestled Her around quickly forcing Her on top in a ’69’ position . ” in your mouth now’ I said as I went wild, licking out Her honey sweetened crack. She tried to protest but as She opened Her mouth I felt my cock flop perfectly in her open mouth, I held Her head still and exploded into Aunties mouth! I must have squirted a litre again and almost blacked out from the intensity of my climax. It felt like We just laid there, licking each other out for an hour. I went home after that and gave all copies of Helens porno tape back to Her. From then on She never called on me again for chores and in fact, I recieve a nice card and box of chocolates every year, signed: Love, Auntie Helen

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