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Help Wanted

I was a single gal that was born in money… My daddy left me a beautiful ranch in his will… But I needed help to run it and take care of the horses… So I put an ad in the newspaper that read this… HELP WANTED… Need a strong cowboy to help out on the ranch call 869-5471 for an interview… I had lots of calls.. and met lots of men… One day, I had an appointment with a cowboy named Mark, He showed up in a big Ford pick-up and was wearing tight jeans, tight t-shirt that showed off his body it was beautiful and made my panties all wet…. So, I hired him… Weeks went by I watched him as he works out in the field taking care of the yardwork.. He took off his shirt as he was very sweaty from working in the sun… I started playing with my breast and reaching under my dress and playing with my wet juicy pussy… I was thinking how I would love to have his big hands all over me and play with his dick. Boy, each day I was wanting him…. One night I went out to a country-western Bar looking for some action to release this hungrier I had from watching Mark…. I had a couple of drinks when Mark walks it the Bar… He asked me if He can buy me a drink… I said, “Sure Cowboy” after we finish our drinks.. He asked me to dance and I went and dance with him… He held me so tight that my body was just wanting him so bad… My panties were dripping wet…Then I felt his hard cock up against me So I slowly reached my hand down and started rubbing the outline of his hard cock thru those tight jeans of his…. He asked me if I wanted to go riding with him…. I said, Yes. Thinking that we would ride in his truck, but I was wrong… He asked me if I trust him, I said,”yes” He then put blindfold on my eyes and helped me on his horse. I noticed that there was no saddle. We were bareback on his horse… I put my arms around him tightly and the rythum of the horse made me cum on my panties…. I moved one hand down to play with his hard cock in his tight jeans…. Finally we came to a stop… He helped me down, and then carried me into this wooden house…. (I can hear his boots on the hard wood floor..) He put me down on the rug on the floor… He said, hold on, I am going to start a fire in the fireplace.. He went a started a fire… Then he came back to me and said that he has noticed that I have been watching him and playing with my-self…. Then he kissed my lips so softly but passionately… He started to unbutton my dress and running his fingers around my nipples for I didn’t wear a bra….He started kissing my neck while playing with my nipples….. it was driving me crazy He mouth then traveled to my breast and his warm wet tongue just made my whole body to shake…. then he took off my dress leaving me in my lace panties… He started to kiss my stomach while outlining my wet pussy thru my lace panties… Then he careful slid his fingers inside my pussy and started to finger fuck me which made me cum as a moan in total estacy… then he took my lace panties off with his teeth…. he stread my legs apart and started licking up my pussy cum that was flowing out of my pussy…. Then he stopped and told me that he is going to get undress… I sat up and started to help him the best I could to get undress….for I was blindfolded… Then I reached out to his hard cock… it was at least 10″… I stuck his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it and play with his beautiful big balls… He moan escaped from his lips and he shoots a load down my throat…. Then he went down on me and started to tongue fuck my pussy and I moan very loudly… Oh Mark, I’m cumming…. He then slip that beautiful 10″ cock in my pussy he rode my fast and hard just what I liked…. then he kisses me again and told me that I got a fine tight pussy and he would love to work on me after his hard long day on the ranch…. Then he push his body into me and came all deep inside of me…. I then moan in total estacy as I came all over his 10″ cock… Then I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry……
Every night after that we had lots of fun….

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