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Its a simple story, I came up with an idea years ago,to let couples and groups know I will come to where they wish and tape them having sex, I charge them nothing and give them the tape when when we are through. Almost always the husband ends up either watching or tapeing me have sex with their wife or girlfriend. Half the encounters are usually at a motel or at their home. All the couples so far are very married, but either have a tired sex life or want to put spice in their wifes life. I do this in the Jacksonville Florida area and the surronding area. I usually get 2 to four encounters amonth sometimes more. The wifes are from damn good looking to damn scary.Most screw me until I cant stand up, I get some repeat calls. So far the women only do it with the husband watching and their permission. I will come back and write some encounters. I do this for real and welcome email for more coupes to tape.

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