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It Finally Happened

My wife and I have friends we’ll call John and Joleen. Now Joleen is one of the hottest women I ever seen. She has been compared to Shania Twain from numerous people. Her and I always had kind of an attraction to each other but knew nothing could happen being that we were both married. We live 7 houses down from each other and I drive past their house a couple times daily. I called into work sick one day and had to run to the grocery store and on my way home I drove by and saw her outside. I honked and waved as I always do and she always waves back but this time was different. This time she motioned for me to come back. Being the gentleman I am, I turned around and parked in front of her house and went to talk to her. She had on a pair of hot pink shorts and was looking very nice. She said it was hot out and wanted to know if I wanted a beer. So she said to come in because she needed to sit in the air for awhile. She said to go have a seat in the living room so I went and sat down. She came in and handed me a beer and sat in the recliner across from me. She sat down and put her left leg over the arm of the chair as we talked and the first time she looked away I took a peek and noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I almost got hard immediately. Every time she looked away I peeked at her beautiful pussy and hoped she didn’t notice for fear of my wife hearing about it. During one of those times I peeked she turned quick and noticed what I was looking at. To my suprise she spread her right leg more as if she wanted me to get a better look. At this point I could feel my cock getting bigger and bigger. Finally she asked me if I saw something I liked. After I said there’s nothing better than what I’m looking at right now she told me to come get a better look so I walked over to her and started lightly tickling her inner thigh. She just layed there and looked at me as I did this and started rubbing my rock hard cock through my shorts. She told me my wife told her I had a big cock and wanted to see it, so I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock. All she said was o my god she wasn’t kidding, bring it here. I leaned over and she just took it in her mouth like she needed it to survive. She sucked my cock and tickled my balls and moaned as if she enjoyed sucking it as much as I enjoyed it. She said John can’t lick pussy worth a shit and heard I loved to do it. I told her to be the judge and tell me what she thought when iwas done. I kissed her neck and worked my way downn to now hot and wet pussy. I slowly pulled off her shorts started off real slow just to get her more turned on. This drove her crazy. I started licking faster and she moaned more and more. I could tell she hadn’t had it this way in a long time, if ever. Her hips were moving around and around and finally yelled over and over “o my god, o my god” and let out a moan of relief. She told me to get up here and do it to me like I never had it before. I climbed on top of her and put my now throbbing cock in her wet pussy. I wanted to start out slow but she kept saying harder and faster harder and faster. I kept pumping on her for nearly 10 minutes and she came what I believe was 3 times. I asked her if she could masturbate for me and she said of course. She started playing with her pussy and I reached back and played with her ass and she loved it. After she came, she told me it was my turn. So I pumped and pumped on her as she looked into my eyes (that’s a huge turn on for me) and felt my cock getting bigger as my load was nearly ready. Finally I shot my load like I can’t remember. After I was done she said I had better get going because her husband would be home in a half hour and she had to shower. We agreed never to tell anyone but I had to tell this story to you.

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