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Thunder Down Under

My oldest sister lives in a ranch-style house in the foothills west of Las Vegas. She and her current beau decided to go on a little roadtrip, but her big Malamute, Thunder, gets carsick. She asked me if I’d mind petsitting for the weekend. I was in an agreeable mood, so I said, “Sure, I’d be glad to.” I had a great time out at my sis’ house, too. She lives very close to the mountains, so it was fresh air and starlight for me (except for the Luxor casino’s billion-watt waste of electricity).
My first task was taking Thunder to a groomer – whoof, the fur was a-flying! Anyway, we spent our first day together taking long walks, playing chase & fetch, doing laundry and watching bad tv. By that evening, I was dog-tired, and he was a little restless because his people weren’t to be found – he kept looking for my sister – in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the garage, pacing & pacing til I started pacing with him. We basically both wore out on nervous exhaustion, and I collapsed on the big, overstuffed couch.
Late the next night Thunder was laying on the floor, and I was rubbing his side w/my foot, sort of absent-mindedly. He rolled over so I could rub his belly, and of course, I looked down. He had his paws all stretched out & his sheath was very plain to see. It didn’t look like much of anything could be hidden inside, but in the interest of experimentation, I included it in my foot-rub. I started with my toes on his broad chest and sort of scratched him, and then slid my foot down to his side, and then I rubbed up & over the ridge of the sheath. I could feel his penis under the sheath’s skin, and I rolled the skin across it, like a man’s foreskin can be manipulated over the penis itself. I continued this for awhile, just stroking his sheath up & down, or sideways, very gently, just waiting to see his reaction.
Thunder really didn’t seem to be paying attention. I rubbed down the length of his sheath to his balls once, fondling them with my toes. I got the kicking reaction from that, how when you scratch a dog just right and his foot starts going really fast. It was kind of amusing, me rubbing the base of his nuts with my foot, and his hind leg pumping at the air. I liked the sensation of the hot, silky skin across the tops of my toes. He got irritated at it after a few minutes, and rolled away from me. I got off the couch, onto the floor, and started stroking his side with my hand, scratching behind his ears, rubbing his chin, all the good doggy petting techniques. Soon I was scratching his belly again, this time with my hand. I didn’t hesitate to rub him on the sheath, since he didn’t seem to care about my foot. I could feel the length and thickness of his cock through it, the way it fit in the palm of my hand. It was a lot more responsive to my hand than to my foot. I stroked and squeezed his cock gently, stroking
towards the tip, and I was rewarded by the tip poking from the sheath. It looked very wet and red, and pointy. I kept the stroking up, gently squeezing and pulling, coaxing more of the length from inside. It seemed to take on a life of its own – it kept getting longer and thicker, and I wondered to myself, “Geez, just how big is this dog’s dick, anyway?” It looked like it was at least 7 inches, maybe a little more, closer to 8.
I began to lightly touch Thunder’s penis itself, and it was sticky and very hot in my hand. It had a stronger, muskier doggy smell than Thunder, especially since he had just been groomed. I carefully bent my head to his belly and ran my tongue up the length of his cock. Thunder jerked and jumped to his feet, looking at me with a shocked look on his face. His cock was still exposed though. It tasted sort of like wet dog, but stranger. Sort of indescribable and somehow raw, and salty, too. I patted Thunder and calmed him down a little til he sat down next to me. I reached under his belly again and continued stroking his cock. He didn’t jump away, but his cock did grow some more, thickening and lengthening. It began to feel very full and heavy
in my hand, getting hotter the longer I stroked it. Fluid had been steadily leaking from it, milky but not like cum, and I used it to make the handjob a little smoother. I reached my other hand between my legs and began stroking my own pussy, playing with my clit, laying my head back on the couch as I masturbated Thunder and myself. I laid down on the floor and manipulated myself until I was laying under Thunder, his cock inches away from my face. I spread my pussy lips, my fingers slick with my juices. Thunder stood up and gave my cunt a few token licks – I had forgotten how good a dog tongue can feel – rough and soft at the same time. His cock was at the perfect viewpoint over my face – I watched as it continued to grow and I could see the beginnings of his knot start to swell at the base. I licked my hand to ease the friction, tasting his lubricating fluid at the same time, it was very salty and a little tart.
His cock gushed once very heavily, and Thunder began humping my arm and hand, forcing his cock in & out of my fist, but he seemed to be a little awkward, like he needed something more substantial to thrust against. I sat up and leaned my shoulder into his back leg, which stabilized his thrusts. His knot got even bigger, and before I knew what was happening, thick yellowish cream was pouring out over my fingers. I panicked, my mind went, “Holy shit! The carpet!”, and I was trying to grab his cock w/both hands, my t-shirt, whatever I had handy, and Thunder didn’t even miss a stroke, in fact he got a little more frantic, pumping my hand for all he was worth. I ended up sitting with my legs under him, my shirt stretched out, and his cum gushing all over my legs and chest, and down both arms. The flood finally went to a trickle and then random drips. I let go of his cock, and he moved off of me to clean himself. I licked a little from my fingers, just to taste, and started wondering how long it would take him to be ready for more adventures in dogsitting.

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