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J-Thunder and The Business Go To The Big Leagues: JT Goes To Hollywood While He Steals Your Dreams, Gets All of The Women, and Cuckolds Your Balls

At this point JT and I were both 23 now. After 3 solid years of swimming in amazing sex, pleasure, money, luxury and big-boobed women, he started his own business selling supplements of compounds formulated to mimic the exact molecular structure of the loads of free testosterone being pumped out by his big glistening balls. They were advertised in these ridiculously action-packed commercials to increase confidence, testosterone, sexual prowess, performance, and most of all, increased “Dominance – to be a REAL Alpha Male.”

What people didn’t know was that he was only gaining more and more testosterone, more and more dick length and muscle because JT kept stealing women from me and making me watch as he had sex with them. The utter humiliation driven by jealousy and defeat created a psychic Rosen-bridge between my testicle chakra and his that created a vampiric flow which siphoned the mojo from my knock wobbles into his low-hanging pair of bull-sized cahones.

He blackballed me from every job I tried to apply for, so I was basically unable to acquire a source of income unless I reluctantly submitted to working for him in his commercials. My life was miserable and I was as sexually frustrated as ever. Meanwhile his company’s sales were flying through the roof so much that JT began making commercial’s just about how productive and successful he was. JT couldn’t even manage to build enough factories given all the money revenue he was stacking up – except he could of course because he’s JT *sarcastic tone followed by sulk* He expanded his business empire to advertising men’s suits, hair style, time pieces, and sports cars. Women found his machismo-dominating business grind so sexy.

It was when I was starting to get somewhat famous as JT’s beta friend who he dominates that he received a call one day from a womanly British-babe during an infomercial he was doing. He had a massive following and was displaying the amount of viewers as well as a chat room while the program played. I sat shamefully hanging my head in a chair next to the tall-standing JT as he inquired what the woman was calling for. JT confidently staring into the camera so as to fully engage with his outspoken viewer. She said to JT that she loved his music, his concert, his commercials, his hair, his large pecs and shoulders, his testosterone. Smugly, JT gave a charming smile like “heh heh well…you know…” She continued saying that she was actually calling to say she thought it would be so hot if he did pornographic sex scenes in mainstream Hollywood movies. “You see your pathetic friend there?” JT chuckled and replied glancing down at me for a split second, “He’s quite unimpressive isn’t he?” The sexy British babe chuckled as well and said yeah before she continued to suggest that “she and all of your fans would find it totally rock-n-roll, totally kick-ass if you made your pathetic friend star in a movie with you where you, JT, are the robust, conquering, American Stallion that never backs down and sticks his chest out as he valiantly saves the day, get’s her done, and ultimately, gets the girl while his jealous beta-cuck friend watches JT steal the girl he’s wanted the entire movie right before his eyes!”

Everyone could hear the sexual intensity rising in her voice as she described what was the fantasy of both her and millions of adoring female fans – but the last 23 words hurt the most – especially in the balls. At that moment JT looked down at me with the ultimate menacing grin as the chat room flooded with explosions of female praise of the idea. A lot of male fans thought JT was a badass and cheered for “that weak sackless cuck to get what’s coming to him.” I didn’t understand why people always cheered for JT to triumph as if I was the bad guy, but it didn’t matter – this was happening.

I got all the emails and phone calls from JT as devilish as he was. I knew what I had to do – what I always had to do: submit to the Alpha Male. We got on a mid-day flight from Indiana to Hollywood – LA, California. My ticket said 1st class while JT’s said business. When he saw it, he gave me the intimidating eyes of piercing eyes and electric thunder. He ordered I trade it over. Confident for a moment this could be a sign of my luck turning, I took advantage of the one chance to allow him to suffer for once while I get the good life as he is always achieving and receiving what I want. A gorgeous woman who escorted people onto the plane asked if there was a problem and before we could explain our skirmish away she ordered me to follow her with my ticket which was first class. I looked back as if to rub it in. A young lady escorted JT after us. I was amped to fly first class, but as JT and the flight transitionary stood behind my group in the doorway with their group, she explained to me that the names of the plane departments had changed and that first class was where diseased children and elderlies who had lost control of their bowels flew. The lady who was with JT’s “business class” group was actually one of the nurses and informed me that business class was where celebrities and models worked as flight attendants on their passages to Hollywood. Then, as I was fretfully being seated next to a flatulent grandmother and a child drooling all over himself, I saw two thrillingly sexy flight attendant models grab JT by his arms and ask “Wow, you’re JT aren’t you? The Rock star straight out of Indianapolis?”

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I don’t know how he made that jaw-droppingly beautiful woman laugh like crazy within 2 seconds of talking with her but I already knew, as well as both of them, that they were having sex back there during this flight.

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A Day In The Life Of Miss USA Olivia Culpo

After about 2 minutes of listening to them fasten out of their clothes when I could hear the thunder being brought from 1st class, another flight attendant poked her head into the room I was sitting in. God she was bangin’! Absolutely gorgeous yet she looked kind of mean and I couldn’t help but be turned on by that!

With her finger aggressively curled, “Get in here!” She commanded. I nervously and reluctantly followed the tan bikini babe with her big hair and piercing glare. She could already tell I was uncomfortable where I was let alone where I was now going.

Based on the looks on their faces when I entered the bedroom on the plane where JT and the first flight attendant were, I surmised that JT had given them the run-down and that’s what all their giggling was about. JT had this look on his face and uttered, “You know what’s about to happen.”

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Meanwhile, Serena (the name of the first flight attendant) was pressed up against JT, looking back at me while she rubbed his chest

Trisha, the second flight attendant stepped up to me, so intimidated I was already on my knees, and gave me this look while she said, “You’re so weak. You are the scared little beta male who submits to the dominance of the massive, strong alpha male – and you will never get any of this *gesturing to her body and looks*

The two ladies walked in perfect sync across the room to an intercom radio speaker on which they announced to the entire plane that JT, the famous and richly handsome rockstar from JThunder and the Business was about to humiliate this loser by stealing women in front of him and having sex on a jet, which they announced to be one of my most treasured fantasies.

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It wasn’t one until I was faced with the idea but now the humiliation was so much deeper. They turned back around, so much evil intent in their looks.

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Here stood before me two strong, impressive, brilliant, sexy women like indignant goddesses looking down on a lowly cuck that didn’t even have the testosterone to look them in the eyes yet they were completely star struck in the presence of JT – hormonal arousal revved up to the max

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JT commanded me over to an improvised construct for giving me the business where my cuckolded balls would be spanked. The rock music started playing – Nickelback’s Burn it to the Ground. JT ripped off his shirt and walked up to my hunched over body, grabbed me tightly by the shoulder, lifted my ankles up behind me and strapped in my ankles while my torso was suspended and my arms pinned behind me. The shouting intensity of the vocalist’s voice was matched by the swift whips of JT’s leather belt against my trembling balls. Oh, the girls loved it – their skin increasing temperature sharply as sweet drops of fragrance-scented sweat formed on their tan cleavage. The devious smiles cracked displaying dazzling white teeth signaling their approval of my humiliation.

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The repetition went like this: JT verbally crushes my balls in the form of making me willingly submit to watching him fuck these two beautiful women in front of me while everyone on the plane watches. I would squeal after each swing of the belt which would make the girls burst out laughing at my pain and failure as a man sexually. It was so maddening that these two girls who I desired so much were being swayed over toward JT because I would get treated like shit. He does this as a stove to boil the sexual juices in the loins of a woman, fanning bright hot erotic fire sparked by watching the big bad Alpha male dominate the emasculated Beta male. JT, looking down in indignation, bull nostrils flaring, tossed the belt onto the other side of the bed while I looked back so ashamed and utterly humiliated. He approached the two with such smoldering intensity and prowess. Both their eyes blew wide open as their sexual instincts kicked in. They were both about 5’9, and JT was about 6’2. I hated this part but oh so loved it at the same time.

With so much strut in his stride, he swiveled his broad shoulders as he pumped his pecs up and down, hypnotizing their minds with the motion of his round glistening chest muscles as their eyes ceaselessly followed his tan nipples. Trisha with her beautiful blue eyes gazed in awe at this surging electric blonde stallion before her as she ran her palms and fingertips over the surface of the skin on his chest

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JT suggested to Serena she verbally humiliate me herself. “Tell him what he needs to know if you have anything to say.” Serena, the gorgeous brown-eyed vixen, bent over to emasculate my insufficient balls as she compared the size of JT’s girthy veiny salami cock with my weak little penis.

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Olivia Culpo 🍆🍆

Trisha and JT made out standing up. Apparently, the sexual prowess of JT was so overwhelming that Trisha couldn’t help but scream and shake her luscious hair as they smacked lips.

She threw him on the bed and looking down on him with determination, she unstrapped her bra. JT, really excited now, told Trisha to help Serena relocate me in the Cuckold Contraption next to the bed.

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Serena, come over here baby.” JT smoothly whispered across the room. Serena had been THWACKING my balls from behind every five or so seconds. She then left me to come to JT

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Serena with her sexy female body started hyperventilating and flashing her big beautiful eyes open as she caressed and massaged every part of JT’s muscular golden body. She mounted him while Trisha took her turn being rather aggressive with the belt with which she shacked my balls. JT spent the next 2 hours shagging both of these stone cold vixens as they stared deep into his eyes with their beautiful smiles in utter disbelief that they had the chance to meet JT the rockstar and make sweet hot love.

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Every member of the plane could hear me scream in humiliation and agony while they sat producing a smug grin of what they perceived to be justice and vicarious satisfaction. People always perceived what JT did to me that way.

We eventually arrived in Los Angeles and my God was it beautiful. At least where we were staying. As part of a contract JT twisted my arm into signing, I had to stay with him in a mansion he bought out for the next two years. It was huge, but JT always had the bigger stuff and he made sure I knew it. He had load of money too from commercial profit but he was about to score 10 times more money than he ever had from the film contracts and stadium flooding concerts scheduled over the next 24 months. And he had so much energy all the time. The day after we unpacked and spent the night, JT and I went to meet with his agent/manager. He was a suit and tie, no non-sense New Yorker. 5’7″ bald and stocky kind of acted like Danny DeVito but did tons of huge favors for JT who he wanted to succeed. He let JT know that word got out last night that he was staying in Los Angeles for a new acting career in Action, Romance, and Cuckold Erotica – and that the women of this town and all over the country were blowing up social media vocalizing their desire to shag JT. The constant good news for the frenemy who tortured my soul was will-crushing as well as producing chronic arousal from a self-pitying jealousy. This made things easier for JT.

I hated the douchebag. Unfortunately for me, our lives hadn’t changed much since the trip to Venice, Italy during college. Just like he bullied me into doing things I didn’t want to do when we were kids, JT bullied me into going out with him every night to the hottest clubs and bars to pick up women. But I knew the drill, we both knew I wasn’t there to actually sleep with the women. Rather, because of how submissive and emasculated I was by our past experiences together (JT being the Alpha Male Bull and me being the Beta Male Cuckold), I would select a girl I found absolutely gorgeous, smoking, sexy and hot so that JT could swoop in and steal her. I remember one night seeing a European model that looked like the picture below.


I remember the lustering glare of the glass bar reflecting on the underside of her beautifully sculpted face as she twirled her finger around the rim of her glass. JT’s energy changed immediately as he saw her, riled up and electrified at the sight and thought of the sex with her. He gave me the run-down of the plan: I would introduce myself to her. He would give me the mere 5 minutes I needed to completely screw up and embarrass myself in front of her so that he could swoop in and chat her into his bed while I would spend the next half-hour gawking over this unobtainable dame. The look on her face when JT stepped up to the plate to chat her up was irresistible. I’d never seen such cat-like eyes, such a sexy smile.


In around 7 minutes, she was running her hands over his big chest and wide shoulders before she began to lead him by the hand. If I remember the woman’s name correctly, it was Stephanie. JT had informed Stephanie about cuckolding dynamic of me and JT’s relationship. With her sexy smile and arched eyebrows, she looked so fierce and menacing. Stephanie would often look back with demeaning facial expressions, laughing at me after JT would whisper something in her ear. Eventually we got to JT’s house. Earning more money than me, the successful bastard had a sweet patio jacuzzi above the biggest pool I’ve ever seen. JT told me to sit down on the back patio (it was summer) and watch in jealous agony as Stephanie stripped out of her clothes. Meanwhile JT was in his oversized kitchen getting drinks from his giant fridge while Stephanie told me how grateful she was that she chose JT instead of me and that she could see I had weak pathetic balls compared to JT’s massive testosterone filled balls.


God she had hair for days, long thick ebony locks glistening in the moonlight as it contrasted with her creamy white skin, complementing her big round ass and full boobs.

The verbal humiliation was giving me an erection but it went to a whole other level when her unzipped dress dropped to the floor. The girl in the picture above looks very close to her but even more fantastic than the picture, Stephanie was all natural, no implants, no tatts, just smooth perked all natural boobs, long curly dark hair, and big round ass cheeks. When her bra dropped, I began to whimper and beg for her to leave with me while JT was getting drinks (this would come back to bite me later but that’s further down the story). If I was to take a picture of her topless that cropped out her bare nipples and everything below, it would look like this:


Her soft, jiggling, bulbous chest bounced as she spun around to see JT walking through the glass door with beers. Stephanie immediately snitched on me, I being nothing more than a powerless cuck who watches JT fuck the girls I want and try to get. He smugly looked at me and let it slide for some bogus reason I can’t remember but I do remember not being sure whether or not I trusted him enough to let my guard down. They were both naked so JT told me to strip down and enter the hot tub while they did. I remember the feeling I’d always get when I’d see JT naked – the first instinct is to be revolted because it’s another dude but once I see how big his cock and balls are in comparison to mine it’s more of hyperventilating, overwhelming, rush of intimidation and embarrassment.

JT’s tan skin and bulging muscles glistened while the girl before me sat against him with her creamy white skin and womanly curves. Both of their arms were arched back along the rim of the hot tub, pushing their chests out and their heads forward. I sat exposed, humiliated, awkward, and nervous of what came next. JT told Stephanie to watch as he pulled out 3 brand-new fly-swatters, tied together, from behind the jacuzzi. JT told me to stand up, turn around and bend over as Stephanie’s demeanor changed to a menacing smile. JT, leaning back against the tub wall, leaned to the side with an ugly bulldog frown and swung his arm THWACKING the back of my balls with the triple fly swatter. Shrieking, I fell forward and caught myself by pushing my arms forward against the tub rim on the other side opposite to JT and Stephanie. Stephanie laughed really hard and then JT stood up, his bulky legs now shining and wet while his foot long dick swung at eye level with Stephanie. He continued to swat my manhood from behind like a stern father teaching his son his place by spanking him. SWAT….SWAT….SWAT….SWAT….SWAT….SWAT. Stephanie, head slightly bowed but eyes straight up, was so turned on that she lead him to his room – quickly! She looked back at me while they stood in the glass doorway and said, “Yeah, you’re coming too!” In dread, I cringed and submitted….As per usual yet no less thrilling by any means, the “Robust American Blonde Stallion” started having sex with Stephanie before my eyes.

As JT’s massive and superior cock satisfied her vagina, she moaned which then turned into an angry growl as she looked back and me and screamed, “God you’re so pathetic, I just wanna smash your balls that little cock could never get these titties! JT, feel these big titties!” She said looking down as JT replied, “Hey that’s what I do…..”

JT then enjoyed a 25 minute long orgasm with full hands of big soft boobs while thick ass and leg muscles massaged his cock as his balls were only further energized by the sex.

He was still stealing girls from me every weekend we went out to bars and clubs, getting them to cuckold me. Your average woman wouldn’t usually be into something like verbally humiliating and abusing a stranger even if she was totally into banging his hot friend. You see, because I had officially submitted to JT on the playing field of all things concerning our sexual endeavors with women, I had reluctantly and painfully (though being cuckolded really turned me on) come to an agreement whereby I would annoy a woman in public, absolutely embarrass myself and give the impression of being so laughably pathetic while also jealous that she wouldn’t think twice about going home with a taller, stronger, more confident man (JT) who would humiliate me into submission while they banged it out.


So now JT has the job I want, the apartment I want, the friends I’ve had for years and any woman I even thought about wanting to have sex with. It makes sense though. Despite the fact that I was only really looking for a sexual relationship with these women, despite that I worked twice as hard as JT even when I wouldn’t get credit, I was still a “Nice Guy.” I was just too agreeable, a pussy to be frank about it. JT was very assertive. I hated that but I felt that the more JT did what he always does with women to me, I would lose mojo/confidence/male vitality/erotic magnetism. I mean the girls he would swoop in and steal from me were seriously as hot as the ones in the pictures above. It was May 26th and JT was called on set to a biographical film Fox was making about his life and career. I of course was forced to go everywhere he met because of the pact to be on the look out for women. When we got there, though, there was no short supply of women – smoking hot babes. Pop culture, Hollywood etc., was aware of how much sex JT got (not exactly) and wanted this movie to feature live-action sex scenes based on the one described by the sexy British phone-caller.

When JT stepped in, he was so comfortable in his skin, The women took notice many of them whispering to each other that he was even more manly and gorgeous in person. I couldn’t even take in at the time what the next few months held. Until someone broke the trance. “What?! Are you serious?!” JT exclaimed. “Of course!” his agent replied, “JT always gets the big bucks!” I stooped over to look at what JT was holding. It was a check based on what they already planning on paying him. I leaned in to look. *Gasp -Gulp*. As soon as I saw that number and realized how much JT’s Fame Fortune and Success with women was about to increase, it was like Nickelback’s song Something in Your Mouth started playing in my head.

It sent me into a zombified trance for the next 23 hours, the riveting guitar repeating a day long crescendo of musical terror. That was until I saw her in the club.


It was switching from like one trance to another at the sight of this women in the club where JT and I had spent the last 2 hours – except now the first verse had started. One minute, can’t focus, drink in hand then as soon as my eyes meet her: the lyrics “got to meet the hottie with the million-dollar body; they say it’s over budget but you’d pay her just to touch it!”
God was she hot. Womanly in every facet imaginable. Her hair was like a mountain of waves and curls framing her stunning smile and viciously sexy eyes.

I’ve often made this same futile and stupid mistake before but I tried it again lacking the self-control. I approached her without telling JT about the woman and forming a plan to get cucked. When I came within relative space of her, she, dancing now very anxiously and immediately annoyed by my unwanted presence, looked at her friend in front of her as if to say “Why the fuck is this little loser approaching me?” I could sense the thoughts and vibes she was putting out but I didn’t flee from fear of rejection. Instead I closed in and tried to say something over the blaring noise. I was very awkward, asking a question like, “You girls come here often? I was a pretty good dancer back in high school. I bet you hate getting hit on by these big, muscular, cocky, jock athlete types all the time.” With an annoyed pause and an indignant face, she replied “No…”

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“As a matter of fact, I could really use one of those right now.” She continued under her breathe. I heard what she said, and as I rejected as I was, I still tried to utter another plea for her favor before the music stopped and the DJ started to say something on his microphone. Everyone then looked over to see JT up on the DJ’s stage behind the turn tables where he, with a cunning smile, challenged me to a dance off/battle on the middle of the floor. “You’ve been talking a lot of smack these last few months about all these moves you’ve got and how you can beat me in a dance battle. Let’s see what you’re made of!”

I never said any of that – He made all of that up and made it sound more friendly than it actually was. He knew I tried to get away with that woman I liked and so now he twisted my arm into embarrassing myself on the dance floor because if I tried to back out I would seem like some dick who talked a lot of smack but couldn’t back it up. The thing was, I couldn’t back it up. But JT could – and he knew it. This was just like the dance battle situation I had gotten into with JT during my first cuckold experience in college at a frat party. Nervous enough to piss my pants, and so used to giving up and submitting to JT, I began to sabotage myself by intentionally being awkward so that he would get the girl. But then I looked at the beautiful, hot woman I was trying to talk to and decided to go back on that decision but it was too late and the indecision made me look even worse given how bad the attempt to dance was.

I got booed out of the inner circle and much further humiliated in front of this banging damsel. JT did what he does best – everything, and by that, I mean he just succeeds over me by doing so much better. The gorgeous woman got the same look on her face that all women do when they see JT dominate me…

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Initially being astounded, completely blown away by this robust, barrel-chested blonde stallion with good looks and a bulge that every woman gaped on.

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Then the look of sure-fire, unceasing confidence in the very confidence JT had himself, completely assured of his sexual and physical prowess as he tackled life like a championed lion charging into the center of a hurricane. It was textbook. JT was always so smooth and suave on dance floors – impressing all of the ladies. I remember watching in horror as JT captivated her undivided attention, the woman licking her plump red lips and purring as she watched my far superior friend showcase his confidence.

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My spirit was so absolutely crushed, my balls metaphorically pummeled. I sat moping with an unfinished drink in my hand at a table with a tall stool-seat as I heard the last eruption of applause and cheer over JT’s moves on the dance floor. I looked down into my drink thinking about how amazing going back to my place with that girl would have been. Just then, JT, with his arm around the woman who I had been drooling over all night, came walking by close range and introduced me to her.
“This is Daniella” he said with a malicious grin intending to rub it in my face.

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There was so much dignity and majesty in her countenance – like something of royalty, and completely aware of how sexually attractive she was.

However…..what she said next immediately changed my impression of her. “Come on, fuckface, we’re gonna head back to your friend JT’s mansion. He’s already filled me in on what we’re gonna do to you , oh, and I don’t have to fill you in on what I’m going to do to him – I’ll show you!” It was so crude, but for some reason, I found it so hot. This woman who I had been infatuated with as if she were an angel, was now speaking to me in a degrading tone so as to aggressively and unapologetically cuckold me. I loved it. I still felt deeply emasculated and forced into submission in the Beta male role made me resent JT with a palpable energy of hate. Next thing I remember, we were all riding home from the club in a limo JT was served with. To humiliate me further in front of Daniella, JT commanded me to sit on all fours on the floor. I was so humbled by this agonizing loss of my chance with this goddess. I looked up at her as she made conversation with JT.

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She’d periodically look down at me and laugh at my lowly countenance with her big boobs and long dark hair.

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Back at JT’s mansion and I was subject to the ritual I had grown familiar with since JT, myself, and our friends had moved into the city. The pre-cuckolding ritual was of course watching the woman I desired strip out of her clothing while JT set up the room. JT scolded me to get on all fours in his master bedroom in which Tiana had laid upon a couch, before he himself went into the kitchen to grab Ganja: a liquid concentration of CBD which highly elevated the sensation and pleasure levels felt during sex while also making things seem more vivid, slow motion, focused and intense.

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While JT was in the kitchen I tried to make conversation with Tiana, humiliated and low to the ground. I tried to explain to her how evil JT was and all of the things he had done to me in my life. She couldn’t bare to even be in the room with me, painfully waiting for JT to come back and humiliate me.

After I continued to talk to this majestic woman, she snapped at me, telling me to Shut The Fuck Up you weak dick cuckold! You know what’s about to happen, you need to take it, watch him get the good stuff, and get your nuts smacked Reeeaaalll Hard! I immediately silenced myself in humility and nodded my head

JT then walked back in the room with two bottles in his hand, and a dish of his dog’s shit in the other. He threw it down in front of me and told me to Eat It!

I hated that she was so into it, looking down on my face as it hovered over a fresh pile of shitty goop with such pleasure and excitement. JT got behind me with a paddle and told me to spread my legs. Tiana watching so intensely, ran her fingers through her big voluminous black hair and inhaled deeply “Oh yes!! God, finally!” she groaned.

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I began to slurp up dog poop while JT swung paddles of fury into the back of my emasculated testicles. She found the fact that he stole girls from me so exhilarating. She wanted to subject me to physical pain but also psychological torture as well. To do this, she verbally assaulted me and ridiculed my failure to be a man with real balls. I remember this drove me nuts – in a good way. Veronica had slipped into the bathroom to take off her last piece of clothing. We were at the point in the night where JT was already sitting on the edge of the bed. Then Veronica swung the door open in a white robe.

The way her soft breasts formed a beautiful cleavage like two round cells dividing, swaying with each movement like waves being transferred along the warm tan skin of her womanly chest. I was strapped into the kind of S&M style harness so that JT could swing his arm down the side of the bed where I was and wack my balls to humiliate me into submission. Veronica slowly and in a very sexy manner, walked around to the front of the bed from the bathroom and in one motion, swung off her robe -exposing these babies!

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That mean yet powerful look in her eyes made my blood surge like crazy. JT let out kind of a laugh and shouted, “Hell Yes!” She climbed on top of him and began to pleasure his cock so good with her lower body. JT was getting it all while I just sat there and watched. Of course this was coupled with occasionally feeling a wooden paddle spank my testicles by the man who had stolen this away from my grasp. Veronica had never done anything like this before, but you could tell she loved it.

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Veronica ran her hands over JT’s massive chest and shoulders as she would squeeze handfuls of ironed muscle.


ZZ Top’s Sharp-Dressed Man started playing and the song was just making it hotter for her and JT. She would synchronize her cock-riding motion with the riffs and beat while shaking her thick massive head of hair. When the guitar solo started Veronica grabbed JT’s palms and pushed them up against her warm brown nipples as he began to stroke and massage her breasts.


I would squeal and whimper because of how jealous and stolen from I felt. The sweet and smooth sensation of what I wanted so desperately vibrated all throughout JT’s electrically-charged body as the feeling of heavy, warm tan boobs of a woman gave him tingles all the way down to his big shiny balls. God they were so big, and she knew she had huge knockin’ bangers that every man wanted. That’s what made it worse, and on top of that, JT’s made his muscles look so big compared to mine while he was having sex with her. With so much heat coming off of her curvaceous and steaming body, she erupted with cries and moans of pleasure while also occasionally look at me with such aggression, hostility, and deprecation toward me in her intimidating dark brown eyes.

JT would look to the side as well while she did it and shake his head mockingly with his mouth wide open saying, “Ohhhh, yeah boooiiii. That’s right! You just sit back and watch while JT has bangin’ sex with this beautifully bombastic woman!” With her perfect brunette body suspended just above him, Veronica, looking down on JT letting out a laugh of pleasure in my suffering as the music turned from ZZ to The Hives. “You ready to kick it up a notch?” JT blurted while balls deep inside the woman of my adoration.” She nodded quickly so as to signal her ever-increasing sexual arousal for this blonde, manly beast. “Ay gurl *d-doomth d-doom dah-doomph”

Fast-paced but erotic and deep in-and-out sex was happening right in front of me from a single angle, but it definitely felt like a sex scene montage in a film capturing each face, each expression and angle while their two unfairly perfect bodies grinded together. JT was aware that both he and I had a tendency to dramatize our waking experience and objective perception into a theatrical drama of sorts, but it worked for his benefit while I just made nightmares in my head. But most importantly because of that, JT knew that playing music with a certain intensity while synchronized with the emotional terror and stress of watching my love interest sleep with him would place me perfectly between the threshold of going crazy and loving it all while humiliating me further by impressing into my mind an association between riveting electricity, fear, domination, and overwhelming sexual prowess of the top dog in our friendship. I was so cuckolded and emasculated at this point, part of me just submitted to his dominance so as to mope and get drunk off the self-pity. Another hour went by before Veronica started really screaming, “Oh baby, I think I’m about to cum! Oh God, I’m going to cum so fucking hard on your big massive beast cock, JT!” I remember at that moment how I resented JT for stealing my trip to the mountains of Tibet where he learned from a Tantric sisterhood of women how to have Non-ejaculatory orgasms – multiple orgasms in one session of intercourse so lasting up to 10 minutes! JT had become so good at sex by sleeping with all of these women and becoming a rock star that he knew how to GIVE a woman a 10-minute orgasm. Knowing it would be my ultimate sexual torture to watch, He did his moves and gave her the good stuff out of surprise. Her mouth flew wide open, the oceanic mass of curly thick black hair flew back over her shoulders down her back as her arms stretched forth passed JT. The sudden stop of her body caused her plump, low-hanging breasts to jiggle above his body. A sudden release of tension fell over both of them as their genitalia unleashed massive doses of pleasure and reward hormones. Her thick tan legs slide down on his crotch while he tilted his head back and protruded his chest. The both started orgasming for 10 minutes. Simply enjoying the sensation and my shaming, Veronica began riding his cock deep about half way through like this

I shook my head in ruin and misery. JT looked up at the ceiling, ran his hands through his hair which unfairly always looks clean and amazing while he exclaimed “Wow…Babe…I just cannot believe this orgasm, it’s definitely the best I’ve ever experienced!” Veronica turned her head to me sharply and with an unfriendly countenance yelled, “You’re pathetic! Your sorry balls could never muster up the cahones to bang this hot body and nut for 20 minutes! JT is a rock star, a sexy business man, and gets way more pussy than you could ever dream of! He’s got money, fame, brains, a massive house, and most importantly, he’s the cock and balls to go get it!” She turned her head back to facing forward as she muttered “Fuckin’ cuck, needs to get his fuckin’ nuts smacked!” JT then wailed down on my humiliated balls as I drifted into a daze of apathy and unconsciousness.

Tiana left the next morning. I was still suspended into the Cuckolding Contraption and woke up around the same time JT woke up himself. My balls felt kind of sore but more so my manhood felt obliterated on a psychological level. But it had no tipping point. It wasn’t like it was something where I eventually break. No, despite how absolutely humiliating the night before was – despite how unbelievably irresistible Tiana was, the Law of the AlphaBetaTriDiaPlex had to be fulfilled. There was something that satisfied me so much about being humiliated and inflicted with pain while JT received loads of pleasure from women I wanted so badly. JT unstrapped me from the Contraption after he walked around the bed and walked into the bathroom. I sat on my knees pitying myself for the duration of his dump. He opened the door after a few minutes and said “You’re gonna eat this shit out of the toilet!” “Oh God, JT, don’t make me eat this shit out the toilet.” I whined so pathetic. “You go’n eat this shit right NOW!” “Yes sire, JT!” As I began to feast on a fresh morning toilet bowl full of nut ‘n corn crunch butt custard, JT whipped out his phone and filmed me eating his shit out of the toilet after a night wherein he severely cuckolded me. Fans of JT on social media blew up his accounts with likes, shares, and positive comments. Many also felt that it was time for the Great Ritual to make it to the big screen like JT had originally set out to do. Enough of just screwing the hottest babes in Los Angeles, California – it was time to go to the big leagues, baby!

Later that afternoon, JT and I went in to the agency behind which was a massive indoor set. We were there so JT could shoot his first sex scene and I would submit into cuckold’s position – ready to have my balls emasculated. To add to the flabbergasting, I wouldn’t get to meet our female co-star until that day. JT’s manager sat us down across a stainless steel table and handed us some scripts for an erotic action movie coming up that JT was to star in. We spent about 10 minutes reading the script – JT with a smug cocky look of egocentric satisfaction on his face. I on the other hand was furiously frustrated with the fact that right out of the gate, JT played a character named after his stage name who now starred in a Cuckold Lit erotica Series of Sexual Films whereby he would steal away from me my stage Latina girlfriend or sometimes wife and humiliate me in the process. The first film was called — El Pecho Grande: Bronzed Stud From Los Estados Unidos Erotic Adventures  in the Paradise Jungles of Colombia. I hated that he got to play this unrealistically perfect Fonzarelli stud while I played this clumsy, insecure, unconfident, ultimately jealous Beta Male sidekick. I still don’t know how I got dominated and convinced into signing the contract whereby I voluntarily act in these films but here I was doing it – my manhood was toast, and JT was about to ride the pleasure storm of his life.

It wasn’t until later that evening that we met our female co-star: Reina. JT were walking down a hallway when we called into a much larger room with a huge underground swimming pool inside. We walked in seeing all of the cameras and equipment set up around until JT’s manager pointed at her and said “This is Reina!” (The loud speakers on set start playing Moving In Stereo)

I had never seen such a tremendously perfect and smooth tan curvaceous body in my life. Shining luster contoured every inch of her plush wet body as slippery oils dripped from her bulbous breasts. Her legs were so muscular and thick that they grinded tightly together as her penetrating stare glanced past the camera into JT’s piercing blue eyes. Her big bodacious Boobies bounced like water balloons with nipples in her tight black swimsuit. She liked what she saw as her eyes moved up and down to surmise this tall bronzed mustang standing next to me.

“Who is that?” She said to one of the female directors standing next to her. “That’s JT. He’s an American rockstar with loads of fame, fortune, success, manliness and testosterone. He’s the one you get to have sex with in front of that pathetic, weak-dicked white boy standing next to him.” The look on Reinas face quickly changed to a malicious grin that said OMG thank you He’s a total beefcake and his friend is such a loser this will be fun. She walked up to us like a sexy woman with the pendulum swing of her hips and introduced herself to JT. The smile on her face made her even hotter but now I was seeing these boobies up close. I wanted her SO bad! But I knew JT was going to get her. JT always gets the girl.

God her legs were so thick, her eyes so beautiful, her body so curvaceous. I stood on the side of them watching JT already work his magic in talking to her. She had been giggling and laughing for about 50 seconds straight before the director’s called Reina over to another area on set.

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Reina’s booobies were so big that those big bouncing jug-sides were visible from the back. Oh My God her ass was insane – her cheeks were so thick!

They then told JT to take off his shirt and sit down on the gym equipment and start pumping iron. The movie setting was a computer generated beach with an outdoor weight room. When I saw that I exclaimed, “What!? Are you kidding me!? That’s so douchey! How can people eat this crap up!?” And then, like a sensationalist preacher, one of the managers/directors screamed “Quiet Beta Male! You- You know what!? Go over there and suck a butt rag outta that sweaty gym bucket!” I submitted and got down like a coward. It was like the spirit of JT’s AlphaBetaTriDiaPlex dominance over me was so pervasive, other fans and producers of JT’s success could command it over me. JT sat down on the triple-beam chest press with the 350 lbs. setting and starting using his massive pectorals to pump titanium iron plates. Meanwhile, I crawled over on all-fours only to submerge my head into a sweaty gym bucket and start sucking the sweaty ass juice out of the towel at the bottom. A part of me enjoyed the humiliation but then Reina and another spicy Latina on-set extra started watching in pleasure at my humiliation and JT’s magnificent display of his big powerful arms and chest.

Her warm brown skin and supple cheeks looked so great you just wanted to touch them. She and her fellow actress watched in pleasure as JT’s flexed and released over and over. After a minute or two of intently focusing on JT’s moves, when the sweat began to drip from his whole body. He had them at first glance but now his shirt was off and all those muscles were out. Slowly but surely, Reina and the other girl’s faces changed from menacing grins to star struck dazes of sexual flush and surging hormones of intense arousal.

And here I was, on all-fours suckin’ butt rag while my best friend sweeps women off their feet with his massive muscles which he only got because he stole all of the fame fortune and manhood from me. But as you can see above, this wasn’t just any woman her was going to steal from me, Reina had the most perfect hourglass body with a thick ass and tan big ‘ol booobies. When the directors and film crew saw how hot this was they exclaimed, “Good. Good! Get this on camera! Their sexual chemistry…the rush..the adrenaline,..the sex is amazing!”

After about 45 more minutes, we were done for the day. Reina said goodbye to JT and that she REALLY looked forward to filming tomorrow. I was in more misery than ever. As soon as we got into the car to drive home, JT exploded as he verbalized his excitement. “Dude, did you see her!? OMG God Damn, she was so hot! She got some of the biggest hottest Boobs I’ve ever seen! Oh and that Ass, bro! Her whole body was so incredible – and tan!” I shook my head in glum, self-pity, and EXTREME jealousy. Then JT said, bulldog grimace, arched brow, flared nostrils, “That’s why tomorrow I’m gonna cuck you so hard…I’m gonna make you watch while I use creamy oils and lotions to lather up those big bangin’ booobies and run my hands all over her smooth tan warm brown body while you watched with your balls cucked deep! ‘Cuz that’s what you do: you sit back, watch the Alpha Male get the good stuff and get your nuts smacked!” I couldn’t stand it. He was such a selfish douchebag. The anger erupted inside of me as I charged at him in the limo zine. He evaded to then grapple me from behind, pin me down on my knees and sock em good in the back of the balls until I learned my lesson. We arrived back at JT’s mansion where he spent the next 3 hours working out and lifting because he had so much energy and drive while I moped in my room downstairs.

Then tomorrow came. This was it. Our first time filming the awful and humiliating process on camera. But before we stripped down in front of the whole world, JT showing off his prowess and me exposed with my pathetic cock and balls, we had to shoot the other scenes which built the hottest suspense and desire for the cruel audience to see JT and Reina have bangin’ hot sex. We walked on set the next day. On opposing sides, they had JT and I get ready while Reina on the other. Female hair stylists and dressers told JT to sit down after he put on a tight button-up white shirt they handed him and some blue jeans. He was supposed to be playing this All-American Southern Manly-Man who goes down to visit his friend in South American Colombia where he impresses the weaker man’s Hispania Latina fiancé and fucks her in front of him. These two women themselves were excited to see this plot unfold on screen and on set. He sat down in the chair in front of a mirror where a hot woman began to run her hands through his thick hair and weigh it in her palm as she said “Wow, you have amazing hair JT. It’s so luscious and blonde.” When I asked what I was to do or if I was to get into costume to play this awkward nerdy failure of a man, the other woman who was also gorgeous laughed at me and told me to just keep on what I’m wearing. The two beautiful young women spent the next several minutes looking down at JT, one arm on the table, leaning against it and smiled with erotic pleasure. They informed him that Reina was trying on different dresses to see which ones would work for which scenes. Before we walked out of the dressing room, the women stood looking up at the tall man-beast that was JT and said, “Damn…That Reina is one lucky woman.” I was so bitterly envious that all women thought he was so charming and attractive. The guy had ruined my fucking life! We walked out of the dressing room ready for to shoot the first scene. Then Reina came out dressed as my character’s wife on film. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a bright neon halter top. She had this look on her face with a friendly grin as she looked right at me which said, “Come here, honey come grab me.”

In half of an instant, I was immediately swooned head over heels into being totally 100% into playing this part. Like I had mentioned before, I was already so cucked in humiliated by past experiences that I knew nothing else than to become the character I was playing. She put her arm around me. Reina smelled amazing. Her skin glowed as it was so smooth and moisturized. Her waist was so plush, her thick skin made me so hot. We were outside in front of the house and car that was supposed to be mine. I was supposed to be successful and had a super hot fiancé. I knew which cameras to look at when the director called. The expression and emotion of angst and humiliation came naturally to me at this point. Having read both my lines and the script, I knew this was where JT came in. In our house, Reina comes walking around the doorway into the room and out as she hollers, “Hey, babe, could you get the phone?” as it rang. Faking an assured and content smile, I answered to a voice of purely wicked intent…

JT’s voice came through as he let me know he was going to come visit me down in Colombia – and that he was going to fuck my fiancé! Just then, even though it was scripted, even though I knew it was coming, the same anxious thrill of rushing adrenaline surged throughout my system as I anticipated the arrival of the much stronger well-hung man to arrive at my house and fuck my soon-to-be wife. I informed Reina (the character). Next scene. I wait on the couch sweating as I hear the rolling thunder of a strong powerful motorcycle engine symbolically representing JT’s sexual stamina and virility as a sexual male competitor. I answered the door when I saw the tall blur of his body reach the porch and ring the bell. I opened the door to find JT with lights shining behind him accentuating his golden coloration. With big menacing eyes, he said “sup” moved right past me, and introduced himself to Reina. You could tell although she was playing a character, she was truly blown back anytime JT stood before her and spoke.

It was torturous having my manhood be so emasculated on camera. In this scene, JT doesn’t speak to me but instead chats up my girlfriend who then ignores me with her attention being captivated by JT’s supplementary manliness. He then asks Reina to come outside and check out his Harley. It was all shining metallic black except for the gold stripes on the sides like the leather jacket and gold hair JT had. I stood from a distance at the edge of the driveway watching JT impress my girlfriend as he got into her pants.

Why did she have to be so perfect? Every scene from then on was JT finding ways to supersede me in testosterone and shame my balls in front of my gorgeous wife with her bangin’ body. In the film, JT in a successful attempt to make himself seem more outgoing, sociable, and pro-active suggested the three of us go out to dinner his first night in town. It was one thing for my wife to be okay with him staying with us with no prior notice but now he was calling the shots in my household?! After a certain point I associated so much with my character I eventually started method acting as soon as I walked on set like a spell had been put on my mind. We went out to a restaurant whereby everyone there only spoke Spanish. I knew that in High school JT knew some embarrassingly rheudementary Spanish so I was excited to see how this would play out. Latinas absolutely got my blood boiling, they were so hot and the way Reina spoke Spanish they way she did. Reina decided to change into something else before we went out while JT’s character simply wore an extremely tight collared shirt.

I was wearing kakis and 45 year old “dad” clothes, and while she wasn’t actually my bride in real life, I was aggravated by the fact that she was displaying so much cleavage with her proud bulbous mammaries hanging on her chest for JT to come and take. When we arrived at the venue in beautiful outdoors Colombian countryside, I waited in smug anticipation for JT to embarrass himself. Instead, sticking it to me where it hurts most, he confidently strode up to the busty female hostess and spoke perfect Spanish, fluent and attractive impressing Reina so much that she sweat a little bit with sexual pleasure. We were taken to our table. The same thing happened when the waiter came to take our order before we sat down all of us standing behind our chairs. (In between the last two shots I had asked JT privately where he learned to speak Spanish like that. Knowing that it would make me angry because it was true he informed me that the producers had paid for him to get free Spanish classes with a world-renown teacher who could teach people in a matter of three days. I was furiously jealous.) Again, the two spoke perfect Spanish winning the approval of everyone around us, JT being a tall, robust countryside American Man, while I in a completely scared nerdy voice made a fool of myself trying to utter a few phrases that barely sounded close to real Spanish lingo. Then JT standing next to my luscious fiancé humiliated me in front of everyone saying, “Damn, Gringo, mucho hablas?”

Everyone laughed including Reina

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With her big boobs, she shook her head at how pathetic I was and smiled in delight at how JT had superiorated me.

Eventually the waiter came back with our food. He gave Reina her plate and then laid down JT’s. It was full of tons of meat and heavy entrees. People around took notice as was part of the script. JT’s character then explained that he had to consume a lot of fuel for his muscles so that his cahones could produce a lot of testosterone. They all nodded in understanding and concurred. Then the waiter laid down a dish in front of me. It smelt terrible. I forgot this was in the script so it was all fresh to me. The waiter said that because I was a racist estupido gringos Blanco and I couldn’t decide a dish for myself, JT decided for me: I would slurp a fresh Colombian cow pile right off the plate in front of my fiancé. God, I hated him SO MUCH!!! Reina loved it and was instinctively turned on by JT’s dominance over me. In front of my own fiancé, I whimpered like a submissive hound until JT dominated me in front of everyone saying, “You’re going to eat that massive pile of cattle shit and you’re gonna like it! Now hurry up before our food gets cold your paying for it!” You could feel Reina’s blood surge with sexual hormones as he said this. Submitting to his dominance, I submerged my mouth and nose into the great mound of dark brown slop, tongue-scooping large amounts of excrement back into my throat and down into my stomach. Afterwards I had to watch JT feast on a good meal with my girlfriend while I suffered a great deal of nausea.

Later that night after we went home, JT bid Reina goodnight and went to bed so as to appear well-mannered. Reina got dressed to go to sleep standing in from of her cabaret night stand. She brushed her extremely thick dark hair as she talked for an hour about how much she absolutely fancied JT.

I hated hearing her go on and on about it but it could have been worse. But then, she turned around. This was when I realized that there was a secret script that only JT and Reina had that kept me subject to suspense and imminent terror. She walked up to the bed where I was sitting and began to say something sinister. She said, “*my name*, listen, JT is obviously the bigger, better man. He’s stronger, manlier than you, he’s confident, robust, his pecs are massive, and because He’s got such bigger cock and balls I bet he fucks way better than you ever could.” She turned away for a moment to poke her head out the bedroom door.

“JT?” she called down the hall. “Van aqui, mi amo.” Oh boy that set me on fire. He walked in straddling his belt like a Southern cowboy and shook his shining golden blonde hair. JT, my big brother, then pulled his tight button up shirt off in one swift motion and exposed his bare body. Reina cried out in exasperated gasps of passion and arousal. He gave me the pierce of Lightning, which was a stare that penetrated my soul and shook me paralyzed. He walked over to me quick, Reina watching with a smile on her face and big brown eyes wide with excitement. He smacked the toothpaste out of my hand and manhandled me, spun me around and wedgied me into the air. After a few seconds of me whining like a little bitch, I was in the Cuckold Contraption.

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