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JT’s History Record of Stealing Hot Babes From Me Over the Past Five Years: 2016

These are slightly altered names of the women who my douchebag brother has stolen from me over the years only to be humiliated and cuckolded – forced to watch while they have sex. Sometimes he would steal my girlfriends in high school, sometimes in college. The images below are of celebrities/images (of whom anyone can easily find on the internet) that look exactly like these women to an uncanny extent of similarity. Some are eerily accurate, some are only close in comparison. For every year out of the last five, I will include a detailed recollection of what was in my opinion both the hottest and most excruciating cuckolding experience my brother gave me. Here it is…

Katelyn Weston

Chelsea McCormick – Half Irish, Half Colombian girl. She was a senior in High School when I was a Freshman and my older brother was Junior. We never dated but at a party, he did use me to leverage his position into sleeping with her by humiliating me in front of everyone. He also exposed my Freshman crush that I had on her which, when coupled with JT wedgie-swirlying me at the party at the end of the year, it stirred up the mean hot girl spirit within her. This is what made her okay with my brother forcing me to watch them in the bedroom. She was going to bang my jock older brother anyway but being disgusted by the idea of me having a crush on her, she was satisfied and greatly entertained by the sight and sound of JT whooping my balls a couple times with his belt before he got the good stuff.

Trina Daugava – For this one, I just used her real name because she was a foreign exchange student from Latvia during my Freshman year of College. She was a beautiful brunette with massive titties that always laughed at me with whatever English-speaking native student she’d be walking with that day, every time I tried to talk to her. My older brother banged her at a frat party which actually angered me much more than what he usually does to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am feel utterly ashamed and furious at him when he steals my girlfriends but Trina, according to most the guys I knew, was extremely hard to get. This is what made me so angry and upset: I saw that my brother was able to convince her to sleep with him with ease. I witnessed in the dark but glow-in the dark huge frat house dance floor, the typical JT whisper in her ear where he asks if she wants to go upstairs and have sex. My brother then left to grab a backwood to smoke weed before they had sex so it would feel amazing – like he doesn’t already get enough sex and pleasure from women >:( Anyways, seeing that it was that easy and that JT had left for a moment, I thought to myself “Finally, I can swoop in on a girl he’ll likely never get the chance to have sex with again. He’ll finally know what it feels like!” >:) At this point I was already thinking about timing and how quickly I would have to lock the door once we were in a room upstairs. So I approached

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