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Kara Lee Gets Jake All Messy

Kara Lee Gets Jake All Messy

Kara Lee opened the door after returning from work after a tough day.
She poured herself a stiff drink and took a long sip. She walked the
short distance to the bathroom. She hadn’t pee’d since lunchtime and
had to piss like a racehorse. She raised her skirt, pulled down her new
Victoria’s Secret pink panties over her shapely hips and discovered the
ugly red spots that had accumulated during the day. “Damn it!!” She
cursed. “I had hoped to turn Jake on with these fancy panties, but
they’re all messed up now. I should have worn my ‘period panties'”. As
her piss and unexpected menstrual fluid flowed out of her she
fanaticized about the evening when Jake returned home. She wanted to
wrap her legs around him and fuck his brains out. She wiped her
beautiful hairy cunt and reached into the cabinet for a tampon. As the
tampon slid into her tight vagina she thought about how small it seemed
compared to Jake’s huge 10-inch cock. She wanted to suck that big
motherfucker until he came. She also wanted his tongue on her clit and
up her cunt hole but how was she going to accomplish that with a bloody
pussy? She needed a plan. She took off the rest of her clothes and
stood before the mirror and admired her nearly perfect body. “Not bad”
she said to herself as she gazed upon her beautiful
face, her fabulous tits with large perfect nipples. When her eyes
wandered to her hairy pussy she noted that her cunt lips were perfectly
symmetrical and she realized why it was that Jake loved to eat it so
much. She spread her cunt lips and looked at her round little clit,
which was the source of so much pleasure for her. She thought back to
all the times that a hard, juicy cock rubbed up against it and made her
moan in ecstasy as it slid in and out of her twat. A quick look at her
round shapely fanny convinced her that in spite of the time of month
that she could seduce Mike. “I’ve got to figure out a way to get him to
fuck me tonight” she said to herself.

After her shower she walked naked to her large walk in closet and
surveyed the various clothes that she could select for the evening. The
black dress with the slit up the back? No, not quite right. The red
micro mini, which would show off her, perfect legs and allow Jake to see
her panties? No, not quite right. What’s this? Oh, the long forgotten
nurse uniform that she bought for a high society costume party several
years ago. “That’s it,” she said to herself. “He’ll be on his knees
begging to lap my snatch when he sees me in this”, recalling his
previous reaction to the same outfit. She quickly dressed in white
satin panties, a white garter belt, white stockings and a white slip
under the uniform.

When Jake arrived home she was waiting in the living room and he
immediately got excited and hard at the sight of her dressed in the
uniform. Kara Lee sat in an easy chair with arms and raised the dress,
put her legs over the chair arms and gave Jake a great panty show. She
rubbed her pussy through the panties and the satin fabric conformed to
her feminine creases. After she became aroused she pulled the panties
aside to give him a peek at her gorgeous, hairy pussy. She raised her
legs and slowly slid the panties over her legs with her legs together to
allow her closed cunt lips to show and then spread herself wide open.
The contrast between the white dress, slip, garter belt, stockings and
the dark hair of her cunt with the white string hanging out of it drove
Jake wild. Before she knew what had happened he was going down on her.
He pulled the now bloody tampon out of her cunt with his teeth and
lapped her twat with a passion he had never shown before. As he ate her
clit little red droplets dripped from her cunt hole, down the crack of
her ass and on to her asshole. Jake eagerly slurped up the menses from
her fanny hole and went back to work her clit until the next shimmering
red drops appeared. He lapped them until they stopped coming. The
next thing she knew they were in the bedroom and Mike’s monstrous cock
was pistoning in and out of her extremely juicy and bloody cunt and she
realized that he had put his finger into her asshole. She pushed her
cunt up against him as hard as she could to get the maximum possible
friction on her swollen clit. It felt like that huge cock was going to
reach all the way to her mouth, but she loved every minute of it. Her
clit was super stimulated and her pussy was going out of control and she
called out ” Mike, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, make me cum!” The orgasm
engulfed her like no other she had ever known. He was still pumping
when she pulled away, turned around and took the bloody monster in her
mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it. She sucked him off and
made obscene slurping sounds as she tasted her own cunt juice and
menstrual fluid. When Jake came in her mouth she swallowed his spunk
along with her juices. After this incredible fuck session both Kara Lee
and Jake recalled how lucky they were to have such terrific sexual
partners no matter what time of month it was. As Kara Lee sat on the
toilet, Jake lurked nearby and jerked his still hard cock while she
pissed for his pleasure. She wiped her pussy, cleaned the dried blood
from her legs and pussy, inserted a fresh tampon and took the added
precaution of also placing a mini pad in her panties. He came all over
her face.

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