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The Innocent Awakening

The Lord of the Manor has always been allowed his secret trysts. His wife was full bellied with child leaving his lust full and hot. The new maids’ servant to his wife a young little thing with long flaming red hair and an ample bosom ripe for picking. He watched her for nearly a week before approaching her. “Young Woman what is thy name?” Sweetly she replied, “Tis Annabelle my lord,” lowering her eyes since it was not proper to look directly in the Lords eye. “Look at me Belle. Do you not find me attractive?”

“Yes Lord I do, but ’tis not my position to voice such a thing” she blushed at his blinding stare. “Are you pure little Belle?” She nodded without looking again. “Belle you must look at me when I am speaking to you. How old are you?”, he spoke softly but firmly.

“I am four months past my sixteenth birthday, my Lord,” with this she felt he was asking too many questions and stared he in the eye with a look of defiance. “Could your family not find a man to marry you? Is there something wrong with you Belle?”

“Nay there is nothing wrong with me dear Sir! My father and mother have both passed on and I was given to your wife by the Lady Malcore,” she spat at him. The mere thought of being given away like a cow angered her a great deal. Lord Fenway enjoyed seeing this strapping young woman in a bit of anger. “Lord if I may be so bold what ’tis your age?” He chuckled and answered “I am 39, little one and find you irresistible. As you know my wife is full with a child and I need to release my cock of its seed. Tis you I am picking dear Lil Belle. So be properly prepared for me this evening.” With his last statement he walked away leaving her to think.

Annabelle had been nervous ever since he spoke to her. How dare he tell me he wants me for his lustful ways. I shall not give into him, and he cannot force me. She stopped walking for a moment and thought, but yes he can force me. She prepared herself for his visit, the maids’ servants had been instructed to bathe her with lavender scent since that was the Lords’ favorite smell. She enjoyed the attention, but was very fearful of what to expect.

He walked into her chamber late that evening after everyone had bedded for the night. There she stood in her white chemise, but the anticipation had made her nipples harden. He can clearly see them as she stood in front of the fire the chemise became nearly transparent. “Come to me my sweet Belle, let me fondle your breasts.” She did as she was told. His robe fell to the ground and he stood in his naked glory, his members already erect and huge. My Lord he had the cock of a horse he would surely split her in two. He began thumbing both her nipples thru her chemise sending sensations to her nether region alighting her with a fire she had never known existed. Slowly he unlaced the chemise letting it fall around her feet. He took one step back and admired her body.

“You are not a small woman, but one of sensual, seductive curves and this pleases me my Belle. Your snatch leaves me in awe as I have never seen one so beautiful as your hair atop your head.” She noticed his manhood was bobbing up and down as if throbbing. He caught her gaze and said, “Yes my Belle, tis been a long time since my cock has been pleased, and you my dear could make my seed shoot across this room by a mere touch.”

“My Lord, may I speak boldly with you?” she queried. “By all means Belle speak to me however you chose behind closed doors.”

“Your cock is very big, are you sure my sheath can accept it?” She asked puzzled and afraid. “Aye Lil Belle, your body will open like a morning glory and accept my cock with passion and pleasure.” He smiled at her, drawing her nearer to him. Swooping her up in his arms he tenderly kissed her lips, neck and shoulder as he carried her to the bed. Laying her softly on the pillows still cradled in his arms.

She stretched out as his hands explored her body, and his mouth suckled her taunt nipples. “Oh Belle, your body is so firm, yet soft. Your eyes glow and a blush has reached your cheeks. What a beautiful woman you are.” His hand rubbed the inside her thigh and her legs opened slightly. He applied a small amount of pressure and suckled her nipple harder her legs opened wide. She could feel the smile on his face against her bosom knowing it pleased him she opened for him. His fingers found her love button and she gasped at his touch. Gently he massaged her ripened button and felt her wetness upon his fingers. Bringing his fingers to his nose he said “Belle you smell so sweet, let us see if you taste just as sweet,” putting his fingers in his mouth he sucked them clean and kissed her passionately allowing her to taste her own love juice. His passion was rising, she could feel his cock against her leg, but he was taking his time making her ready to accept his monster.

His kisses trailed down her stomach, dipping his tongue in her belly button and Belle moaned in delight. “Ahh yes my sweets enjoy these wonderful sensations for you will feel them every night I come to you.” Continuing his journey to the flaming patch of hair around her snatch, he thought to himself she is of royalty. No woman of a lower class could possess such a glorious snatch as he has in his grasp. He pushed her thigh open more separating her lips to take in her sweet aroma. Snaking his tongue out to taste her honey as it dripped from her waiting love tunnel. He inserted his tongue deep inside her sheath feeling it contract on his tongue which was nearly his undoing. Licking up her wetness and attaching his lips to her love button, enjoying the moans of pleasure, she uninhibitedly yelled out. “My lord you do make me feel wonderful. I think I am ready for the cock to be in me.” He chuckled lowly “No my Belle, not yet. You have not reached your peak dear one and I intend that you do.” He continued sucking her precious pebble of pleasure until he was sure she was about to explode with passion. Her thighs began to quiver and her hands on his head told him she was near. Belle’s hips began to move up and down riding his tongue like a wild animal. He was enjoying bringing her young body to full passion, so tight, firm and sensuous yet she was oblivious of her beauty. As she began to gasp, he knew she had reached the height of her peak, this is when he shoved his finger deep into her sheath to rupture her maidenhead. She shrieked only momentarily because the passion was still strong and her peak was exquisite. His finger was now driving in and out of her while he was still suckling her love pebble. “Yes, Yes, My Lord Yes Please don’t stop. It feels wonderful.”

Upon hearing this the Lord knew it was time to take her. He could no longer contain himself. He needed satisfaction of her snatch holding his cock tightly inside. He smiled to himself, he knew this would bring a slight amount of pain, as it was nearly too much for his wife. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wetness pressing it into her love button as she still bucked up and down. He watched the rise and fall of her large firm breasts moving in time to her ride. Ahhh, yes he thought a wild little bitch she is, so full of life and passion.

He put his huge cock at her opening and plunged it into her deeply, swiftly. She yelled out “My Lord your cock is so big it hurts.” He paid no attention and continued to thrust again, she yelped, but he continued his assault. His mind now in other places feeling the tightness of her tunnel grabbing at him with each stroke, massaging his massive cock. He looked down and savored in the fact it was stretching her open to accommodate him. Coming slightly out of his thoughts he heard her yelp again. He reached down and thumbed her love pebble and her yelping turned into moans, her wetness increasing making the ride even more smooth. Ahh, yes what a glorious snatch to fuck. She will do well as my whore. Grabbing her ass he pulled her tighter to him and she did not protest. Instead she wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her fine ass up to slide him deeper within her. Bucking like a wild stallion he drove deeper and harder. She kept time with him screaming with pleasure. He yelled out “I am giving you my seed bitch, enjoys the feel of my pleasure flood in your snatch,” to which she replied “Yes my Lord, give me all your seed for my snatch is yours forever more.” With this his release was final, and she met with another peak of passion.

They lay in each others arms in the glow of the fireplace. He reached for a rag and washed her brilliant red snatch, ridding the blood smeared thighs of signs of her broken maiden head. He bent and kissed her love button one last time and bid her a good sleep. Dropping a kiss on her lips and saying “My sweet Lil Belle, I shall visit you frequently for I fear I will never tire of your passion.”

She drifted off to sleep with a slight soreness that was well worth the newly found passion she had.

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