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Life as a Courtesan

I am a slave to my own beauty, silly as it seems, it is true. I am a courtesan, to the sultan, he is my master, and I am his pet. I am the head courtesan, the others despise me, I have my own suite and my own slaves, a large amount of jewelry, and a very sleek body.
The air has a chill in it, my curtains billow in the breeze, Cisa, my slave, enters my chambers “Mistress” she says “the sultan wishes your presence in his chambers”. I rise from my pillows, “is the guard here yet?” I say, for I am not allowed to leave my suite without the sultan’s armed guard. “he is waiting outside mistress” she says. I walk through the doors and meet my body guard, and of course he is silent, a guard who talks is put to death by the sultan.
At last we enter the sultans chambers, the guard leaves me. “sultan?” I say, I can’t see him, I walk into the royal bedroom and I am shocked to find that not only is the sultan there but Agiela (another courtesan from his harem) is also there. Agiela bows to me “Mistress”, “I am bored” the sultan says “bored of politics, bored of my kingdom, even bored of sex. You to are my property, my slaves, you must think and be who I want to be, make me happy, or you die. Right now you are in a dangerous position, I am bored and unhappy, and you are my toys. Therefore I suggest you do as I say without any question.”. I am scared, his words frighten me, but I will do anything to keep my present position in the palace.
“Come to me my kittens” the sultan says in a disgusting purr, I glide to him and remove my shear clothing, I notice Agiela does the same. “I want us to share one another, don’t be shy”. The sultan takes my hand and slides it down to Agiela’s breasts.
I finally understand his full meaning, I wasn’t sent for the sultan I was sent for Agiela, suddenly the idea of caressing her makes me very aroused. I pull her to a bed of pillows, she gives me a frightened virginal look, this look makes me even more aroused. She is lying down in front of me, I caress her soft body, starting from her shoulders, slowly lowering them down to her breasts. Her breasts, soft, warm and supple in my hands were beautiful, and just the right size. I felt her nipples erecting, and heard her soft feminine moans of enjoyment. I ran my hands down her soft stomach, and over her hip bones, and down to her damp sex, I caressed the outer skin and teased her with my fingers.
I moved to her wanting breasts, slowly with one hand I pinched one nipple, suckled on the other, Agiela moaned hungrily in frustration, I never knew how wonderful having a nipple in your mouth can be. I nibble at her breasts and she squeals in frustration.
Slowly with my other hand, I slide down to her sex, I part her lips and glide my fingers in. she instantly groans and gives me an angry look. “more” she says under her breath. I find her clit and stroke it with my fingers. I stop playing with her breast, so I can concentrate on her clit. Agiela moans in satisfaction.
I can’t stop my self, I crouch down and slowly lick her hot sex, her juices are foreign to me, different from a mans, but just as good. I find her clit and scrape my teeth against it softly, she cries out in rapture, I lick it and suck very lightly, she cries out in orgasm, and my mouth fills with her hot fluid.
She lies there like a ravaged pussy cat, and I grin. Suddenly I remember we were being watched, I blush, and turn away, the sultan grins.
Suddenly Agiela pounces on me, she doesn’t even wait to tease me, violently she spreads my legs, and begins to lick my clit, I cry out, her touch is more delicate then a mans, yet just as hungry. She nibbles and licks, I want to faint with pleasure, I moan, and the sultan grins and I don’t care. I’m close to having an orgasm, her hand pinches my nipples, and I cry out once again. “Oooooohhhh AAAAAalllllaaaah” I cry, and I orgasm. Waves of pleasure and tingles spread across my body, and for a moment I feel like I’m flying.
“I’ve seen enough, and I don’t think your life is going to be a needed incentive for the future. Be gone you!” I rise from the pillow bed, clothe myself, and have my guard escort me to my suite.
Fleeting fantasies enter my mind, and then I curl up and go to sleep.
All in a days work.

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