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The Guy

Ryan stared deep into Becky’s big brown eyes and flicked a strand of her long, straight brown hair out of her beautiful face. They were at a romantic café. Ryan kissed her lightly on her lips and said, “Want to come over tonight?” Becky agreed. Ryan sent her home excitedly as he anticipated the night.
At six, Becky stood in front of the mirror, naked, after her shower. She cupped her 34c breasts in her soft hands and looked in the mirror, trying to decide what to wear. At last, she decided to wear an extremely sexy low-cut black bra, a black satin panty and a tight-fitting see-through tank top. Plus a miniskirt cut almost five inches above her knee with a sexy slit.
The bell rang at Ryan’s apartment. He opened the door and gasped when he saw Becky dressed so sexily. She stepped in and captured his warm mouth with hers, giving him a long kiss and embracing his tightly, caressing his strong back. Ryan pulled back and picked her up, carrying her into his room and placing her on his bed.
She sat up and pulled him down with her, running her fingers through his brown hair. They French kissed for a while. Becky started kissing him and Ryan’s penis grew hard as Becky’s pussy grew wet. After an erotic session of kissing, Ryan caressed her breasts and his penis grew erect as he felt her hard nipples and big tits.
Becky pulled off her top and pressed her bra-clad breasts against his chest. He tugged at a strap off her bra, while continuing to caress her breasts and begging her to take her bra off. Slowly, teasing him, Becky unclasped her bra and Ryan marveled at her big tits. “How big are they?” He stammered out. She replied”34c.” He took one warm hard nipple into his mouth and sucked it while enjoying the sweet luscious flavor of her nipple. Becky’s pussy grew wet and she caressed him, going further down.
Her hand felt his crotch and Ryan’s penis grew harder at the feel of her touch through his jeans.
He unbuttoned them, still sucking her nipple and in one swift motion, pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts. Becky’s pussy grew hot as she saw the huge organ erect through the sheer cotton briefs. She tugged them down and saw what she thought to be the longest penis she had ever saw! Nine inches long at the very least!
She ran her hand down his penis, causing a shiver to run down his back. She opened her warm mouth and put his manhood into it. She sucked it and her tongue swiped a lick across the velvety head. Her gentle hands caressed his balls and her pussy felt like it was going to orgasm. Ryan tore his mouth away from her nipple and begun to head south also.
He pulled Becky’s miniskirt down and pulled her satin panties down gently. He told Becky to lie down and spread her legs wide open on the bed. She stopped sucking his dick and did what he said. His tongue snaked out and licked her pussy. Through the trim bush of brown hair, Ryan’s tongue found her clit and sucked it. Becky’s pussy grew hot.
She wanted to suck his cock so badly; she begged Ryan and he agreed. She sucked it and licked it. Ryan’s penis grew hard again and his nut bag began to harden. He trembled and a white-hot load of cum blew into Becky’s mouth and down her throat. Pulling his cock out, he touched her breasts, cupping it and softly squeezing and pinching her nipples.
Then, Ryan fingered her pussy and lying down on the bed with her, he slowly maneuvered his hard penis into her tight pussy. She moaned in pleasure as she went into her orgasm. He too, soon after.
Ryan and Becky lay on the soft pillows on the bed after their erotic sensation of lovemaking. Becky said, “same time, same place tommorrow, ok?”

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