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Love the feeling

So like the title says … love the feeling …ps my stories are long because they are real

I’m talking about the feeling of a rock hard cock in my mouth. The feeling as is pulsates and flexes in my mouth when its exploding loads of cum into my mouth I am getting hard right now just thinking about it …

I had a free trial on a gay chat line so I was bord one night and decided to use it. There always the same core of guys on there but sometimes you can get lucky and get a new guy. My greeting was I my name is mike and I’m looking for an older guy to chat with a definitely get together with oral bottom love love love to suck cock … anyway I talked to a few flakes that were all about it until it came time to exchange numbers poof no more talking… so I’m on for like 25 minutes the I get a message from a guy named tom

He starts out by saying that hes sitting at home waiting for his buddy to come over and hang out maybe I can come too ?? We talk for a while he tells me how long him and his friend have been playing around how nice his cock is how nice his friends cock is ect ect we exchange numbers I get off to take a shower and get ready for the night’s festivities by the time I get out if the shower I have 3 texts messages

One said my friend is bringing a friend and another friend wants to come play too

The second one was hope you dont mind but I none of us are shaved

And the third one was cant wait till you get here with the address at the bottom

I googled the address and found out that it was just on the other side of town from me. It would only take 5 to 10 minutes to get there .I got dressed and started on my way. The anticipation was getting me really horny and I decided to wear some panties so my cock was hanging outside of them. I get there and I was so excited to service more then just two guys.

Walk to the door and before I had a chance to knock I herd tom say just come on in. Walk in and to the back of the house to the kitchen and there is tom just a t shirt with his hairy balls and cock just hanging out … side note I was hoping he was gonna tell me to give him a little bit before the rest get there … and be for I knew it he started to say how about … i cut him off and didn’t let him finish before i was on my knees bobbing and slobbering all over his cock …

Man it was nice wasn’t rock hard yet but I could feel it getting harder and harder with every slurp and stroke his hairy balls slapping against my chin the sounds he was making as the tip of his cock jammed against my throat… I was gagging and choking on his fat cock when I herd the bell ring ….

Tom pulled it out and left me on the floor with spit all over my chin with my mouth open…I herd tom say hey clark long time no see… clark said same to you tom I see your already started as they were walking back into the kitchen tom offered him a beer and said wait til you feel this ones mouth. He handed clark a beer and as he opened the beer he pulled his cock out ….

Holey fuck I thought to myself this cock was huge and thick way bigger then Tom’s cock. I gripped it by the base of it and squeezed it licked it up and down and tried to fit all of his 10 into my mouth. All the while tom is watching and streaking his cock I pulled clark out of my mouth and told tom not to cum I wanted it all and he said dont worry about it I’ll cum in your mouth but I like to edge myself to get more volume in cum for you

I sucked clark for a while longer then tom said we should get the pool game going. Us three went to the basement where he had a pool table two couches a bar and 7 bar stools. Tom said that we can play for blow jobs lol I was game tom said clark and I can go first so he can greet the other two or three guests coming. Then he said before he forgets this is a naked pool room and both of us were over dressed.

We stripped down and started to play. I got down to my little pink panties .I like to think of myself as pretty good but not when I’m staring at a huge cock like Clark’s. 10 inches is alot to look at when you love the feeling. Got down to the 8 ball and clark started to play with it in the pocket I called… i wanted to suck his cock anyway so I purposely missed. He ran the rest of the rack out and said pay up then sat on the couch. I crawled up in between his legs and started to swallow well try at least his cock

While I was sucking Clark Tom came downstairs with his three other friends and said you guys all know clark and his cock theres mike with it in his mouth. I said hi with his cock in my mouth and waved they all started to get naked and they all had nice cocks and they all had nice bushes. The three of them started to play and while two of them were playing one came to the couch said his name was steve and wanted to join.

He moved my panties over but didn’t really need to my cock was hanging out the side of my panties. He started to suck on my cock and play with my ass. His mouth was warm and really really wet it felt nice to have a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my cock I was getting close to cummin when I popped clark out of my mouth and said I was gonna cum. Steve stopped and said not yet but because I was the first to say it I have now gotta take everyone’s cum into my mouth… didn’t care that’s what I came here for was to suck alot of cock and have even more cum in my mouth that I knew what to do with.

So when I sat up clark went to the pool table and steve grabbed the back of my neck and forced me onto his cock Tom’s other friend dan cam up behind me and started to play with my balls ass and cock spitting on it rubbing it poking it with two fingers. All the while steve was fucking my mouth hard pumping and jerking pulling it out and spitting on my face telling me what a good cock sucker I was

By this time I was the center of attention they cleared the pool table and covered it with a sheet laying me on the table and all standing around me playing with their cock… telling tom what a good find he had and the whole 9… all of them have over average sized cocks and I wanted them all.

I sat up and got off the pool table grabbed a cushion from the couch got on my knees and told them all to bring their cocks over to me. One by one Clark Tom Steve Dan and Chris … who I haven’t sucked yet but had a mouth watering 9 inches in between his legs… all walked up and one by one sucked them one after another.

I was in heaven feeling them get hard then pulling it out of my mouth then switching to another getting hard and switching again and again while the others were playing with their cocks just edging and getting ready to blast off their massive cum loads into my mouth

Clark said it was getting late and he had to work in the morning so he wanted to hurry his up. He jumped in front of dan and let me get it all fucking my throat talking dirty to me telling me that he was getting ready to fill up my whore mouth and then next thing I knew I was getting just what I came for he shot 6 or 7 huge loads into my mouth and then squeezing his huge piece of meat into my open mouth to make sure I got it all then told me to swallow

The other 4 were all routing me on and talking dirty… atta boy take that cock … keep sucking hes gonna cum … nice panties boy cant wait to cum on them … I started to feel like I was in for more then I bargained for but didn’t care I was horny and this is ultimately what I wanted.

Clark said I cant wait til next time boys then left. Steve and tom stood me up and tom shoved his cock into my mouth and said that here’s where the real fun comes in. Steve pulled my panties down to my knees and spilled a bunch of baby oil on my ass and started to finger my ass hole Tom’s cock was making me gag and chris and Dan were just watching and jerking off

Next thing i know steve pressed his cock against my ass hole and tell me this wont hurt a bit then shoves it all the way in the otheres cheer and and Tom stats to jerk and spasm the he says hes about to cum and before he could finish what he was saying I was getting another full mouth steve pulled out and let me to my knees where again I was getting a cock emptied into my mouth. Ad he finished he said now be a good boy and swallow it all for daddy and his friends. With one or two big gulps It was down and Tom went and sat on the couch.

So now I had Dan Chris and Steve to swallow then it was my turn So steve stood above me and shoved his cock to the back of my throat its wast before long that he was cummin into my throat i have to admit that for as aggressive as he is I though he wanted to jack off all over my face and mouth but he didn’t he let loose which seemed to be a gallon of cum down my throat. After he cam he went and sat next to tom and started to lick Tom’s cock

Now to myself I though hopefully these last two have alot of cum dan and chris both pulled up a barstool and said they wanted to cum at the same time so i while I was switching back and forth i had to jack the other one off

Both of them were about the same size but dan had bigger balls I sucked gagged slurped them botch till they were both telling g me they were gonna cum and the same time they both stood up and jacked off into my mouth both with perfect aim shooting one after another then dan still had a few more shots … you seen them bukakki videos where the chicks mouth was totally full … well that was mine all the way full spilling over the sides of my mouth showing everyone else before I swallowed after everyone was finished the other three got dressed

I sat on the couch and asked if I could cum now and tom grabbed my cock and said hold on your next. He told me to get back rock hard and get ready to cum

He walked the other three out and came back down stairs with a dog collar and leash told me to put it on and pull my panties up so I did that it was hard to stuff my bow rock hard cock into these paties but I did it any way. He walked my upstairs to the bed room where he said now bitch get up on the bed and lay down i did so then he tied my hands and feet to the bed with my head hanging off the side..

Turned the lights off it was really early in the morning by now i could tell because i could see sunlight peeking in through his blinds then he started to suck on my cock it was way better then steve I could feel the build up of cum in my balls getting ready to explode I told him I was gonna cum so he stopped he did this 5 or 6 times until he said he was ready. Sloppy spit that this spit that throat spit was covering my cock and balls the out it came the most cum I ever shot out all into his mouth he said I tasted so good that he wanted to do this again but just me and him.

I got dressed hung out for a bit and then I left we texted a little whilebi was driving home and before I went to bed and we still text to this day…

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