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KAMKRIDA AT A LAWYER’S OFFICE Hi everybody, This is an incident narrated by my friend Ketan. He is also an ardent fan of Desibaba and a real fucker. He tries to lay his hands on any broad willing to give him response. In fact, he is much senior to me in this activities as he has fucked his own sister, his cousins (Mama’s and Chacha’s daughters) , his bhabhi, his saali, any willing neighbour, all his assistants, his naukaranis, in fact anyone willing to spread her legs for him. He is a lawyer and owns an office in a shopping complex on the inner side which is not very much inhabited. Most of his work is on phone and meetings are mostly in the evenings, so his puts his office to good use during afternoons. He is also willing to go for paid sex, which I have always avoided, going for variety in Languages, Ages (in fact he has fucked women in age from 14 to 55), Casts, Colours and Shapes and Sizes. About a week ago, he had arranged for a meeting with an unknown lady through a contact named Shardabai, a middle aged lady, who often acted a intermediary for Ketan. Ketan had been helping Shardabai for quite some time and in turn, Shardabai tried to help Ketan in getting good quality PUSSIES. Actually, Shardabai was in contact with a lot of women who wanted some part time sex and part time money both. The arrangement was that Shardabai would contact the woman and if she was willing and available, would phone Ketan, saying that a client wanted to meet him. A date and time would be fixed for meeting in afternoon at Ketan’s office. The woman’s husband would be told that she was going for applying Mehndi, or making Pappads, or women’s club meeting. This time it was Raksha, who had never ventured out. Her only experience of sex in her 30 years was with her husband, in the most conventional fashion, she on her back, her hubby mounting her, giving her a few strokes, CUMMING in her pussy after a few moments and then both of them going to sleep. Actually, Raksha did not even know that a woman can have orgasms. This is true for a large number of women in India, who are taught to think of sex as something dirty. Somehow, Shardabai had talked to Raksha about sex and the intricacies of sexual encounters, showing her photographs and giving her stories to read. She was quite stimulated on knowing that people can have oral, anal and regular sex, or that more than one man can have one woman or that one man can do it with more than one women, or that brothers and sister also fuck, or that sometimes, moms are mounted by sons, or daughters learn about FUCKING from fathers. They came to Ketan’s office in the afternoon. The office has two rooms, an outer waiting room and a cabin which can be closed. The cabin is large and has a divan bed , sufficient for two persons to lie next to each other. Shardabai introduced both of them and went outside closing the door of the cabin, she would wait outside patiently. Ketan sat next to Raksha who was sitting on the divan, asking her if she was comfortable. Raksha nodded, her heart was beating loudly, as this was her first encounter with an unknown person, though , Shardabai had comforted her saying that Ketan was very considerate and understanding and would be very gentle with her. Ketan put his hands around Raksha, she shivered a little, but did not say anything. The hands pulled her close to him, his lips touching her cheeks, Raksha turned away her face, but, Ketan’s experienced hands had done this a lot of times, they went on their business relentlessly, finally bringing her lips to his lips and a kissing session started, gently at first, being one-sided, then it became a two sided affair, the kisses becoming vehement, the tongues getting entwined and the lips sucking each other. A quick message was passing without a word which told both of them what they wanted. Raksha was overwhelmed by the feelings of shame, shyness and excitement. She had never been kissed in such a way, with Ketan’s experienced hands by now, reaching down to her back and front, fondling her firm BOOBS, slowly at first and increasing pressure to such an extent that moans started emanating from her which were muffled by Ketan’s lips. She also responded by putting her hands around him and pulling him to her. Ketan very well understood that the lady was getting hot, but he wanted some more time to let her get to boiling point. Slowly, he removed Raksha’s SAREE’S PALLU, started unhooking her BLOUSE, all hooks of whom responded to his hands except the bottom two. As the chest was heaving and Raksha’s nipples were very hard, it was not possible to open these two. She helped in unhooking them, immediately Ketan reached for her pink BRA, releasing the clasp to free her boobs which in any case were trying to break free. Ketan removed the saree, blouse and bra and made her lie down on the bed, sat down next to her and went for sucking her fleshy round boobs, her nipples fully erect, ready to counter any attack by Ketan’s lips. She had never been played like this by her hubby who knew almost nothing about the art of CHUDAI. She was panting now, like a bitch in heat who was ready to take LUNDS of all dogs ready to get on top of her. All shyness and shame had left her and she was eagerly waiting for Ketan’s next moves. By then, the experienced hands were under the petticoat and under the panties, going for the MAIN HOLE, which was wet and glistening with moisture. Two fingures went inside, the remaining taking charge of the material outside, the lips were on the right boob, the free hand kneading the left boob, Raksha hardly knew what to do. She was like a virgin schoolgirl, being fucked by a teacher in a classroom. Ketan knew that she was ready to take anything now. He put her hands on his LUND, which was swelling inside his pants, to which she responded by opening the fly and taking out his NANHA BHAI, this was also a new experience for Raksha, as this was something completely different from her hubby’s small and limp penis which got erected with some effort only, Ketan’s ROD being a champion, who never failed to satisfy even the most ardent CHUTS. Ketan felt he could not wait any more. He got up, removed all his clothes, also removing Raksha’s remaining clothes and got into a 69 position, his lips resting on her MADANMANDIR, it was already wet and dripping, his COCK playing with her lips. She was quite confused with this attack, not knowing what to do, only in pictures had she seeen this activity, which was coming alive now. By that time, Ketan was licking her CHUT, his tongue darting in and out of this sweet hole, which he came to know that was almost virgin. Raksha was jumping with joy at this attack, finding for the first time that a tongue can give such pleasure to a woman, the experienced tongue going faster and faster which ultimately resulted in making Raksha cum with a force which almost made her scream, but she muffled, but could not avoid jumping and making her hips go wild, her breath almost panting, her mouth wide open, Ketan took full advantage of this situation and inserted his LUND into her mouth. The woman tried to take it out of her mouth, but was prevented from doing it, when she regained her breath, she was told that she was given a good treatment and it was her turn to return it. In anticipation, she kept it in, Ketan instructing her what to do. The inexperienced lips and tongue going for the first BLOWJOB of their life. You must be knowing what it is to be sucked by a fresh CUNT, Ketan was fully excited by licking her and in no time was ready to shoot, but did not want to do it in her mouth, lest it may make her afraid. Gently, he removed his ROD from her mouth, stroked it a few time and let loose the VIRYA (the BUTTER), on her breasts, putting his DONG, between her breasts at the last moment. The woman was surprised as she was seeing the jets of MAKKHAN for the first, but she liked it, the hotness of it and the moans of pleasure from Ketan. Shardabai was watching all this from the keyhole and by now, was finguring her hole. She always enjoyed the fucking activities of her clients, sometimes joinin
them, if the women were willing, the men always being willing for more than one women. Ketan got up, gave a piece of cloth to clean up and again lay next to Raksha, playing with her hole again, this was the time for a regular fuck, she was quite willing playing with his LUND to make it hard again, Ketan got on top of her and there ensued a long grind culminating in two orgasms for Raksha and one for Ketan. He then made her kneel in front of him, with hands on the table, with legs spread apart and entered her from behind. This made the woman even hotter, she also responding by moving to and fro to reciprocate his movements. Ketan was not satisfied and wanted to teach her even more lessons. Before ending that session, he took out his ROD, applied some cream to it and to her asshole, went for the virgin asshole which had never been touched. Before Raksha knew what he was doing and could respond, he had inserted about one third of his 8″ long TOOL into her GAAND, the woman tried to straighten up, but was pinned down by the man’s anticipating hands. Raksha said, “What are you doing?” to which Ketan replied, “Main tumhari gaand maar raha hun, tumhe abhi bahut sikhna hai, is liye tum chupchap dekhati jao, you keep watching, I promise it will not hurt after some time and you would enjoy it thoroughly.” Raksha tried to say something , but by that time, the LUND had gone all the way in and it was no use saying anything, the fingures were inside the cunt and were rubbing her very hard. She said,” Ui Ma, Ui Maaaaaaa, Ui”, to which Ketan responded by increasing the pressure on her CLITORIS and increasing the rubbing motion, simultaneously fucking her harder in the ass. Her asshole was like a virgin rose, and was very tight. As Ketan increased speed, Raksha also started enjoying the best of both the worlds, rocking with his motion, letting loose her moans, which she was trying to stifle till that time and went on shouting , “HUMMM, Hummm, Umphhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Uiiiiiiiiii, Uiiiiiiiiii, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Main mar gai, Main mar gai, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh, O…O….O…..O….”, This also excited Ketan beyond control and he shot his load inside her with a force which was even higher that the first two times, as the GAAND was softer and tighter than anything he had encountered. As for Raksha, she was in seventh heaven and was moaning uncontrollably, cumming countless times, making Ketan’s fingures wet and sticky. When both of them were spent, they lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes before getting dressed. Shardabai was finguring her PUSSY outside and also cummed with them. I came to know of this adventure from Ketan. More of his adventures some other time. Hope you all enjoyed it the way Raksha did.

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