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sexy married man ,r not that married

well it was one of those friend of a friend situation,and my friend sandy introduced me to two married of her married friends,i had been wanting to meet them for a while coz,she had stories about how she had done both of the on separate occasions,being the angel i was i thought it was disgusting.but the time came when mac one of the guys came to sandys house saw this hot athletic ,great ass babe and he wanted me on the spot,i knew it ,iget that alot from guys they just wanna fuck me imean really fuck me ,so at the time i felt intimidated by his offer until he mentioned he was to go and see,jonny the other married friend who was baby sitting his baby while the wife was at work ,and asked if we wanted to come with,the answer youre waiting for is yes we went to help babysit.

when we got to jonnys house we work the baby up and so we had to try putting him to sleep again ,it worked ,but all this time jonny who also could not stop telling me and sandy he wanted to do us both,but bummer sandy was on her periods so that left me ,what to do i didnt want to look like a dud so i played along by just teasing them ,now they both wanted to do me,together they did not care they just wanted to feel their big black cocks inside of at once,sandy went to the room with them for a while she was in there ,she called out to me and i walk in and there they were two black stallions looking straight at me ,she did not lie they did have big dicks man.anyway jonny comes up to me and slides his had under my skirt while mack looks on hes got me where he wants me ,my tits were crying touch me ,it seemed to come easy now ,and by the way i had never in my life done two guys hey!mac came to rescue my tits from behind,and the door closed sandy was no where to be seen,i was touched everywere,my clit was wet with exitement ,,macs body rubbing against me ,behind me while as i was on my knees jonny was sucking my pussy from below as he lay on his back.

then mac just decided to slide his penis into my wet pussy ,ibreathed out as he did,damn it feels good ,as he goes in and out ,all about icant help but give jonny a head ,this goes on for a while until he cums on my beatiful ass,and i lower myself onto johnnys cock and thats ,when i get really exited he knows just how to do me ,hard i tell ,fuck me hard,he had a bigger cock than mac ,yes as mac dresses up and leavs the room its just me and you girl ,i just moan ,we fuck endlesly i come he comes ,we dont move for a while ,not to think about it ,but to rest ,i get dressed and say thanks for my first threesome it was great,as i walk to the next room ,now thats another story ,that sandy has to tell.but i sure felt good,real good

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