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Snowy Nights

With your Christmas card, you receive instructions to drive into the mountains. As you near the road you are to turn onto, the snow begins to fall. There us snow in the ground already but this new snow falling puts a whole new feeling to the surroundings. As you turn heading down the road there are snow-covered evergreens everywhere. The road seems to run on forever. Curiosity is finally setting in and the anticipation shows on your face. As you push forward, you come to a driveway. You must now proceed on foot. You get out of your truck and start walking forward. You go through the trees and come to a clearing. You stop and take in the view. There is snow covered trees and a very large A-framed cabin. There is smoke billowing out of the chimney and the whole atmosphere is so inviting. You walk towards the front door realizing how quiet it is. You try the doorknob and it is unlocked. As you step through the door, you take in the surroundings. To the left is a staircase leading up to a dark loft. The stairs are lined with lit candles. The only light is coming from the candles and the roaring fireplace to the right. The floor around the fireplace is covered with overstuffed pillows. There is a long stemmed red rose with a note attached laying on one of the pillows. You walk over and pick up it up. It says, “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll join you in a moment.” I watch you from up above as you proceed to take your coat off, then your shoes. I watch as you check the fire and then sit down in amongst all the pillows. You lay back and put your arms behind your head, I can almost feel your heat from where I’m standing. It takes allot of willpower to keep from just running down these stairs into your arms. As I stand at the head of the stairs, something causes you to look up in my direction. You sit up and watch as I descend the stairs. I am wearing a long, sheer, black satin gown. It trails behind me as I slowly descend. When I hit the landing, you start to get up. I just shake my head slightly, no and you stay there. I walk over to you and you get up on your knees. I take your smiling face in my hands and softly kiss your forehead. I release you and slowly circle you, taking in your presences. As I come around to face you again, you take my hands and pull me down until ours eyes meet. We kiss slowly at first then with more passion. You try to take off my gown but I stop you and start to unbutton your pants. Once they are undone, I push them down. You stand and drop them to your ankles, exposing your sexy legs. I stand up slowly dragging my hands all over your calves, up your inner thighs, over your round ass and then up your back. We kiss again as I help you off with your shirt revealing that gorgeous upper body of yours. Hmmm! I step back from you and take in the view. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I take your hand and we slowly lower ourselves down in the middle of the pillows. You lay on your back and I straddle you thighs. I run my hands up your stomach and end up tracing your luscious lips with my fingertip. Then back down again. As I reach the waistband of your briefs, you raise a little so that I can slide them down. After they are off, I have free access to your hardened cock. I slide down you legs a little so I can take a taste of your favor. First, I drag my tongue up the inside of your thigh and then lightly flicking the glistening tip of you dick. Then I lick the other thigh until I take your reddened head into my mouth. Slowly devouring every delicious inch until no more can be seen. I slowly pull off and the same time, running the tip of my wet tongue over your swollen shaft. I can sense that you are climbing towards the top so I stop and lightly kiss each hip. As I start to take you in again, you sit up slightly and pull me up until we are looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Then we kiss long and hard as the heat between us builds more. I take your hand and put it between my legs. Your strong fingers find my moist opening immediately. I let out a moan as you work your fingers up inside of me. As the extreme pleasure grows, I almost forget that this is for you. I lay my hand on top of yours to stop the action. You pull your fingers out and I suck and lick each one clean. Then I take a hold of them and help you to your feet. Without saying a word, I lead you upstairs to the loft. To the left of the room, there is a king size bed covered with a red satin down comforter and straight ahead is a set of sliding glass doors. We walk towards them as I slowly let my gown drop off my shoulders. You kiss my shoulders and neck as the gown drops to the floor. I open the door to reveal a steaming hot tub. We both climb in. You lay back and I get between your legs and lay back against your chest. You feel so good. As I rest my head against your shoulder, you wrap your arms around me and hold tight. The snow is still falling but the cold doesn’t seem to break the pleasure we are experiencing. Awhile later, I stand up; you turn me around and engulf my nipple with your hungry mouth. It sends a chill through my body. Then you kiss the other one. You stop and look up into my face and start to speak. I put my lips over yours to prevent the silence from being broken. You then stand up and I use your hand to help myself out. I lead you back inside to a large bathroom. I proceed to turn on the shower and climb in with you in tow. The water runs over your face, down your broad shoulders and over that gorgeous ass of yours. You try to take me in your arms but I resist slightly. I have something else in mind for you. I grab a bottle of body shampoo. I squeeze some in the palm of my hand and rub my hands together. With a rich lather covering them, I slowly put my hands on your chest. I shiver with each stroke of your body. I rub your shoulders, up your throat, down each arm, over your chest and down to your stomach. I reach around and caress your ass. My hands are in heaven. Your body feels so good under my hands. You take me in your arms pulling into your soapy, wet body. Your kiss is so tender and intense that I almost lose track of what’s going on. Before the kiss ends and the water rinse the soap off your tender body, I bring my hands around and take a hold of your now soften dick. It springs to attention almost immediately. My hand slips down to your sudsy balls and massages them tenderly. As you take a hold of the curtain rod and the wall to brace yourself, your kiss intensifies. My hands slip up and down your hard shaft easily with the lather. Bringing you closer to pleasure. Up and down, all over. Does it feel good? My pleasure grows with yours and I can tell that you are close to cumming. I start to move my hand faster and faster. Your legs tighten, you let out a soft moan and start to orgasm. I step closer to allow your warm sweet juices to shot over my stomach. Dragging myself up against your body sends the most intense feeling rushing through my body. As you start to relax a little, enjoying the feeling in your body, I snuggle against your chest and you wrap your strong arms around me. Then you turn me around. I tip my head back and allow the warm water run down my entire body as you bite my neck. Oh god that’s feel so good. You then put some of the body shampoo into the palm of your hand and kneel down to wash my feet. You work your way up my calves to my inner thighs allowing the water to wash off your hands. You reach around and take my ass into both your hands and pull me into your face. You flick my hardened clit with the tip of your tongue and then suck down on it. My whole body tenses with each lick and suck from your mouth. You slowly insert one finger then two as I slightly bend my knees with desire. As I start to move with the motion of your fingers in and out, faster and faster, I am climbing towards the top. As I’m just getting into the feeling, you stop. You tease. You stand as you slowly remove your fingers. It’s so intense that I almost can’t stand it. You reach around me and turn off the shower as I grab a towel to dry us off with. I step out and I start to dry you off but you grab the towel, dry
e off a little and then lay it on the countertop. In one swift motion, you lift me and sit me upon it. You take a hold of my legs pulling me towards the edge of the counter. You lift them up and slowly enter me. That was almost too much. I can feel myself losing control but I have to focus on something else. So I lean in and start whispering things in your ear like, “Don’t stop, that feels so good. Keep doing that and I will cum all over your dick.” I can’t take much more and as my body tense with a well-deserved orgasm, you pull out. My heart is racing from the rising pleasure. You pull me up on to your stomach and carry me over to the bed. Together we lay back on the bed and in one swift motion I push you onto your back and climb on top of your very hard cock. It feels so good. I move slowly at first to make sure I can hold on for a few more moments of pure pleasure. The ride is totally awesome. Back and forth, up and down. You reach up and caress my breasts and as I work yours. Then I’m not sure if it was my leaning over so you can suck my nipples but I cum hard. Just as I reach the top of this intense pleasure you shot your warm juices into me. Our bodies’ tenses together until we both lay breathing heavy and spend. There are not enough words to describe this feeling. Maybe satisfaction or contentment. Anyway, we are lying in each other’s arms letting our bodies enjoy the feeling. I look up into your face and I see a slight grin. I lay my head on to your chest as you soft stroke my hair. After some time passes I realize that you have stopped stroking my hair and there is a soft snore coming from you. That grin never left your face and I drift off to sleep still laying on your nice warm soft chest.

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