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gay initiation by kurt

in the summer of 1996 i was sitting in a local park smoking a long cigarette.recently i had started smoking and found these feminine cigarettes made me horny.just as i had taken a long deep drag an older plain-looking man of about 60 sat down beside contrast i was a 40 yr old divorced white male who was tall ,slim with boyish good looks.with his receding grey hair and glasses this getleman could easily be mistaken for my father.we sat quietly for awhile until he suddenly said’you look sexy when you smoke’.i smiled and took one last hungry puff before butting out.i noticed a big bulge in my pants that was hard to hide.he looked down and noticed it too.i felt weird warm fuzzy feelings inside.this was the most aroused i ever felt.he then put his arm around me and started caressing my hair.i excitedly lit up another cigarette.just after i exhaled he leaned over and kissed me deeply on my mouth.his tongue probed the inside of my mouth.i kissed him back with mounting passion.we necked for many minutes.his left hand reached down and caressed my hard cock through my jeans.he gently unzipped me and caressed the throbbing member until some pre-cum appeared near the i sat back moaning loudly he dropped to his knees and expertly deep-throated me.watching his grey head bobbing gently up and down made me come quickly.i shot a large load of jism down his throat which he swallowed greedily.after he was finished he got up and took my hand.he led me to his nearby car.i got in and he drove me back to his house.once there he undressed me and put me to bed.he joined me and we both quickly fell asleep.i woke up firstin the morning and stared at his nakedness.he was hairy and husky unlike my slim smoothness.his fat 6inch cock lay softly between his’s big mushroom head looked smilingly slim 7inch cock started getting hard.i lovingly put the head of his penis in my mouth.i kissed and sucked hungrily til it started stiffening.i looked up to see him smiling at me.he said ‘i love you kurt’.my heart pounded with excitement as i fellated him with all my soul.warm gushes of cum filled my mouth as he groaned loudly.i devoured every last drop.later as i contentedly smoked a cigarette i looked at him intensely.i blew out the smoke in along arc and murmured softly’i love you al’.he laughed then gave me a sloppy wet kiss on my smoky cock sprang up and he stoked it til i cried out in pleasure.

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