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It’s 4:30 AM on Saturday; I slowly wake up with you snuggled up against me. LB is up and hoping for some action, but not this morning, too much to do if we’re going to get on the road early. We have been planning this vacation for months and getting out of town early is a key part of it. If we hang around to satisfy his every urge, we might as well stay home in bed for the next month. I give you a light kiss on the back of the neck and slip out of bed.

Hitting the kitchen first, I turn on the expresso machine so it will be ready when you get up. Next I head to the bathroom, for the three S’s. By the time I finish, the water is ready and I fix your first cup. Getting you up at this time of the morning can be a bear anyway, but there is no way I’d even try it without a cup of coffee at hand. I gave up all thoughts of suicide a long time ago, and have no wish to trust to my luck.

Putting the hot mug on the nightstand, I slip back into bed and begin to wake you up in the manner that you like best. I begin to rub your back and shoulders, slowly working my way down to your hips and thighs. At the same time I begin to kiss you on the neck and play with your earlobe. As my hands move down to your thighs, they encounter skin where your nightgown has pulled up and they begin to slowly caress your inner thighs. You begin to squirm and a little moan escapes from your lips. You slowly begin to turn towards me, and I place my lips on yours giving you a good morning kiss.

Your arms move around me and you murmur “This had better be important, you bastard. Or you’re in deep shit.” The smile on your face negates any possibility of your being angry or upset at being awoken.

“Morning lover,” I say. “It’s time to get up if we’re going to get out of here before the traffic gets horrible.”

“Do we have to?” you ask.

“Yes,” I say. “You’re the one who wanted to get an early start, so let’s get a move on. I turn around to reach for your coffee, when you put your arms around me and slip them down to my crotch.

You say, “I bet I can convince you to stay.”

“That is one bet you would win,” I answer. “But it was your idea to get out early, so come on get up. Here’s your coffee.” I hand you your mug and you take a big sip of the hot coffee.

You put it down on your nightstand and say; “You’re right, but first come here.” I move into your arms as your lips give me a promise of pleasures to come.

I pull away, and say, “Enough or we won’t get out of here until Sunday! Now move that cute ass of yours. The bathroom is all yours and the only things that need to be packed are in there. I’m going to make a final tour around and check to make sure everything is off, cleaned, and locked.”

I’m glad we decided to take the van. The overhead carryall rack has all our cloths and stuff we will need. With the seats out there is plenty of room for the dogs kennels and for us to lie down if we get tired of driving and can’t find a place to stay that we like, to just play with the pups or with each other.

A half-hour latter, you’re ready to go. The tour of the house is completed, the dogs and the suitcases are in the van, and we pull out of the driveway. Going to be gone for a month with no set plans just a list of places that we would like to see.

“OK, which way do you want to head north, south, or west first? You pick the first place we go to, and that will decide the rest of the trip. Unless, of course, we decide to go to someplace not on the list.”

It was coming to the end of a beautiful day. We’re about 10 miles from the nearest town. We had pulled off of the main roads, onto a secondary road, because the map showed that it wound through some beautiful scenery. Just as the sky began to take on the colors of a beautiful sunset, we passed a perfect spot to stop and watch the sunset. The nicest thing about our schedule is that it doesn’t exist, so a quick U-turn put us back at the spot with the van side door facing the sunset. We get out, let the dogs run for a couple of minutes than tie them to the guard rail and slipped back into the van to sit on the floor and watch the sunset.

We sat down side by side, but the sides of the van blocked the view, so I say, “Why don’t you sit on my lap and let’s see if that is any better?”

I move my legs so that you’re sitting on the floor with your knees on my crossed legs, your butt tight against me, and you leaning back against my chest.

“I can see great,” you say. “But let me know if your legs start to go to sleep.”

“I have no problem seeing,” I say, “and the sunset is as beautiful as you are.”

You tilt your head back and around and give me a quick kiss saying, “Be have, or we’ll miss the sunset.” You take my hands and hold them against your stomach.

The sunset is beautiful. The colors changing from a bright red and yellow into a violet color. The reflections off of the clouds are sending the colors streaming over our heads. The gaps in the clouds allowing shafts of yellow to streak to the valley below us, lighting up the river that flows in its center, and coloring the white buildings that we saw down there into house of red, orange, white, and blue. The sight is breathtaking.

You lean back against me even tighter, and move my hands slowly from your stomach down to the top of your pants, and push them so that they just slip under the waistband. But when I try to continue the movement, you pull them back out and slowly bring them up across your stomach (I can feel the muscles quiver as my hands pass over your lower abdomen) and up to your breasts. You cup your breasts with my hands, and again turn your head and give me a kiss. But this kiss is different from the last one. The first one was a kiss of love and contentment. It told me that you were happy and comfortable, and that the sunset was beautiful and made more wonderful by being here with me. This kiss speaks of love and passion. It says that you are ready for anything either right now or as soon as I was ready.

Of course with you sitting almost on top of LB he was more than ready, and even if he wasn’t, I was not going to pass up an opportunity to make love to you.

Beginning with the back of your neck, I begin planting small light kisses. I’m glad that your hair is short, it makes it so much easier to reach some of your more favorite places to be kissed and nibbled on.

Your hands come off of mine, and I can feel them begin to move across my stomach. At the same time, I begin a slow delicate rolling of your nipples through the T-shirt your wearing. I can feel your nipples hardening under the attention of my hands. Your lips on mine are a flame burning into me. Your hands twisted between your back and my stomach have slid under my T-shirt and are slowly slipping into the waist of my pants. I lower my hands to your stomach and pull your shirt off over your head; your hands quickly return to their place inside of my pants, as I again cup your breasts, this time with nothing between my hands and them. You moan deep into my mouth as your back arches with pleasure, and your hands probe ever lower. My hands leave your breasts, sliding down your abdomen and come to rest on your inner thighs. My fingers spread along your thighs, my index fingers tight against your pussy lips and my thumbs resting just on each side of your clit. As your hands begin to stroke LB, my thumbs begin to caress and roll your clit between them, and my index fingers begin to stroke your pussy lips through your shorts.

“Don’t tease me,” you moan, “Touch me!”

“But teasing you is so much fun,” I say. I move the fingers of both hands so that they all are resting on your cunt and begin to wiggle them.

“AHHH FUCK!!” you scream against my mouth, and your hands tighten almost painfully on LB and my scrotum.

“Please don’t tease,” you almost sob.

I can’t resist you, not that I wasn’t more then ready to move into a much more intimate contact anyway. I move my hands to the fasteners on your shorts, and quickly undo them and slide my hands inside your panties to the same positions that they were in before, except this time both index fingers begin to probe between your pussy lips.

You gasp with pleasure as my fingers continue to play with your clit and pussy. Your ass squirming around on my crossed legs, your hands stroking LB and my scrotum as best they can in their backward position, your lips and tongue sucking on mine, and your breasts pointing up with your back arched, aeriolae crinkled and the nipples hard and distended with desire.

I feel your hands come out of my pants and begin to work on the buttons holding them closed. Even in the awkward position you’re in, you quickly get them open. You push them down so that they are on my hips, giving you free access to LB and his purse. I can feel your hands moving that much easier over him because of the pre-cum you have picked up on your hands as they move across his head over and over.

In the position that we are in, when I open my eyes, I can see your breasts, nipples swollen with want and desire, begging to be suckled, your stomach muscles twitching because of what is being done to your cunt. My hands working inside your panties. I can see my thumbs moving in circles, rubbing against your clit and the surrounding skin. Pulling and pushing the little nub of tissue, rubbing against it, causing you to squirm and moan against me. I can see my fingers playing with your thighs, kneading the flesh of your inner thighs. I can see my index fingers moving up and down the length of your pussy, probing into it or just rubbing against your pussy lips. I can see that the crotch of your panties is soaked with your juices. Juices just waiting to be lapped up by my tongue and lips, just waiting to be spread along the length of LB as he slides in and out of you, probing your depths.

I slide my hands out of your panties and move them up to your breasts. Taking each nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, I begin to squeeze and lightly pinch them. My fingers wet with your cunt juices, must add to the sensation for you because your moaning intensifies as your mouth comes off mine and your head presses hard against my shoulder as you strain to raise your breasts higher and tighter against my hands. I turn you slightly so that I can capture a nipple with my mouth and your cries of pleasure increase another notch. As I begin to suckle your nipple, I slid my hands down across your stomach, stopping to play with your navel. But very soon I abandon this in favor of a much deeper and wetter hole.

I hook the edges of your shorts and panties and push them down. You rise up to allow them to slide down your hips, and put your legs together so that I can push them almost down to your ankles. You bend your knees to bring your feet closer, and now you are sitting on my crossed legs, nude. Your beautiful body glowing with a reddish tint from the setting sun shining in the open van door.

Still with your back towards me, you push back against me, causing me to lie down with you sitting on my stomach. Changing to a kneeling position, you quickly push my shorts down and off of me. Taking LB firmly in hand, you push yourself back far enough so that you can take him in your mouth. After the first initial swallow, you pull back, and begin to lightly kiss and caress him with your lips and tongue. Alternately giving the shaft a long hard lick or light nibbles with your teeth, quick rollings around the head or taking it inside your mouth, or your wonderful complete swallowing of him.

If I was to just lie here and take this treatment, I’m not sure how long I would be able to last. Fortunately, your position has given me something else to concentrate on and take my mind off of the sensations that your hands and mouth are giving me. That something is your beautiful pussy just inches in front of my face. Sliding my hands between your thighs, I pull you back far enough so that I can begin to give oral homage to your cunt. Long slow licks with a flat tongue, soft tender probings with a rolled tongue as deep inside you as it will go. Short flicks on your clit, or gentle suckings of your pleasure button. My hands caressing your buttocks, playing with your inner thighs, spreading your pussy lips so I can get deeper penetration with my tongue, or sliding up to cup and fondle your breasts and nipples.

Your hands stroking LB, gently rolling my balls together, sliding along my thighs, cupping my buttocks, or lifting you up so that you can position yourself to change what your doing to LB, or to respond to what I am doing to your cunt. You are definitely responding. You can be loud when being eaten or when LB is driving into you, but not like you are now. I think that the possibility of someone coming along has increased the thrill for you. The sunset, the view out the van’s open door, the fact that someone could stop and ask if there was any problem, are all combining to make this a much more intense session for you. And if it is, than it is something that will definitely bare repeating.

Meanwhile, if I don’t stop you soon, I’m going to cum the second best way that I can, and I don’t want to do that, I want to cum in the best way. I try to call your name, but the only things that can escape my lips are moans of pleasure at what you’re mouth and hands are doing to me. But the lack of attention to you seems to catch your attention and you stop and look back at me from between your dangling breasts and thighs.

“If I’m going to cum,” I say, “I want it to be deep inside your pussy, not your mouth, not this time.”

You slide forward, then place your legs in front of you, outside of mine. Reaching down you take LB, with my help you rise up just enough to place your pussy over him and than lower yourself slowly down until he is lodged deeply inside you. The sensation is as unbelievable as it always is. I can feel the heat of your cunt enfolding me, the wonderful sensation of being surrounded by your womanhood. I can feel your muscles tensing as they squeeze tight. You carefully bring your legs over mine so that they are inside of mine, and I wrap my legs over yours. You’re sitting on my groin with my pelvis tilted upward because my legs are around you; you next carefully lie backwards until you are lying on my chest. LB is held firmly inside you by this position.

I bring my hands to your breasts and play with your nipples for a little while, while we (especially me) get use to the position. After a short while, I lower my hands to your groin, and begin a slow circular rubbing on both sides of your clit. As the rubbing continues, I can feel your muscles tightening and loosening both from my fingers and from around LB. As the massaging continues, I bring my right hand back to your breasts, and now include your clit in the rubbing that my left hand is doing. I can feel your small movements caused by your tensing and loosening your thighs. I can feel your breath quickening, a light sweat breaking out on your body, your moans again increasing in volume and frequency. Your hand moves down and captures mine and moves it to a spot just bearly touching your clit on the left side and I begin the rubbings. With my hand here, you get even louder than before. I can feel you tensing, your back aching, your cries coming in gasps. Suddenly you scream! You almost bounce off of me as your hands, that had been holding my hips, suddenly claw into me.

Moving as quickly as I can, I uncross my legs from around yours and roll to the side, LB slips from you, and I roll on top of you. Placing my hands under your knees, I lift your legs up and apart, position LB at your cunt, and slid deep inside. Just as I make contact with your groin, I place my hands on the floor of the van, keeping your legs spread, and begin a series of deep hard fast thrusts. Each one beginning to pull out almost before it has hit bottom. After about 10 of these, I begin to stay inside on the end stroke, and do a little grind, than back out and another hard driving thrust against you. After about a minute of this, I can feel the pressure building and after a few more probing thrusts, I slam against you, move my arms outside your legs, grab your ass, and pull you tight to me as I begin to cum deep inside you.

I feel your legs lock around my waist as I hold your ass in the air, your cunt tight against me, LB deep inside you, throbbing, spending. Your hands close around my wrists and pull me down on top of you, my chest covering your breasts, my lips finding yours in a kiss that starts out passionate, but ends with little nibbles and licks.

“What do you think, pretty lady, does fresh air and a beautiful sunset make it a bit more enjoyable?” I ask.

“Well, they help,” you mutter as your lips and tongue trace a trail from my lips down to the hollow of my throat. “But if we’re going to do this more often, you need to pad the floor and sides of the van a lot better. It wasn’t bad when I was on top, but at the end, it was kind of hard on my poor back, shoulders, and the top of my head, not that I’m complaining about the ending, or at least not that much. But, like I said, the floor needs some additional padding, or you need to lose some weight, because I’m beginning to hurt.”

When you say that, I start to push up from you, but you wrap your arms around me so that I pull you up also. “Why don’t you get on the bottom again?” you ask.

“Do you think we can make it without breaking contact?” I ask.

“If we do, we do.”

I slowly start to turn over on my back, you keep your legs and arms tight around me, and until you have to uncross your legs so I can finish the turn. Whether it is the thrill of the doing it in the van (and LB is still pumped up), or just luck on our part, we complete the turn with me still inside you. You tuck your feet under my knees and rising up on your elbows, you say; “Now this is much more comfortable. What do you think.”

“I think that you need to get a little more exercise, so when your ready, you can do all the work. I’ll just lie here and pretend that I’m you.”

“You’re going to pay for that,” you laugh, and shifting to one elbow, you begin to tickle me along my side.

Any movement that I make, seems to be enjoyable to you, since LB is still inside and doesn’t seem even remotely interested in losing any of his current stature. Since this has started to become unusual (given our ages) I intend to make the best of it (your not the only one stimulated by the situation). I can tell that this is just fine by you, too, since the satisfied smile on your face hasn’t gone away, and the occasional light moan is still coming from between your lips, especially if my squirming causes my ass to rise up. I, on the other hand, have had enough of being tickled. I place both hands on your ass, and pull you tighter against me. I can tell by your gasp, that you enjoyed that, so with my hands on you hips, I begin to push and pull your ass either tightly against me or push it away.

You push yourself up with your arms to increase the amount and angle of penetration. When you do this, I lift my head and begin to lick and suckle your nipples and play with your breasts and neck.

“Umm, that feels so good,” you whisper. “I’m glad that I thought about pulling over to give the dogs a break.”

I gasp, as you tighten your vaginal muscles and grind down, “Your idea, you wanted to wait until we got to the next town before we stopped!”

You suddenly drop down on my chest and begin to tickle me again along the sides of my stomach. “It was too my idea, admit it! Come on, admit it! Say it or I’ll keep on tickling you.”

“Oh, yeah!” I gasp, as I squirm to try and get away from your tickling fingers. I lock my arms around you and roll over. Grabbing your arms, I raise them up above your head and say. “You’re lucky that I don’t have any rope handy, or I’d make you pay for that last bit of tickling.”

You put on your sad little pouty face, and begin to quiver your lower lip. “See how you are?” you say, “Never thinking ahead.”

I let go of your arms, and slip mine between them and your body, and cup your shoulders with my hands. I grind down a little with my pelvis, and lightly kiss your bottom lip. “There, there little girl,” I say. “Don’t cry and daddy will get you an extra big margarita when we get to town.”

“Oh, doody, doody,” you reply and we both begin laughing.

I feel your arms come around me and begin to squeeze, I put my lips on yours and slowly and deeply kiss you. “I love you,” I say, and you answer with “I love you, too.”

Just then, the dogs begin to bark. Looking up, I see a police car making a U-turn just down the road.

“Uh oh,” I say, “cops. Quickly get your pants on!” Reaching for mine, I slip them on and button them as I begin to slip out the side van door and into a pair of loafers. “Hurry up, I’ll try and stall them,” I say, “but they’ll probably what to see us both.”

10 minutes latter, we are back in the van watching the last of the sunset, with the pups curled up in our laps. We have the name of the best place to eat, both for dinner tonight, and for breakfast in the morning, plus where to stay the night. We also have directions to the best place to watch the sunrise, if we feel like getting up that early in the morning. The dogs have been petted and cooed over by the cops and we have been advised about pulling over along side the road in non-designated areas, about how dangerous it can be, and how we are much safer stopping in designated areas.

“Well what do you think?” I ask, “Did we get away with it?”

Laughing, you say, “What do your really think? I bet those cops are laughing right now about how they almost caught this ‘old couple’ screwing along side of the road.”

‘You’re probably right,” I answer. “But, with you, I’m will to take that chance any time. Anyway, at least we got some good info from them, and I intend to make use of most of it. But if we’re up before sunrise, I think that I will enjoy seeing it much better lying in bed with you next to me, or on top of me, or under me.”

Slapping me on the shoulder, you laugh “You incorrigible old goat. Anyway, let’s get going I want to take a shower, and have a nice dinner and a drink or two. Then curl up with you and see what happens. Those poor cops, if they only had any idea the that more you do it, the more you can do it at any age, I’m sure they would never get all their area patrolled because of all the stops they’d have to make to get people on the road again.”

I laugh. “Your right,” I say, but that shower does sound good and dinner even better. Something has given me a appetite.”

“I don’t want to hear about your ‘appetites’,” you say. “Just get behind that wheel and lets get going. Oh, by the way, if you want to eat tonight you’re going to take a shower by yourself.”

“If I take my shower with you, I can get something to ‘eat’,” I say.

“True,” you answer, “but I want a salad, and some vegetables with my meat tonight.”

“OK,” I chuckle, “You win. We shower alone, eat something that fulfills the requirements of the food chart, and otherwise act our ‘ages’ in front of the towns folk. But no promises on what will happen once we get to our room.”

“No promises,” you complain, “does that mean you doubt if you’ll be interested in ravishing my delightful body? Maybe I should call back one of those cops. The younger one looked like he could keep up.”

I pull you to me, and give you a deep kiss. Turning the key, I start the van and say, “The day that your body doesn’t interest me, I’ll call the younger cop for you, and the older one to take my dead body away.”

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