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When the winter started, my wife mentioned that her twin sister my come to visit us in the Florida sun. I said “whatever”, and went on about my house chores that Sunday morning.

The holidays were just around the corner and my wife Mary was having a hard time not being home for the seasonal hoopla with her family up north. About two weeks before her sister Kay called me at work and wanted to know if it would be OK for her to surprise Mary for Christmas and New Years. All I could say is “sure, that would be just what Mary needs”. I told Kay that I would pay for her trip for Christmas and it would be Mary’s present also.

Kay and I set the plan the following week, that I would pick her up at the airport while Mary was working.

I went to pick Kay up that morning. As I got to the gate, she was looking pretty good coming off the ramp into the terminal, her long hair was shining and her smile was one I will never forget. We hugged and she cried “thanks John you made my holoday”.

We talked on the way to the house all about how Mary was going to be so surprised. We both were so excited.

Kay decided to hide in our bedroom closet just before Mary got home. Mary should have been home about 4:45 pm. Kay went into the closet about 5 minutes before we thought Mary arrive home. I was watching out the dining room window. Well Mary was running late so I went into the bedroom to check on Kay and as I opened the closet door, Kay had been snooping in Mary’s drawer and found her dildo, Kay laughed and blushed at the same time. I could tell she didn’t know what to say. She said “John, not bad, maybe Mary will let me borrow it”. We both laughed, and on that note I left thinking to myself, “I would love to watch that”.

I went back into the dining room and heard the gate to the fence close. Mary was just coming up the back stairs, so I tried to act as normal as I could knowing she was going to be so happy to see Kay. As Mary came in the door, I greeted her with a hug and kiss on her forehead, asked how her day was, and asked if she had any plans for the evening. She said she just wanted to relax. Of course I thought she won’t be getting much rest once her and Kay start their long conversations. When they get together, you can’t get them apart.

It took about 10 minutes until mary would do her tripo to the closet and get into some comfortable clothing. I followed her into to bedroom, and as she opened the closet door, i heard Kay yell “surprise!”, all I heard was tears of joy from both ladies, Mary about passed out and they contiued to hug for what seemed to be forever. I laughed and said “Ok ladies , let’s go get some dinner”.

Over dinner Kay mentioned to Mary that she found her dildo, the jokes started. At one point I think we were all kinda getting horny. I know I was.

On the way home from dinner Mary said “John, thanks for the great gift, your the best”. Kay also thank me for bring them together for the holiday.

It was a couple days later and the ladies had just been having a great time. I got home from work Friday night and I could tell there was something funny about Kayand Mary when I walked in the house. They were acting unsure about any conversation I started. It had been a long week and I was tired. We ate dinner and I went to my TV room to watch some tube. I dosed off about 9:30 and Mary woke me to tell me to go to bed. I did just that. Mary said she would be in about 30 minutes. I went into the bedroom, closed the door, got undressed and under the covers I went.
Time seemed to be moving slow with the thought of mary coming to bed. I was feeling like eating her pussy, hoping she would go for it. I was ready for some great sex. Knowing that her twin sister was just a few walls apart, I know it was going to be good sex for the both of us.

My cock was hard just thinking about it, my hand had been playing with it, preping it for the wife.
The door opens and Mary walks in and Kay stood at the door saying good night. Kay closes the door as mary heads to the bathroom, as she comes out she has her dildo in the hand, Mary says “this night is for you”. She climbs into bed and slids the blanket off me, taking my cock into her mouth she begins to lick, suck, and stroke be balls. She can give some great head, She moans as my hard cock moves in and out her mouth. I roll her over on her back and she sticks her dildo inside her wet, juicy pussy as I eat her. I get on my knees and move my cok into her mouth while she is fucking herself with her toy, I can tell she is cumming as she swallows my large cock. Mary stops for a moment, and gets up from the bed, she goes to the door and opens it, all of a sudden kay is next to the bed, Kay says that Mary had asked her about doing a threesome, Kay had been standing outside our door while Mary and I were playing with each other. Mary gets back into bed and kay slids on the other side of me, My cock was about ready to explode with excitement. I took my hand and moved it down between Kay’s legs, Mary started playing with Kay’s pussy with her dildo, Kay smile and said ” John I guess mary is going to let be borrow it”. I took it from mary’s hand a pushed it deep inside Kay, Mary watched as I pleased her sister, after making Kay cum with the dildo, I moved it to mary’s mouth, I said here mary taste your sister, she wasn’t sure at first then her mouth covered the dildo, mary said she had something better to do with her mouth, she put her between her sister legs and stared lick that nice pussy with her tongue, mary asked me to fuck her from behind, I stuck my cock hard into her, as I watche her eat her sister, Kay’s eyes would open once in a while and look at me. It was Kay’s turn next, Mary rolled to her back and Kay started to eat Mary and fuck her with her own dildo, I was wanted this night to last forever. Kay has such a smooth and nice ass, I licked her asshole with my tongue and stuck my fingers into her wet pussy, her tight little body shock with excitement, it seems the more one lady moaned the other did just as much. I was mounting Kay from behind and Mary was watching, it was all I could do from blowing my load, but I was not done yet, I wanted to stick my hard cock inside Mary’s sister, I was driving her with all I had, then mary moved her head and rested it on Kay’s ass as I filled Kay’s pussy with my cock, Kay was moaning and Mary was taking her hand and helping move it in and out of her sister, Mary took and opened her mouth and told me she wanted me to cum all over her sister ass and into her mouth, as I pumped Kay from behind, I pulled my cock out and shot my cum up Kay’s ass and back, Mary sucked up all she could with her tongue. After a few moments I fell back onto the bed, and awoke the next morning with mary and kay the twin sister, that surprised me for the HOLIDAY. It was going to be a great New Year,from what I could tell.

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