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Neighbors Weekend Get Away (PART II)

(PART II) as I kissed Meg, Tammy was on her knees holding my cock in her hands. She wasn't sure what to do. I told Meg to get down next to Tammy and help her with my toy. Meg kneeled down and took the head of my cock into her mouth, what a pleasur
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Hello Honey, Met Lori

It had been a few weeks on the road taveling. I had been staying in a hotel and starting to get to know the staff. Eating in the resturants, cocktails in the bar, and of course a nice suite. It had been a long week. When away from home all I th
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For Ladies Only

You just got home from a long day. You know tonight you are going to be by yourself. Your thinking maybe you'll have a lite dinner and then a glass of wine to relax. No a bad idea right? You make a warm cup of soup and sit at your kitchen table, y
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My Wife

It has been a few months since my wife's twin sister and her gave me my Holiday sex surprise. I still think about it all the time and talk to my wife Mary about it. She keeps telling me that I may get lucky again someday. Well that day did come
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When the winter started, my wife mentioned that her twin sister my come to visit us in the Florida sun. I said "whatever", and went on about my house chores that Sunday morning. The holidays were just around the corner and my wife Mary was having
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