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City lights

We were at this restaurant in the city don’t know which one or why city there was just lots of lights I remember! But we were in a heated spat about something but it was pretty heated between us and I ended up leaving u there I’m assuming we were on bad terms before getting there cause we were in separate cars! But remember driving down the freeway and all the lights and big buildings all around (it didn’t look like dallas) but I was still so mad about what was said at the restaurant and I assume I was speeding cause u call me on my phone asking where I was and  to slow my ass down and pull over immediately!!! I was back talking up until I actually see u zoom behind me! So I immediately pull off the freeway thinking u got your nerve! We were driving these black cars mines was black and fancy and urs was bigger then mines and has a open top! But I pull over we are like under a over pass with a lot of light under it! I get out the car and walk over to yours prepared to tell u whatever was on my mind at the time . And ur standing in your door with this smirk on your face not even phased by what I’m yelling about! And before I know it u grab me but the back of my head and kiss me to shut me up!!! But it’s real aggressive like similar to what u do to me when u make me be submissive! And things go from there I was fighting u at first but I was sick of fighting and I just need a release! Ur  hands are all over me and my dress is pushed up as ur in between my legs ! Ur kissing my neck ear and rubbing on my breast with one hand and the other is under my dress pushing my panties to the side as u play with my juices!!! Before I know it u sliding into me hard but idc cause it’s needed so picture me on the hood of the car legs spread just for u! And the u lift me up and sit in the car while I ride u under the lights u can see cars passing but up too but at this point we are lost in each other we don’t care! I was just at my climax when I woke up drench in a light sweat I had to shower this morning because of it my heart was racing and I just keep replying it! It all sound clique I know and I read way to many exotic novels so I think my self consciousness just put the two together!!!! Either way I’m been on my ass replaying it ! 

Here to live out my fantasies through writing I’m new to this so be patient with me!!!

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