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Neighbors Weekend Get Away (PART II)


as I kissed Meg, Tammy was on her knees holding my cock in her hands. She wasn’t sure what to do. I told Meg to get down next to Tammy and help her with my toy. Meg kneeled down and took the head of my cock into her mouth, what a pleasure to see a young virgin sucking her first dick, Tammy then followed and started to lick the shaft and play with my balls.

Meg was really into sucking and Tammy was feeling a little left out, so then I told Tammy to lay down on her back, my tongue started to lick her young fresh pussy, what a great taste, a pussy never touched by anything but maybe Tammy’s own fingers. Meg got under me and continued to suck down my cock. The girls were doing just fine for their first time with a guy. Moans from Meg and Tammy will be in my mind forever.

After what seemed to be forever, I turned and started to eat Meg’s pussy, she was so tight and wet, I was only getting one finger in her and worked on her until I could a least get the second finger moving inside her, Meg let out a few screams, but that did’nt stop me from licking it with all I had. Tammy then moved to my cock licked it like a lolipop. I didn’t want to cum, because the girls had never seen or touched cum, I thought it may scare them off or give them a bad first impression. I stopped Tammy and told Meg to lick Tammy’s pussy, Meg said “oh yuk’ I told her I would help her, so I took Meg’s head and put her face into Tammy’s pussy, then I moved down on Tammy and started licking her pussy again, Meg’s tongue joined mine on Tammy’s pussy, Tammy I knew she was getting ready to come, she let out a “UH” sound and I tasted her young pussy juice release onto Meg and my tongue. It was like fresh squeezed juice. Tammy’s ass lefted off the floor and pushed harder into Meg and my faces. I took Meg’s wet face and kissed her and said , “see that wasn’t bad was it?”.

Know it was time for Meg, finally I was going to nail this virgin neighbor. I told Meg to go to the couch to lay down, I told her I would be gentle with her and it may hurt a little. Her 4’11” firm body, young small but firm tits, and tight ass and pussy looked like a Goddess. I got on top of her and started to play with her pussy with the head of my dick, Meg was so tight, slowly and slowly i moved my cock into her, she had tears in her eyes with pain, I rubbed her forehead and rub thur her hair to relax her, I told her once it is in her pussy, it will be fine, with in seconds it seemed my 8 inch cock was filling Meg’s pussy, it felt so good and tight. Meg started to move in motion with me so I knew she was feeling better and enjoying her first time cock. Tammy was laying next to Meg as my cock pushed harder and faster inside Meg. Tammy played and kissed Meg’s breast as Meg and I fucked. My load was ready to fill Meg up so I pulled it out and shot my load onto her little tumy and tits. I told Tammy to taste it and put some on her finger to give to Meg. They both tasted the hot cum and enjoyed the taste so much, it was like the were going to fight to see who got the rest of it off Meg’s front.

My cock had a little blood from Meg, so I tld Meg to go clean herself, which she did. I went to the other bathroom and Tammy followed me, she want to know if I was going to fuck her too. I told her sure, I wouldn’t leave her without getting her share. I wiped my cock off and told her to suck my cock. Tammy got on it with her mouth taking it all deep into her throat and my cock begin to get it second wind. we moved into Meg’s room that was right next to the bathroom Meg was in. It was a cute room for a 16 year old, Meg had all her little dolls out and her young boys band poster on the walls.

Tammy laid down on Meg’s bed and I placed myself over her like I did Meg. It seemed Tammy wasn’t as tight as Meg, so I asked her if she had been fucked by a guy before, she said no that she used her hand and fingers to play with herself. I pushed my cock head into her pussy and she begin to moan. Meg entered the room and sat on the side of the bed next to Tammy Meg started kissing Tammy’s lips. I told Tammy to turn around and get on her hands and knees. I told Meg to watch because this is another way to fuck the young boys. I slid my cock into Tammy’s pussy from behind and rubbed her asshole with my finger. I told Tammy that she was going to fell my finger in her ass. Meg watched with delight and took her hand and stuck it between her own legs. Meg was fingering her pussy with everything she had. Tammy and I were moving faster and faster. Her ass was so smooth and tight. Tammy said she was going to cum and wanted me to cum with her, I fucked her harder and harder, Tammy was cumming and I pulled out my cock and unloaded my juices on her ass and back. Meg moved over to Tammy’s ass and started licking the cum off her ass, then Meg and Tammy laid next to each other and Meg let Tammy taste my cum.

I got off Meg bed and left them laying there and went in to the living room to get my clothes. I wasn’t sure what to say to them, but I thought what a day. Young pussy at it’s finest. Meg and Tammy came into the room. I told them I really enjoyed teaching them and hope they learned something. Meg said “we sure did and we hope to learn more from you”.

The weekend went by and I hoped it would never had to come to an end. Meg, Tammy, and I had more lessons during the parents weekend away.

Monday morning as I was leaving for work, Bob came over to thank me for watching over the girls. I said no problem they were very good girls and he didn’t have anything to worry about.
As I turned away Meg came out to go to to school and I waved at her, she winked back and waved with a smile on her face.

If Bob and Ann only knew how close “I watched over the girls”.
Can’t wait for there next weekend away. Cock stays hard just thinking about it.

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