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New neighbor

My neighbor next door sold his duplex and a early 50s woman name Sandra bought it. She was about 5’6 blondish grey hair chubby. Her tits were a nice huge and perky and a nice plump round ass. She was doing some additions to the house and yard work when we first met. She was wearing a low cut tank top and some yoga pants while she was working. Every time she bent over I got a glimpse of her tits. She was wearing some sort of skimpy panties couldn’t really tell but it was nice to look at when she bent over. Man they’re nice thinking of all that just makes me horny.

She asked me if I could put a light socket in over the washer and dryer one afternoon. So I went and grabbed my tools and walked over to her house. Walked in and went down stairs to put the light socket and switch in. After I was done I was admiring my work and was looking at all the floor boards. There was a hole in one of them that went to her room. I herd her footsteps walk back to her room. Being curious George I didn’t stop i was hoping to see a show. She walked over the hole and was getting dressed so she was completely naked. It was so hot to be a peeping tom the chances of me getting caught were really exciting.

Over the next couple weeks I helped her a few times and every time I would be in a situation where I would catch a peek of her in one way or another. I’d go home and all horned up jack off sometimes. Mainly just hope to get a chance to show her mine. After she was done with all her home improvements and got settled in I was in my backyard doing a little landscaping. It was a beautiful day to work outside. She was sitting in her backbyard just relaxing and having a drink. I caught her looking at me a few times. I didn’t pay any attention to it at first but the way she was sitting was a little unusual. He hand was in between her legs. I thought ibwas mistaken but it looked like she was playing with her pussy. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress. Looked to be a very light material. Tight around the top to make her tits look great. I would hear an occasional moan I eventually asked her if she was alright to with she would reply oh yes I am great. Once I finished up she asked if I wanted a cold beer. I walked over and had a beer with her. She was sexy in her dress. She had been drinking for a while now so the conversation was a bit more on the sexual side.

She walked inside to grab more beer for us and thats when I saw her ass under her dress. She turned around and asked if she could make me a drink something a little more stronger then just beer. I said sure she came back out and when she walked down the stairs a breeze came by and blew her dress up and I got to see the whole 9 yards. She didn’t even skip a beat she just kept on walking down the stairs. She sat down with the tray of drinks. She said well now you’ve seen mine its only fair that I see yours. I almost spit out my drink and said really ? She said only if your into sharing. So i unbuckled my belt undid my pants and pulled out my half hard cock. Her eyes were glued to it. She said i like how smooth it looks and your head is nice and fat.

She said full disclosure…. i been watching you all day and you’ve made me so horny that I have fingered myself a few times. I told her i figured she was thats why I took my shirt off. To tease me she said . Yeah I’ve been watching you since you moved in full disclosure… she smiled and said that she hoped I was and thats why she would dress the way she did she said i knew what I was doing. She looked at me and started to get out of her chair. I didnt know what she was doing exactly but she knelt in between my legs and started to play with my cock. I asked her what she planned on doing. She made eye contact with me grabed my cock at the base opened her mouth and swallowed it all while looking at me. When she got it all the way in she gagged and her eyes started to water. Then pulled it out and it was glistening with her spit. She gasped and said that wasn’t easy. She said she was holding back her gag when I touched the back of her throat. She said she wanted more.

As she was sucking my cock more aggressively I held the back of her head. Forcing my cock in deeper and deeper. Not to brag but my cock is just about 8 inches and pretty thick she was taking it all the was down. I just layed my head back and enjoyed every second of it. She pulled it out and asked if I wanted to go inside. Hell yeah I said we walked into her house and I followed her into her bedroom. She layed on the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy was fat shaved and soaken wet. I got down on my knees and went face first into her pussy. Her hand on the back of my head gringing her pussy into my face. Moaning and groaning saying oh my god I haven been touched like this ever. It wast before long til I felt her pussy gush out some cum. Her body shook and trembled as she came. I got up and put my cock on her clit rubbed it around. She said she’s never had a cock this big to be gentle. As i slid it in she gasped and and gripped the bed spread. I slid it all the way in she was moaning really loud and intensely almost screaming that she was gonna cum. As i started to fuck her I looked down and see my cock covered in her cum. I asked her if she was ok and she said yeah not to stop. Her pussy was gripping my cock as it slid in and out all the way. She said she wanted to try to take it doggy style.

So we got up i pulled my jeans all the way off and helped her with her dress. Her tits flopped down. They were huge i say atheist a G cup. Her nipples were dark red with decent sized areolas. I gave them both some attention and sucked on them like they were her clit. She loved it she said she loved having her nipples sucked. She pulled away and got on all fours on the bed. Her pussy was dripping. I got down and gave it a good lick from her clit to her ass hole. She turned around and said she liked that ibdidnt stop at her ass and kept on going. Oh yeah ? I said you like anal ? She said she did but she was gonna have to practice up to handle my cock. I shoved it in her pussy and she melted into the bed. I told her her pussy was so good i wasn’t gonna be able to handle this position for to long.

I gripped her hips and kept a slow but steady motion thrusting harder when i got all the way in. I put the tip of my thumb on her ass hole and it drover her crazy. She couldn’t take too much either she was cumming uncontrollabley and my cock was covered in her cum. Her body was shivering and shaking harder each time I thrust in and out. I felt my cum starting to build up. I asked her where she wanted me to cum. She said go all the way babe im fixed. Two or three more pumps and i exploded huge shots of my cum into her pussy. I pulled it out and one last shot landed accros her ass cheeks. Cum was oozing out of her pussy she was pushing it out.

I was spent i layed down next to her. She started to finger herself as i watched her she said she wanted to see how my cum tasted. As she pulled her hand up to her lips and licked them clean. She said I tasted good and next time she wanted to take it all in her mouth.

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