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Randolph Calls Anne And Sharon

Randolph called Anne and Sharon to a meeting at his school.
He told the girls he needed their help promoting the school and recruiting students at a porn expo. He said the exposition is held in old movie theater in Atlanta. He said it is now a Adult theater and swingers club. Many porn industry exhibitors will be there selling services and products. Randolph said he needs the girls to recruit and sign up students. All expenses paid. He asked the girls if they wanted their own room? Unaminously the girls replied,”NO.”
Randolph smiled. He is their Master. However they love him more.
He told them the dates and they would leave Friday after Sharon gets off work at 3PM. Anne will meet Sharon at her house and they will meet Randolph at his school. When the girls arrived at the school they loaded baggage into his old classic Cadillac Limo.

Randolph has a set of school uniforms for the girls. The jackets are black with his school logo. The girls names are sewn on the upper left pocket under the logo. The shortened black, red plaid school girl style skirts with black thigh high stockings. A pair of black shiny low heel shoes to match. Each girl were issued white short sleeve button shirts. Also he gave them a black velvet choker gold medallion with a message. “To Sharon or To Anne With Love, Randolph.” The girls kissed him. On the front is a “black spade” with a large letter “Q” on the spade. The “Q” is for Queen. The spade is another word for the Black man. The woman wearing this is open to relationships with Black men. They also have matching earrings and bracelets. The girls changed into the uniforms. Neither Anne or Sharon wear panties or bras. They will attract people to sign up with Randolph.

Randolph and the girls arrived at the theater at 7PM. Randolph and the girls brought their displays and boxes of applications to the tables. They set up everything within minutes. Anne and Sharon went get coffee and food for all of them.

I am 23 years of age. I graduated with a degree in computer technology with AI.

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