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Next Door Neighbor

I first saw her when I was on my way home and had stopped to light a cigarette. Oh, she was cute: she had dark brown hair, big beautiful brown eyes, a cute face, full lips, and tanned skin the color of caramel, and the sweetest little body.
She had a pretty smile, and I noticed she lived next door. I’m such a terrible judge of age, but I figured that she was at least 11 or 12 (she had breasts for Heaven’s sakes). I imagined her small Caramel tits were as soft as dumplings and as sweet as candy!!! Her name was Tessa.
Over time, I sort of got to know her. It’s really unimportant…it was leading up to something quite exciting and knew for me, and all I should say really is that her mom was usually drunk or something and could care less.
One day, I had her come over when my parents weren’t home. I hid a videocamera in the bedroom to capture this little adventure. This was going to be fun.
She wore this white t-shirt, blue pleated skirt, and white tennis shoes. God, am I a sucker for the uniform of the schoolgirl. Oh, well. We sat in my room and talked for a little bit. She got up to look at something and, tiring of this little game, I got up and slapped her bottom.
Shocked, she turned around and I grabbed her around the waist and locked my lips with hers. Tessa didn’t resist. I then threw her on the bed.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“Be quiet,” I said putting my finger to my lip.
I got on top of her and began kissing her some more. My hand went to one of her soft, silky thighs and her hair smelled like pure heaven.
I lifted her shirt, and licked and kissed her stomach (tummy is such a cute word), and began to take it off.
“Wait…I don’t think…”
Before she could finish, I flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her skirt off rather harshly. She wore these pretty, magenta colored panties that made her ass look sooo good, and without hesitation, I began to fondle and kiss it. She moaned and seemed in disbelief. I grabbed her plump warm cunt from behind, through her underwear.
I slipped them off and smelled them…she had definately been turned on. I just wanted to bury my face in them…she was just so beautiful and sexy. I began spanking her and stroking and squeezing her cunt at the same time.
“Oh, god…yes,” she whined, burying her face in the pillow. She cried out and came hard, making the sheets wet.
I grabbed her gently by the hair and lowered her off the bed and onto the floor. I removed her shirt, and her white training bra. I buried my face in it…it was such a turn on!! I removed my pants.
“You’re old enough to know what to do.”
For fun, I made her crawl on her hands and knees before she was to do what I wanted.
“No,” she whispered.
I grabbed her by the spot where her neck meets her shoulder and she cried out and got on her knees. ‘Lick it,’ I said. She did and then put it in her mouth. She sucked so good, and I felt my knees buckle slightly. I placed my hands on her head and she did it so good, and I thrust it in and out of her mouth and she nearly choked. I came and she gagged, but I made her swallow.
She had tears in her eyes, and I made her get under the bed covers. I slid down, and began kissing the front of her pussy, stroking her downy pubic hair.
“Oh…please don’t,” she panted. She became moist and thrust her hips as I opened her tight pussy and slid my tongue in. It tasted like honey, and I was horny as fuck…hot, black, and creamy.
“Oh, god…don’t, please,” she cried out.
I then slid back on top, and kissed her and fondled her cute little tits. I rested my head on them, and her skin was sooo soft and nice. Without warning, I entered her and she nearly screamed…not entirely of pain, though. Tessa was so tight, I nearly couldn’t get it in.
“Ouch, ow..oh, fuck…shit, please stop,” she whined, nearly sobbing. “Don’t stop…”
I spermed her like a rocket, and she was even louder. Not satisfied, I made her suck me again…and ejaculated in her mouth again. I then kissed and played with her feet, and she giggled, tears in her eyes. Hard once again…the sight of her sweet Caramel body, the warm feel of her, playing with her feet was what did it…I turned her onto her stomach and lubed myself and entered her tight, fat little butt (she was skinny but her ass was kinda big). She squealed and loudly cried into the pillow, and I came within a minute as I slapped it.
She bled somewhat, and was quietly exhausted. I made her take a shower with me and sent her home.

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