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Sexy Black

What up peepz? My name is Marlon Carter. I’m a 17-year-old black male with a bangin body (I work out) and some damn good looks. I’m 6’7 250 lbs of raw and sexual power.

I deliver pizzas for a place called Vinnies Pizza Palace. My customers adore me cause I’m an all around nice guy. I’m respectable, kind and funny as hell.

Today started out usual: wake up, shower, dress, and go to work around 12 noon. I’ve been workin for a couple hours when I get a delivery in this ritzy part of town. I bring the pizza to the house and this woman greets me at the door, I must say DAMN! She looked to be at least 35 years old, tan skin, brown hair with blonde streaks and some brown eyes. “Here’s your pizza Mrs…” “That’s Ms. Sloan. I’m a divorcee.”

“My bad, sorry bout that, that’ll be 10.50.”

I can feel her lookin at me, kinda checkin me out. So I decided to act on it. “Is somethin wrong Ms. Sloan?” she jumped out of her trance and said “No cutie, here’s a 20$ keep the change.”

I turned around and hopped back into the car, and went back to work. Around 5 I got ready to leave when Dana, a co-worker, said “Ms. Sloan called and said she wanted u to comeback, she said she wanted to talk to you.” “Thanx D, see ya lata.”

I pulled up to her house and knocked on her door. She answered the door and she looked fine as hell! “Come in….” “Marlon, she was wearing a cutoff, sleeveless top, and some tight baby blue shorts, and mini socks.” was something wrong Ms. Sloan?” “Please don’t call me Ms. Sloan, call me Leila, and no nothing was wrong, I just wanted to apologize for staring at you like I did earlier today. Its just that I haven’t had a man in so long and your very good looking.” “Thanks, Leila, that’s nice of u to say.” As soon as I got that out she said “take me to my room and fuck me Marlon.” Now what kind of man would I be if I didn’t give her what she asked?

I picked her up by her small waist and carried her up stairs to her room, kissing her all the way up. I laid her on the bed and ripped of my tank top while she was unbuckling my shorts. I pulled off her shirt to reveal 2 C cup tits lookin at me. I started massaging and sucking on them while she pulled off her shorts. She was wearing a blue thong that was soaked in pussy juice. I pushed her back on the bed and dropped me shorts and boxers when my 10 ½ inch dick flopped into her veiw. “O-o my god!” she hollered, “that’s fuckin incredible! How big?” “10 and ½” I said with pride. She grabbed it and tried to swallow the whole thing but chocked a lil bit. After ten minutes I pulled out of her mouth, pulled out my magnum, and rolled it on. “Oh god fuck me hard.” I pushed into her wet pussy and proceeded to rip her apart with my big gun. She was moaning so loud, that I thought the neighbors would call the cops, so I kissed her while we fucked. I pounded her pussy missionary for 20 minutes when she said, “Do my ass like a fuckin dog.” I turned her on her back and lubed up my dick. She spread her ass and let me in her backdoor. I pushed a lil at first, not wanting to hurt her, but she said “Ram the black piece into my ass hard!” she’s done this before, so I slammed it into her ass with all my strength and did so for 30 minutes. She had cum at least 7 times before I shot out my first 1. After a minute after her last orgasm I yelled “I’m gunna cum!” and she said, “Hold it.” I pulled out she ripped off the condom and sucked my dick until I blew in her mouth. I came so hard that I thought it was gonna go through the back of her neck, but she swallowed every drop. I laid on her bed and fell asleep with her for about 2 hours when she woke me up. “Marlon, thanx for the great fuck, when can I call you?” I handed her my cell number and home number. Before I left I said” thanx for the great tip Leila. Call us again very soon.”

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