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The Butterfly

Rhonda felt hot and sexy the whole day. She decided to do herself a favor and buy a toy. There was a video store in town where she always buys ‘those’ things. Rhonda walked to the bus stop, the #19 line that goes to the train station. She took the East Hampton train to the edge of the city then caught another bus to go into downtown then walked to the little ‘toy’ store and video retailer. She’s known the owner quite well, so she asked what she could recommend. She told Rhonda about the Butterfly and the young woman said she would try it.

She left the store with her new toy in the bag. To get back to the town where she lives, she had to do the ten-minute walk back to the bus stop, take the bus to the train station, the long train ride, still another bus and then the walk to her house. Still feeling very horny she smiled as an idea crossed her mind. “Why not try the toy here? Nobody would see it and it sure would be cool riding the train all that way with THIS little thing going between my cunny lips.” The train finally arrived at the station. Rhonda stepped up into the car and walked down to the aisle to a seat. The train pulled away from the station. Once it was moving Rhonda left her seat to go to the toilet. Rather than her typical blue jeans and blouse, Rhonda wore a long skirt. She quickly removed her panties and strapped on the new appliance. She smiled as she felt how wet she was already. The little toy had a remote speed control, which she could hold through the fabric of her skirt since there was no pocket. She put her panties back in place. Back in her seat where she sat alone, her right hand holding the control.

Rhonda switched on her new toy. “Mmmm, it feeeeels soooooooooo niiiiiice,” she thought as it started to vibrate slowly on low speed. She looked out of the window but gradually began to look inside the train car for others. It was early afternoon and the train was not very crowded. There is a two-seat space at the near end of the car then several quad-seats, small cubicles of 4 seats. On the other side the seating is staggered. It begins with the 2 seats at the FAR end of the car and several more quad- seats. Rhonda was still alone in her quad. She felt quite safe and slid the speed control higher. “Gaaawd, it feels soooo goooood,” she told herself, as it hummed on her vagina, against her inner petals and clit.” Rhonda closed her eyes to be able to enjoy it undistracted. She rolled the little knob forward on the control turning the speed a notch higher. She felt very aroused by then and knew it wouldn’t take much more to make her cum all over that little latex butterfly flapping it’s wings in her middle!!

The train made a most unusual stop at a rarely used station. A younger woman, perhaps 26 years old, came on board and sat across from Rhonda reading a newspaper. Rhonda became nervous and dropped the control between her legs! “Thank goodness, I’m wearing a long skirt,” she thought to herself, “so nobody can see it!” Knowing that she was no longer alone, her arousal diminished. But not for long. The butterfly was still vibrating on her clit and without the remote control, she couldn’t turn it off. She tried to concentrate on other things, but the more she tried, the more she felt it hum and vibrate between her legs. The other woman was still reading her newspaper. Rhonda felt the heat rise from between her legs, up her tummy to her chest, felt her face blush slightly. “Gaaawd, I feel so embarrassed and exited at the same time!” she thought. Suddenly she felt her legs tremble. She felt the building pressure she knew so well, rising in her and she just couldn’t suppress it! She tried to control the movements of her hips and legs but she couldn’t hold them still completely. She began slowly rubbing her legs against each other as she closed her eyes and turned her face to the window again. The butterfly vibrated without mercy on her cunt lips and clit. She began breathing faster and tried to suppress her moans.

Rhonda felt the waves arrive. The first one was small, just indicating that she was about to cum. A second later came the next, then the 3rd and the next and next, each one pushing her farther and farther over edge. She tried to hold it back…. She didn’t want to cum in the train in front of this young woman, “I’m sure she’ll make some remark,” Rhonda thought. But the longer she tried to hold back, the higher the edge of the cliff became. She felt as if she were falling, falling past that ever-rising cliff…. the waves were pressing on her! Rhonda opened her eyes and saw the younger girl mirrored in the window and looking at HER! That’s when she lost the fight completely. Her legs began jerking, twitching slightly as her cum soaked her new little toy, her underpanties and her skirt. The younger woman was smiling. She licked her lips as she watched Rhonda’s apparently not so quiet orgasm. As it faded, the train rolled into the station. The young woman stood up, holding her newspaper and looked down at Rhonda. She smiled. Rhonda smiled back weakly, looking up at her face. The girl bent down, kissed Rhonda on her lips. She caressed the artist’s face with one hand while they kissed, sooo passionately … soooo HOT! Her other hand reached down between Rhonda’s ankles to snap off the remote control.

“OOOohhhhhhh… gaaaaawd…” Rhonda sighed out as the vibrating stopped. “Thank you, hon,” Rhonda told her.

She whispered into Rhonda’s ear, “You’re welcome, dear! I’ve ALWAYS wondered what I look like when I make myself cum riding the train. Thank you sweetie,” she told Rhonda and placed her newspaper on her lap. She walked away quickly. Rhonda reached under her skirt to feel over herself and the new toy. She left the train on weak legs then stood waiting for the bus home. She opens the girl’s newspaper in the bus and a note fell onto the floor. She picked it up and saw her name and phone number written on it.

The moment Rhonda arrived home she dialed the number.
“Hi my name is Rhonda. We met on the train earlier…!”
“Oh hello! I’m so happy you called. I am Jenna.”

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