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My first

After a few drinks and a few hours they found themselves in his bedroom. Jeff
looked in to her eyes and said, “I love you.” They sat side by side on his bed as he
continues to speak ” you are on of the most beautiful lady I’ve ever known.” She
smiles and leans in to kiss him.

The two join in a hot embrace his hand quickly moves down to her hot succulent passion. His eyes widened as he felt her bare wet cunt; as he went down to eat her, he faces her pantiless wet pussy. It was the prettiest cunt he had ever seen. Thick and curly in the shape of a perfect “V.”

She laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide “Eat me now baby” in a flash he
was down on his knees, drinking her sweet love passion. He loved the smell of a hot
wet cunt. He was addicted to it. Jeff buried his mouth on the dripping wet cunt.
She had the best tasting pussy he had ever had, and he was joyed to be eating it.
He fingered and ate her like she was a ripe melon, her juices made it seem like she

He would look up from time to see the joyous look upon her face. Her back
arched as she came so very hard, her wetness covered his mouth. She had pealed
off her shirt and unhooked the lacy black bra that held her magnificent breasts.
Her breasts now fully exposed. She played with them as he ate her wet fuck hole.
Jeff could tell she was almost to cum.

Her breathing became heavier until finally she cried out as she reached orgasm. Her body quivered as she came again, and her legs convulsed, “Eat me raw Jeff,” she said to him. His tongue was lapping her sweet passionate Juices faster and harder. A low growl cam from inside her body and he knew she was about to explode. She grabbed his hair and tore at it while she reached the explosion of orgasms. She felt a huge burst of juice flow from her cunt, as she screamed out in pleasure.

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