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Portnoy Family

The burning cigarette landed right on her navel. Minnie screamed. Rufus jumped. Minnie went tearing out of the bushes where she had been industriously stuffing pyracantha berries in her reproductive organ. Rufus stared at the nude figure as she raced by. “Toss a cig in a bush around the Portnoy house, and no telling what will happen,” he mused. Rufus was captain of the high school wrestling team, and he was here to wrestle Emmaline Portnoy, the 18 year old, 149 pound, 5’10’, Amazonian daughter of Emma Lou Portnoy. The rest of the team had bet $200 that he wouldn’t set up a match with her. Well his honor was at stake, Emmaline had agreed, and here he was to fight the most athletic gal in the school. He knocked once on the kitchen screen door, and then entered. The first thing he noticed was Manny, Minnie’s 11 year old twin brother, sticking his stiff dick into a piece of raw, red liver. Just as he was absorbing this unusual phenomenon, Emma Lou herself rushed into the kitchen.
“Manny, don’t get any cum on that liver; we’re having it for dinner,” she ordered. “Hi, Rufus, Emmaline and the rest of the family are waiting for you in the barn.”
The trio then walked to the barn, and saw Emmaline trying her moves on Jug, her 16 year old brother.
“Take off your clothes, Rufus,” she directed when she saw him enter. “I’m not messing with a bunch of loose clothes.”
Emmaline led the way by quickly stripping naked. As it was hot in the barn the rest of the Portnoy family quickly followed suit, and then sprawled out on the two huge blankets that they brought with them. Rufus shrugged and stripped.
“You know the rules?” He asked Emmaline.
“Fuck the rules,” she snarled back. She began to circle around Rufus thinking “wow this dude is a nice piece of meat. Tan, washboard tummy, nice legs, great smooth chest, just like me as a matter of fact; only he’s got a prick and no big tits.”

Suddenly Emmaline bent over, and charged Rufus. Caught unaware he thought he had been struck by a cannonball when her head drove into his belly. He gasped, and toppled over backwards with Emmaline following him down. The resulting crash shook the whole barn. The spectators cheered except for Minnie who had found a chicken egg, and was busily inserting it into her vagina. When she had it all the way in she turned to Manny, and said, “hey Manny, fuck me.”
Manny who had been toying with his own sexual appendage, turned and showed his willingness by knocking Minnie over, and falling on top of her. He quickly grabbed his pecker, and roughly jammed it into Minnie’s’ little twat. He rammed her twice and then suddenly stopped.
“What the fuck’s goin’ on?” he inquired with a puzzled look on his face. He put his prick in reverse, and rapidly withdrew. His tender young tool was covered with raw egg, and was a yellow, dripping mess.
“Ma, she got my cock all eggy,” he whined running over to Emma Lou. Emma put the end of her dress around his penis, and started to wipe him off.

Meanwhile Emmaline was desperately trying to pin Rufus to the barn floor. She had his arms over his head and was trying to hold him down. Rufus had to break free, not just to win the match, but to keep from suffocating. Her cantaloupe sized knockers where mashed into his face. Finally he broke one arm free, and managed to roll Emmaline over. They grappled, bodies slipping against each other, as the barn heat made them sweat profusely.

Emma Lou, fearful that Emmaline might lose, devised a plan which she whispered into Jug’s ear. Jug nodded approvingly. Emma Lou bent over her son, and started to suck his rapidly rising cock. One of her hands dropped down and started to mess around in her hairy pussy.
“Make noise so he hears us,” she whispered to Jug.
Jug complied immediately. “Oh, yes, mom. Suck me, suck me, that feels so good. Ahhhh, ahhhh.”
“I love fucking with you, you fucking sexy son of mine,” responded Emma Lou with obvious passion.
Jug was very hard now, and his mother leaped on him, impaling his dick in her pleasure hole. Rufus and Emmaline were making a lot of grunts of their own as they rolled and grabbed each other. She was literally walking on her hands now as Jug stood, and held her legs up in the air, one on each shoulder. Her puss was right in his face, but he ignored it, choosing to look over her muscular butt. He was distracted by some noises, and wanted to see what was going on. His eyes nearly burst from his head when he saw Emmaline’s mother riding back and forth on top of Jug. Emmaline was still an attractive woman at 36, taught and trim, and able to thrust down on a cock like a 20 year old.

Rufus felt his dick stiffen. Suddenly Emmaline’s sweaty pussy two inches from his face became very interesting. He quickly reduced the two inch distance to zero. He dove into her muff, and began some serious tongue work on her sex. Emmaline, however, was still in wrestling mode, and while it was always a treat to have someone’s face in her box, she wasn’t about to quit. Propping herself on one hand she reached up with her free arm, and pulled hard on Rufus’s engorged member. Rufus toppled, and the two rolled over and over until they bumped up against Emmaline’s mother and brother. Emmaline and Rufus were holding each other tightly. She could feel Rufus’s prick pressing against her stomach.
“I give up. I give up,” yelped Rufus, as his sexual instincts took over, and he locked his mouth against Emmaline’s. She reached down, grabbed his cock, and stuffed it inside of her. Rufus pushed down against her, and muscles straining the two athletes pulled their bodies together in a vice like grip. Her pussy clamped down on him, and he moaned with the exquisite pleasure of fucking this unbelievable woman. He pulled loose a bit, and
began to seriously hump the body beneath him. Emmaline’s hips moved and pulsed with his thrusts. He knew he was going to cum in about ten more strokes. Suddenly there was a strong tap on his shoulder, and he looked up to see Emma Lou.

“My turn,” she said. She stood behind him, and, grabbing him under each arm pit, she pulled him free of Emmaline. Before he new what had happened, he was on his back with Emma Lou on top of him. Jug, lacking a partner, took Rufus’s place on top of Emmaline. “Hi, big sister,” he smiled as he started pumping into Emmaline’s now well lubricated snatch.
“Ah, my dear, delightful fucker of a brother,” Emmaline sighed, happy to once again be humped by her 16 year old sibling. Brother and sister knew each other’s bodies intimately. Jug wiggled his prong from side to side and moved it slowly in and out, a move that made Emmaline so excited that her breasts were beginning to turn red. Her nipples were erect, and she rubbed them to add to her passion. Jug now experienced a new sensation. His balls were being played with. He looked to his side and saw that his 11 year old sister Minnie, lying on her back, had scooted between his thighs, and was now licking his balls. To add to the chain Manny was between Minnie’s legs sticking as many fingers as possible into Minnie’s bare twat.

Emmaline’s mother was now whooping in ecstasy as she shoved her furry sex down hard on Rufus’s pole. Her butt clenched, and her thigh muscles strained as she pounded away working toward a climax. Rufus was lying in a spread eagle position, just enjoying Emma Lou’s ever more forceful pounding.
“If I pound you hard enough maybe your dick will come out my mouth,” she cried. Rufus was so turned on that he felt he had to indulge in one of his favorite fantasies. He pushed Emma Lou off, and commanded her to get on all fours. Looking at her wonderfully round butt cheeks, he began to spread them, and finally inserted his dripping prick into her ass. It felt so good, and so tight that he had to do all sorts of mental tricks to keep from immediately filling her asshole with cum.

The entire barn was now filled with the sounds of fucking: the slap slap of flesh, and the grunts and cries of the participants. Jug had his arms under Emmaline’s arm pits, and was pulling her tight against his body as he mercilessly drove his cock into her moist sex pit. Her body thrust upward to meet his strokes.
“Fuck me, fuck me harder, Jug,” screamed Emmaline. Her frenzied appeal so aroused Rufus that he drove harder and harder into Emmaline’s ass. He thought he was tearing her apart inside, but she just egged him on further. The two women were out of control, yelling, crying, pleading to finally be brought off. And then it happened. Sweaty, muscular bodies buckling and twisting the foursome let out tremendous cries as they all exploded at the same. Even Minnie was tossing in ecstasy as Manny’s fingers brought his twin to a climax.

All four adults lay exhausted on the barn floor. Finally one by one they got to their feet, and prepared to leave. As they went out the door, Rufus said to Emmaline, “Well you won that one, but I want a return match.”
“No problem,” responded Emmaline as she exited the barn, and shut the door behind her.

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