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Robert, the very shy 20 year old in my college english class is 5’7″, brown hair, green eyes. I guess because of his shyness and that he always looks at the floor when he talks, he is categorized as a “dork”. I guess you could also say I am more in the “in-crowd” and shouldnt even look at him, much less talk to him. Well, what made me really develop a crush on Robert was when he was talking to one of his friends. He took off his glasses and smiled. A few of the buttons on his shirt werent buttoned, so I got a little peek of his chest–which made me weak in the knees, literally! Within a few weeks I finally get him to talk to me and help me with the homework even though I really didnt need the help. I loved his smile and the way he laughed–when he did.
On a very nice, humid spring day, I invited Robert over to my place to help me wash my car. He said he would, which was all I wanted to hear!! After I sprayed him with the water hose a couple times, he finally took off his shirt and I guess you could say I just gawked at his body!! He has a really Nice body, but you’d never know it unless he actually wore a shirt that wasnt long sleeved. Glad he didnt notice! After a while, we went into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat and as he stood next to the counter, I strolled over to him and rubbed my body to his as I kissed him. He didnt kiss me back as I had expected, instead he somewhat pushed me away, looked at his feet and said “um….sorry” as he headed for the door. DAMN!!!!! I thought to myself as I somewhat smiled as he drove away.
For that next week in class he seemed to avoid me, but I realllllllly wanted to get into his pants since he does have a sexy body!
Well, by Thursday afternoon, I waited for him by his car..(okay, okay, so I was somewhat out of view, but you dont need to know that.) Finally, 20 minutes later he came out and as he pulled out his keys, I rushed him and pinned him between me and his car. Before he knew what hit him I kissed him deeply and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Apparently Robert was lost in lust because he didnt struggle, even after I pulled his shirt off and undid his pants. Within seconds my mouth was over his semi-rock hard dick and he breathed out “oh my god” in surprise. He didnt know where to put his hands so he scratched at his car until I sucked him off. Before he could recover, I opened his back passenger side door and shoved him in. “ow” he somewhat laughed as he hit his head on the stuff piled in his backseat. I quickly pulled off my shirt and tossed them towards him. My 36B breasts were Very perky and as I jumped on top of him, they bounced off his chest. I caressed his stomach as I hungrily kissed him. To my surprise he kissed me back and helped me out of my jeans as well. I moaned with pleasure as he teased my very wet pussy with his fingers. He stuck two fingers deep up inside me as I nibbled his ear. “I want you inside me…Please Robbie, fuck me” I breathlessly whispered. With that, he fumbled for his cock and circled my hot pussy with it before he slowly shoved it inside me. I moaned out loud with pleasure as he started up his motion. I kissed him again before I came. He came within seconds after me. Finally, I let him recover before I felt for his nipple ring. Ooooh how that made me hot again!
Lets just say that Robert doesnt look at the floor anymore when he talks. My friends still think he’s a dork, but he’s a good fuck and we fuck all the time and he does have a WONDerFUL body and a great sense of humor, so its all good.

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