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Fun on the beach.

At last, I’d finally persuaded my new wife, Tina, to join me on a naturist beach I had been visiting for several years before we’d met. The two hour journey to the beach was filled with the kind of questions you’d expect from someone a little nervous at stripping off in public for the first time. But she insisted she still wanted to go, to see what it was like, on the understanding that she could wear her bikini if she wanted to.

Being almost 5 foot 10 inches tall, with long golden hair and a very curvy figure, she looked stunning in a bikini so I had no problem with that. I’d still be stripping off!

So, on our arrival I made my way to my favourite part of the long sandy beach, just under some small sand dunes. It was mid-morning and there were only about 20 people on the beach, even though the weather man had forecast clear skies, the gentlest of breezes and a temperature nudging 75F. Of the 20, around 8 were women and the rest men – all naked and ages ranging from late teens to mid-thirties, so we were probably the oldest on the beach at that time.

Having put our towels down, I quickly stripped off and lay down watching Tina take her off her white blouse and jeans to reveal her white bikini. She looked at me nervously and said that she wouldn’t take it off – just yet…

She lay down beside me and whispered to me not to get turned on, especially with all this very visible naked flesh. We both casually looked around and I saw a couple, probably in their early twenties cuddling up to each other in the spoons position only 20 yards away. They were facing us and it soon became clear that they were fucking. The aroused look on the woman’s face gave the game away, and it wasn’t long before my wife also realised what was going on and watched mesmerized as the woman lifted one leg up to show that he was clearly fucking her. She then started to rub her pussy lips, her moans becoming ever louder until she shuddered to an orgasm, biting her lips to stop herself from screaming out loud. Within seconds her lover stopped thrusting and obviously spunked deep inside her sopping wet cunt.

They lay together for about a minute before they separated and the woman stood up. They spoke briefly and then the woman turned and walked slowly towards us. As she did so, my wife asked if I could see the guys spunk oozing out of the woman’s sopping wet cunt. The woman seemed to enjoy the fact we could see it, as she walked past and said “Hi there. It looks like you enjoyed the show”, pointing at my hard and pulsating cock.

Before I could answer Tina said “We both did!” The woman then carried on walking up the beach. Tina immediately turned to me and removed her bikini, showing me her wet cunt lips and said “Let’s fuck!” Never one to refuse, I said OK, but she said “Not here. Let’s go in to the dunes”.

So we walked in to the nearby dunes, carrying a towel with us. Tina spotted some large bushes and taking me by the hand, she threw the towel down and lay on her back. I looked around and, seeing nobody else, lay beside her and began to kiss her, allowing my right hand to caress her firm C cup breasts.

I then allowed my hand to run down Tina’s body until I found her moist slit and slipped two fingers inside her, causing her to moan gently. I then removed my fingers and started to explore her slit until I found her clitty and she gave out a loud gasp. As she did this I suddenly realised there was a man, in his late thirties, watching from behind the hedge and obviously wanking furiously. He even winked at me! I stopped briefly, unsure what to do and Tina asked what was wrong. I said “Nothing. I just want to fuck you, right now!”

So she reached down and began to tickle my cock to full hardness and then turned on her side and whispered “Fuck me from behind.” As it was my favourite position, I wasn’t about to complain and pushed my erection between the cheeks of her arse and found her sopping wet cunt. With one thrust I was inside her hot, moist cunt.

At this point, I looked over the hedge to see the guy that was hiding had now stood up and had his circumcised cock in his hand. Tina still hadn’t seen him at this point, as she was busy on building up to her orgasm. “Faster, faster” she pleaded with me as I thrust hard and deep in to her.

I whispered that someone could come along at any time and she said “I don’t care. Just fuck me!” It was then that the couple we had seen earlier came in to view along the path, only five yards away. They were still naked and smiling, with the guy having a large erection gently bobbing up and down.

Tina froze momentarily but I just kept on thrusting and then she suddenly exploded in her orgasm. She cried out and then went quiet as she realised where she was. Just then the guy that had been hiding came in to view and stood over Tina and carried on wanking, as I continued to fuck her.

He then shouted that he was cumming. He dropped to his knees and shot his load in three large spurts over Tina’s tits. The other woman then dropped to her knees, grabbed his cock and thrust it in to her mouth, sucking noisily, whilst fondling his balls. She squeezed every last drop from his cock, opened her mouth and showed us her tongue covered in his spunk and promptly swallowed every last drop.

This was just too much for me and I emptied my own balls deep in to my wife’s hot and soaking cunt. I quickly withdrew from her cunt and stood up and offered my cock to the other woman to lick. She didn’t need to be asked twice and eagerly licked off Tina’s juices before squeezing the last few drops of my spunk out on to her tongue and swallowed it, with a very satisfied look on her face.

She then quickly turned to her husband and started sucking his cock, whilst wanking it in to her mouth. Encouraged by Tina who had started to stroke the guys arse, he shouted he was cumming, pulled his cock out and shot his load into her hair and over her cheeks. She ran her hands and fingers over her face, collecting all the spunk before licking her fingers clean.

Grinning from ear to ear, we walked back to our clothes on the main beach and continued to sunbathe, as my spunk trickled slowly out of Tina’s cunt.

Whilst she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, sadly this is the only time that we’ve been to a naturist beach. I am hoping that we’ll go again this year. If we do, I’ll let you know what happens.

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