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The Nurse

Standing in front of my mirror I realized I did not look too bad for a thirty-five-year-old woman who had not been laid in nearly two years. I zipped up my uniform dress, adjusted my white thigh high stockings. I hate wearing pantyhose they are so restricting. Never have I worn underwear, because I think the body needs to breathe. My hair was always my biggest problem when getting ready for work. I have always been proud of my hair it reaches my waist in long soft natural curls of dark strawberry blonde. Wrapping it up into a bun was difficult, but possible. Today I thought I would do with a change and used two white sticks to hold it in place. Looking again I checked my face for wrinkles as I do every day thinking some magical wrinkle fairy will take any signs of aging away. Giggling to myself I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.

Lillyview Medical Center was only a twenty minute drive and I had thirty minutes to get there and on my floor. Every day I hope there will be a new patient that is not old, or senile. Someone I could actually talk to about how they felt and be able to help him or her. Most of my patients were comatose or very combative. My nerves cannot take it I thought. I am in need of some serious sexual tension release. In these times you can never be too careful, most men are just out to get laid and move on. Wanting someone that will enjoy and appreciate me. I am not bad looking five feet seven, large breasts, and slim waist leading into full hips. Not a tiny woman but a woman that was built for a lover’s enjoyment. Laughing out at how ludicrous that sounds.

I made it just in the nick of time Doug the second shift nurse spotted me, “There you are Red, and you cut this close every day.”

Smiling back and patted him on the shoulder, “So who do I take the report from tonight?”

“You get me. Now doesn’t that just make your night?”, Doug was laughing as he handed me a pad of paper and pen. “You won’t need to write much it has been a slow night. They discharged six patients today so we are working on half-staff. You have one patient, male, age 42; patient is in for hip surgery. His vitals are stable; able to get up and around, but has some pain when he does. He is married, but I think the relationship is strained, she dropped him off and said to call if he needs anything else.” Doug lifted an eyebrow with concern, “You know how I hate that kind of shit, and she is one cold hearted acting bitch. You know how it affects someone when separated from family and it is strained. This patient is very sullen, it would be great if you could put a smile on his face.”

“Ok, got it. You forgot one thing Doug! What is his name?” I laughed at him; Doug was always giving such long details but forgets the most obvious. You could not ask for a better nurse than him though. I would put my life in his hands anytime. Hell if he isn’t gay, I would put more than my life in his hands.

“Sorry Red, his name is Sam. Umm Samuel North room 415, private room” He patted my back and walked away. Damn I though he has a better sway when he walks than I do. Smiling I walked to my new patients room. I could not have been happier to have one that would talk back to me. Walking into his room I noticed his light was on. “Hello Mr. North, my name is Rachel and I will be your nurse tonight.” I looked at him so I could catch what kind of mood he was in and meet with the most amazing hazel eyes. He was a handsome man with strong rugged features.

He smiled at me saying, “Please call me Sam. Mr. North is my father.” His smile lit up his face making his eyes sparkle. “I never knew nurses’ could be so pretty. Usually I get one in her sixties and very stern. This is a pleasure.”

I am not sure why but for the first time in ages I began to blush. “Thank you I think. I need to take your vital signs and check you out. Is that ok with you?”

“Yes a ma’am that is all right by me.” He had such a devilish grin on his face I could not help but laugh, in turn he laughed too. This is a good sign I thought to myself. When I finished, I decided to pull up a chair and go over his chart to see if there was anything he needed.

“So you can’t sleep tonight?” He shook his head telling me he was having a problem sleeping. “Is it the pain keeping you awake?” Again he shook his head no, this time looking away. “Mr. Ahhh Sam, if there is anything you need to talk about, or that I can help you with or to feel more comfortable all you need to do is tell me. I am all yours tonight, there is no other patient for me to check on so I can give you a bit more attention.” He looked at me as if he wanted to say something and stopped. I put my hand on his arm “You can tell me anything. There is nothing I have not heard before, OK?”

He began to talk, saying so much in such a little amount of time. It was as if he had a heavy load on his mind and the dam broke. Sam spoke slowly, “I did not want to come into the hospital three days before surgery it was my wife’s idea. Actually she insisted that I came in. I really think she is fucking around on me and wanted time to play with her new man. You see Rachel, she has been changing every year becoming more cold toward me.” He turned his head looking out the window barely whispering “I am not sure I love my wife anymore. She has totally rejected me in every way. She hates my job, and the only time I see her smile is when I am leaving.”

Being the curious woman, I am. I asked, “What do you do for a living Sam? I am gathering it takes you away from home a lot?”.

He paused to gather his thoughts. “A Truck Driver who makes long haul trips for a week or more at a time. She makes me feel so alone at times. For instance when she dropped me off at seven, this morning Helen could not wait to get the hell out of here.” Holding his hand as he continued. “She told me to quit either my job or she would never sleep with me again. That Rachel, was a year ago. No sex in a year, someone has to work Helen sure as hell won’t get a job.” Taking in a deep breath, he continued. “Helen is the type of woman that has to have her way or she throws a tantrum. Now she makes excuses that she cannot make love to me because of my hip. Maybe if she did not lay there like a dead fish and did a little of the work I would not have pain.” There was a lot of anguish in his voice. A man who has been deprived of his wife, sexual pleasures and now to have surgery without support here. I asked him if he wanted a soda to drink he said yes. I left to get both of us one, this man really needed to talk. He must have kept this all bottled inside, which is not a good thing if going into surgery. It was good to have him get it out of his system.

Returning with two sodas, “I don’t want to keep you if you are busy Rachel. I am sorry I have been rattling on.” Reassuring him that he was my only patient and I was his nurse only.

Smiling down into his handsome face, “I am all yours tonight.” He smiled back a very different type of smile, leaving my core tingling.

He took a deep breath and started to talk again. “Rachel, I have not talked to a woman like this in years. It feels so good to get this all out. I wish I had met you a long time ago. I am going to be open and honest with you. If it gets to be too much, or I am being to forward please tell me as I do not want to offend you.” I agreed telling him I was sure he could not offend me. He sat up on the side of the bed with my help, declining any medication to help him sleep. ” We need to be eyes to eye when we talk.” There was that smile again touching me at my very core.

Sam began talking again this time he put his hand on my leg as if to make a point. Reading body language has become second nature to me. “Rachel, you have been so kind and patient with me. Helen moved into the guest’s bedroom eight months ago. You have no idea how much I long to have a woman’s naked body against me. Feeling a woman’s velvety moistness, teasing her pleasure button until she quakes in my arms. Watching as she arches her back when she wants me deeper inside her tight, hot love hole. The simplest thoughts of being passionately kissed by a sensual mouth leaves a sadness knowing it isn’t going to happen.” He faded off staring into my eyes.

I felt my face flush and the moistness between my legs. Sam leaned toward me without thought. I leaned into him kissing him passionately, tongues dancing together. He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and a slight moan escaped my mouth. My God it had been a long time. I felt his hand slide up my skirt parting my legs gently as he found my wet hot love hole. It was his turn to moan “You are so wet and tight.” Standing up I began to walk to the door of his room when he started saying, “Rachel, please forgive! Don’t leave I promise not to touch you again. Please I am so very sorry.” Stopping at the door only to lock it tight.

Telling him “Do not to apologize it was my duty to make sure all your needs were met to the best of my ability. If it eases your pain to touch my pussy, I must let you do it.” Giving him a sly wicked smile as I laid him down on the bed. I untied his gown and removed it, massaging his body from head to toe. Slipping my shoes off and got up on the bed. Sam surprised me by running his hands up my thighs pushing my dress to my waist exposing my shaved pussy the cool air felt nice. He reached up and unzipped my dress down to expose my sheer bra running his thumbs over my already straining tight nipples. “Oh yes, what a beautiful site to see such a voluptuous woman on top of me.”

“Sam, I am going to show you that you can have hot sex even if your hip is hurting. This is not going to hurt one bit I promise you.” I took his hands off me and put them at his sides trapping them with my thighs. He smiled up at me as I pulled out the sticks from my hair and it fell down my back. Leaning forward I kissed him deeply allowing my tongue to taste his. Nibbling my way across his shoulder, to capture one of his nipples in my mouth. Sam groaned, his cock hard and throbbing against my stomach. I was kissing and nibbling my way down his stomach to his eagerly awaiting manhood licked the tip already dripping with pre cum. Opening my mouth slowly looking into his eyes as I lowered my full lips onto his cock. Sam’s agony at the lack of pleasure. Feeling the thrill of being sucked in his hospital bed.

With his hands free he pulled my head from his sweet hot cock saying, “Please, I need to cum in your tight little pussy. It has been so long since I felt the pleasure of a hot woman.” To prove his point his fingers found my cleft taking his middle finger, he inserted it deep inside of my dripping hole. “I can see you need it as badly as I do. Come on Rachel don’t make me beg you to ride me. You know that pretty little cunt of yours wants some big cock in it.” He smiled and flicked my clit with his thumb making me shudder. I don’t know who were more hot Sam or I. I mounted him slowly his cock was so big I felt it stretching the walls of my inner core. Little by little I buried his thick nine-inch piece of hot throbbing meat deep inside my burning core.

My thighs grabbed at his hips stabilizing him so the pain was small. Knowing he was feeling no pain at all right now. Slowly I began to rise and fall as his hands grabbed my ass moving me up and down faster. I let him control my movements trying to convince myself I was doing this for him. When in reality I was doing this for myself. Sam was a very handsome, hot and passionate man. Feeling my passion raise telling him “Oh God Sam, I am going to cum all over your huge fucking cock.”

“That’s it Rachel let it go baby. Let me feel your sweet body cum for me.” I began wave after wave of orgasm. Feeling my love muscles clenching tightly against his cock each time. My back arched, and I began trembling from head to toe. That is when he did something I have never felt before. Sam started rubbing my clit as I came making the orgasm last longer and build higher. Feeling his balls tighten against my ass, “I am going to shoot you full of cum Rachel. I am going to fill that sweet, hot, tight hole with my juice! Oh God here it comes.” Hearing him talk and knowing he was cumming made me build and cum again together we reached a peak, together after so long we reached release.

When finished I got off of Sam and tongue bathed him clean. Going to his private bathroom I cleaned myself up and brought him a warm wash clothe and cleaned him more. Helping him put his gown back on he smiled at me, “Rachel, please tell me this is not the only time I will know your body.”

I kissed him passionately, “No Sam this won’t be the last time. You might think about getting a rehab nurse to come to your home daily after surgery.”

He grinned “You know I think you are right. It may take me a very long time to heal.” I winked and left the room but not before writing down my home number and address.

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