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Steamy Sex – Part 1

Walking through the entrance to the pool it seemed just like any other day but things were about to change.

My name is Lee I’m 18 years old, 6′ 1 with dark brown hair and deep green eyes, although I’m not the fittest of guys I still have the slight definition of a six-pack and am quite proud of my body and 9 inch dick.

I got changed as usual and headed out to the pool side, there was a lot of people there today with plenty of kids playing with their pool toys and shooting down the slide.
I looked around to see if there was anybody I knew and saw the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on.

She was about 20 years old and although I didn’t really go for the older woman this was an exception, about 5′ 11 (I like my women tall), great long legs, lovely big 36 DD tits and a round firm arse. She was wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen which could barely keep in her heaving breasts and for some reason she didn’t look very happy so I made it my business to make her feel better.

Feeling brave I jumped in and swam under water all the way up to where she was sitting on the pool side.

“HI!” I shouted as I jumped up splashing water all over her. She didn’t look too impressed and gave off a shriek, she was just about to have a go at me when our eyes locked, and you could see that the attraction was instant it was lust at first sight.

“Oh, hello” She said smiling slightly

“I’m Sorry” I said “I didn’t mean to scare you”

“I wasn’t scared, just a little surprised” She explained as she slipped down into the water beside me.

We got talking and I found out that her name was Rachel and that the reason that she wasn’t very happy was that her boyfriend had just cheated on her with her best friend and she had caught them at it in the back of his car.

“That’s terrible” I said, when what I was really thinking was “YESSSS! COME ON THEN”

“I feel really low at the moment and you are being really sweet to me” she said. This is when I began to think that I was really in with a chance here and started to lay on the charm.

When she had climbed in and sat next to me the water had made her breasts float and my eyes kept drifting to look at them while we were talking I thought that she had noticed a few times but she never said anything, this time however my eyes lingered just a second too long and she had caught me.

“Do you like them?” she asked

“Hmm, What, Sorry?” I said slightly distracted

“Do you like my tits?” she asked again “It’s just that you keep looking at them”

“Oh I’m sorry” I began

“No No No” she interrupted “It’s fine really; actually it’s quite a compliment”. Feeling it was now OK I looked down again to see that her nipples had become hard and were visible through the fabric of the bikini, I smiled and looked up to see her leaning in for a kiss, I certainly wasn’t going to resist and let our mouths engulf each other for us to massage each others with our own tongues.

Rachel then reached down into my shorts and took hold of my nearly rock hard dick. I felt a bit reluctant at first about doing it here in front of all these people but then I just let it go, she was massaging my dick better that anyone had before and I though I had better return the favour so I reached down to move aside the edge of her bikini and started to tease her pussy lips, she let out a slight moan of pleasure.

We broke off the kiss and just sat there staring at each other by now we were both pretty hot and excited, I leaned over and whispered in her ear

“How about we go somewhere where we can be alone?”

“I know just the place” She said and grabbed my hand and yanked me out of the pool.

I didn’t notice where we were going because I was busy trying to hide my erection from the rest of the people in the pool but she still pulled me along until we got to a room which said on the door ‘Steam Room’ she led me inside.

“Perfect” She said “nobody else here, lock the door” I did so and as I turned round she poured some water onto the hot rocks in the middle of the room and steam started to rise.

I approached Rachel and started to kiss her again, we started to touch each other all over our bodies and I could feel my dick pressing against her, I reached round and undid the strings to her top. It dropped off releasing her breasts, you could tell that she wasn’t ashamed of them because there were no white marks where she had left it on while sunbathing.

I took my mouth away from hers and started to kiss her neck, she moaned each time my lips touched her bare skin. I slowly moved down to her breasts cupping one in my hand and kissing her nipple, her groans started to get louder as I teased her nipples with my tongue.

I moved down again to her belly kissing and feeling it all over and then made the final move; I slowly peeled away her soaking panties and stared in wonder at her neatly trimmed bush.

“I want to feel your tongue inside me Lee” she groaned “Please Lick Me!”

Saying that she sat down on some towels on the floor and spread her long toned legs revealing to me her glistening pussy, she took hold of the back of my head and pulled me down in-between her thighs.

I drew my tongue right across her crack, delighting in the juices being excreted; the groans were definitely getting louder and we were both enjoying the moment. I rolled my tongue around her clit and she arched her back in delight.

“I’m Coming, I’m Coming” she shouted. This just made me go faster as I moved my tongue around inside her and the orgasm took hold as she screamed and her juices filled my mouth. I cleaned her pussy and moved up to give Rachel a kiss so she could taste herself.

“Mmmmm” she said “your turn” she then moved down to my fully erect penis and just stared at it for a second before taking my head into her mouth and massaging it. It was pure bliss, I started to move my hips to get the full length of my dick into her mouth for more pleasure, she licked my shaft all the way up and down again and then continued to suck it. I was moaning with delight as I felt my orgasm begin to reach the top, finally I blew my hot load into Rachel’s mouth and she greedily drank it down savouring every last drop.

This time she kissed me so I could taste my self, as we kissed she began to work on getting my dick hard again and pretty soon it was rock.

“I want to feel you inside me” she ordered “Fuck me Lee!” I positioned my hips and began to tease her by lightly probing her lips. She groaned like she wanted more and I then rammed my whole length into her until it was fully buried, she screamed with delight.

“Harder! Harder!” she yelled, at this point I slowed right down, gently slipping it in and out of her but I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard.

“Please fuck me harder” she begged. So I turned her over so she was on all fours and started to fuck her from behind as fast as I could go, we were both moaning loudly. We were both on the brink of orgasm and as I continued to pump we both came at the same time her juices spilling all over us and mine filling her hole full.

We collapsed on the floor exhausted and just laid there for a while wrapped up in each others arms. Eventually we had to get up as someone was knocking on the door and shouting at us, we quickly grabbed some towels and wrapped them round us. We unlocked the door and smiled politely as we walked past the life guard.

“Why don’t we get changed and head over to my place?” I suggested

“Great” she said “I’ll meet you out front”.

To Be Continued…

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