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Midnight Visitor

It was always there, from my teen years,the re-occuring fantasy of a man in a mask and cape.A ‘Zorro’ fantasy if you will.I would play it out in my head as my fingers played with my pussy.I would achieve a blasting orgasm. Even as I went about my day, I would think about it and my panties would get moist.
One evening I prepared for bed,I showered and put on my silkiest nightie.It was balmy and warm that night, I had some light classical music playing, the room was filled with jasmine incence, and I was filled with a perfect red wine.Between the wine, the shower and the jasmine,I was feeling a bit woosey.Before I lay down I opened the doors to my veranda to catch what may be a vagrant breeze.I lay down on my cool sheets and began to let my mind wander, of course the first thing to come to me was my fantasy, my masked man. I let my fingers trail to my breasts, my nipples, eager in anticitation, were already getting hard.I pinched them and tweaked them until they were warm, I moaned softly against my pillow.I could feel the heat growing between my legs and I felt myself getting wet as I thought about this stranger touching me in ways only he could do.
As I began to lower my hand to my stomach making little circles that would lead to my pussy, I felt another hand on top of mine, and at the same time another over my mouth.My eyes flew open and a small gasp started from my throat, there stood a man, I could see his outline against the candle light. He was dressed all in black, wearing a cape and mask! “Shh, words”, he said,”I will not harm you, I am here only to please.”I could see his dark eyes thru the mask slits as he bent nearer to me, they were warm and I felt no fear. He brought his full lips to mine and slowly teased my tongue with his. He slowly moved down my neck and shoulders, nibbling and kissing as he did.The hand he had held over my mouth was now caressing my breast, I felt my passions growing. He stood up and took my hand to his manhood , which now strained against the sleek material, I could see even in the dim light the outline of it.I heard myself moan “I want you.”
“Not yet my lovely one,” he said , barely audible.He lay down next to me on the sheets, and caressed my whole body, touching and teasing me all over.He kissed my now tense belly and continued working his way down with soft, soft kisses, until he reached my thighs.He gently spread my legs, and continued kissing until he reached my pleasure spot.He swirled his tongue around my clit until I thought I would go crazy! He nibbled and sucked on my pussy until I couldn’t stand it anymore!I grabbed his hair and pushed his face deeper into me and said, “Make me come, oh please,…NOW!” His tongue and lips drove me to the edge, I could feel the familiar heat growing inside me, I thought I would burst! As wave after wave of orgam came, his lips got softer and softer making me cum even more and harder!I never had such intensity! I felt myself begin to drift back to earth as he continued to caress me. Now it was my turn to please him, I reached down and peeled his trousers from him, his erection stood out strong and hard, I licked my lips in anticipation, he rolled over onto his back he arched his back as I pulled the material down to his ankles.I cowered over him as a lioness ready to pounce, I crawled slowly, slowly to his beautiful cock, my lips and tongue so ready for the delightful taste only a man can give.I licked the throbbing shaft from the base to the shiny purple head over and over again,stopping to nibble at the soft skin jsut below the rim.His moans let me know he was enjoying every minute of it.Every other lick from botom to top, I would pop the head of his cock into my mouth and suck on it just a little. This would make him push it into my mouth a bit more each time, until the entirety of it was filling my mouth and in my throat.I began then to move my mouth up and down over the entire length,sucking harder and faster with each motion.He was moving his hips in time with my mouth and his moans became louder and longer with his immenent orgasm.My left hand was cupping his balls and I felt the increasing pressure as he got closer and closer to shooting his swetness into my mouth.His hips tightened and he bucked against my lips, his pleasure was seconds away. He entangled his fingers in my hair not letting me move away as he came down my throat, filling my mouth to overflowing.
He then lay me on my back,and still hard, he parted my pussy and made love to me. He gave me pleasure over and over .Then he lay beside me until I fell asleep, kissing me tenderly. I awoke the next morning, wondering if it had all been a wine induced fantasy, but as I rolled over my senses were filled with his scent still lingering on the bed linens.I knew he had been real, and somehow, one night, he will return to me and again make my fantasy real.

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