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The attic

I was all alone one day, standing in my over-alls, looking at the mess I was about to clean. All the shit that clutters in an attic, man, I was going to be there for awhile. The funny part about the whole day was that I had been thinking about my ex husband, and up there in the attic I found a very old letter he wrote me. I once loved him very much. . . The thought of him passed as I caught a glimpse of myself in the old mirror leaning against the wall. No wonder he cheated on me, I was a wreck. I shrugged it off and started going through chests of clothes. I found a slew of slinky 70’s dresses and shoes. I laughed out loud, because for a split second, I wanted to dress up like this!!! There I was a woman in her mid twenties, wanting to play dress up, how funny. . . I stripped down to nothing and put a silver mini dress on, then stepped into silver thigh high boots. I then took my hair out of the pony tail I always have as a style. I looked good. . .no, I looked fucking hot! I strutted in front of the mirror, being very seductive. That’s just about when it hit me how horny I was. I started fondling my breasts, then rubbing my whole body. I fingered myself, then poked myself in the ass. I watched myself in the mirror the whole time, it was very erotic. I stopped right before I got off, as if to tease myself. I smiled, I wanted some dick, and I wanted it now. I got in my car, wearing the outfit from the attic, and got on the interstate. Would you believe that I drove all the way to Dyer, Indiana to find my ex husband? I sure as hell did! It was Saturday night by the time I got there, and the only person I knew in that piss ant town was his best friend Jake. I called him from the gas station and told him I was in town on business. He said he and Jason were going to some biker bar. He proceeded to tell me that Jason had married his sister two years ago, and he wasn’t going to tell Jason I was in town, but for me to meet them there at the bar. I went there as soon as I hung up the phone. I ordered an Alabama slammer, because that is what I would always drink when Jason took me to the bars in California. Then there he was. . . he walked through the door smiling and joking with Jake. Jake saw me right off the bat and winked. Jason went strait for the pool tables like he always used to. I walked up to the table and laid down 50 cents for the next game. He looked at me and a million emotions came to his face and he turned away. I hadn’t seen this man in almost six years, and we lived a thousand miles apart. He walked away and walked right out of the bar. I ran after him. He was sitting there on his obviously new Harley smoking a cigarette. He asked me what the hell I was doing in his town. Before I could answer he asked me why I was dressed like I was. I just stared at him and told him I wanted some dick. he looked so pissed off! After flicking his cigarette, he got off the bike and grabbed me by the waist. He is very strong, and I weigh all of about 100 pounds, so this was an easy maneuver for him. He pulled me close to his body, and all I could smell was Aspen cologne. . .Fuck, he smelled so good. He sat me on his bike, then I leaned back. My head was on the handle bars and my hair fell past the front tire, all the way to the ground. He wasn’t saying anything, he just looked at me and placed my legs stratling the bike, boots on either side on the foot pegs. He tied my hands behind my head to the handle bars with his bandanna. He kissed my hands softly, then my arms. After that he ran his fingers over my breasts and down to my belly. The whole time just staring me right in the eyes. He put his hands on my knees then spread them apart. . .I was now sprawled across his bike with everything sacred showing!! I was so turned on, and he knew it. He started kissing me everywhere. Then started licking my pussy. I couldn’t get enough of it! Right before I came he stopped and sat on the bike. Pulled that beautiful dick out of his pants and let me have it. It felt so awesome having his dick inside of me and hard!! He pushed and pushed and leaned over me a little, then pushed harder. Just before he completely blew his wad, he reached over and untied my hands, yanked me on top of him and fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked. . .before I even realized it, I was coming all over him, my whole body pulsating. He gave one last hard lunge, and it was all over. He leaned back a little and I got off of him and walked to my car. I drove all the way back home that night, and when I pulled into my driveway, I remembered I had to clean the damn attic.

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