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The Long Haul Flight

I am on a long distance flight to New Zealand and one of the air stewardesses has been giving me the eye all through the flight. We’ve been flying for about eleven hours and virtually all the other passengers are asleep but I need to go to the loo. I get up and make my way to the back of the plane where the toilets are.

I’ve just had time to drop my pants when there’s a quiet knock on the door. I finish what I’m doing, flush the toilet, quickly wash my hands and open the door. Then the afore mentioned stewardess walks in, presses a finger to my lips and closes the door after her.

She then spreads her legs and arms apart and leans over the toilet bowl with her palms flat against the back wall of the toilet. I then unzip her navy skirt and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. Next I pull down her black opaque tights down to her mid thigh. Then I push my left hand down the front of her white satin French knickers until I reach the tangly forest of her pubes. I then rub the top of her vagina with the tip of my middle three fingers as she quietly moans in pleasure. Next I pull her vaginal lips apart with my second and forth fingers and push my middle finger into her sweet gash until I reach her clitoris and the with the tip of my finger I slowly rub her to orgasm which she whispers into her hand so as not to give us away. Once her body has stopped trembling and her orgasm has subsided I pull out my fingers and lick them clean and with my right hand pull her knickers down so that the gusset is just below the tip of her cummy dark brown pubes, unzip my trousers and pull them down along with my boxers.

She then tells me to reach inside the right hand pocket of her jacket where there’s a packet of condoms. I take a condom out, place it on the end of my 6″ and push the full length of my manhood into her vagina. I then reach around with my left hand, undo the buttons of white cotton blouse and pull it open to reveal a pair of 34b breasts encased in white satin lace trimmed bra. I remove the bra and fondle her red rosy nipples between thumb and forefinger of each hand until each one is hard and while I’m doing this I slowly start to fuck her, withdrawing my penis almost fully before burying it back into her. Once her nipples are hard I start to suck her right breast fuck her like my life depended on it. She buries her mouth into her left arm so that her screams of passion are muffled and the only noise to be heard is the squelching noise as my penis enters her penis once more. All to soon and with my mouth wrapped around her right breast sperm explodes into her and our bodies tremble though the last throes of our mutual orgasm.

Then we clean up, get dressed and leave with her going first to pass away the rest of an uneventful flight.

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