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It's a small world after all part 2

When I looked up, the mystery man was gone. Disappointed, I kept walking to my destinantion. On the way back I kept feeling that someone was watching me. I stopped and turned to look and nothing was there. The wind I thought.

My step slowed so I could admire the scenery. After gazing in the woods, I continued my journey. Then as I came to the mystery man’s home. I seen him, it was as if he had planned on me being there. He started toward the street; I stood frozen, fear flooding my mind. I started a faster pace. Then I heard my name…I turned and looked at the man. Looking familiar, I started walking toward him. As I got closer I realized that the man in front of me, was the man in the room. “Sam?” I called. He didn’t have to say a word, I knew it was him.

We embraced and enjoyed a long passionate kiss that we always tell each other we so love much. Sam took my hand and led me into his home. The anticipation, the desire, and the lust had overcome me. We kissed all the way into the bedroom. Each of us undressing each other. We lay nekkid on the bed. I always told Sam that if I’d ever met him, he would be in trouble, for I would surely rock his world. I slowly started kissing my way down to his hard cock. Slowly I started sucking the tip of his cock my hands gently squeezing his balls. Sam moaned as he slid his cock in and out of my hot wet mouth. My pussy was growing wet and swollen. I wanted him to fuck me…I wanted to be taken in everyway imaginable. We made love for hours…so, now, when I chat with my Internet friend, I do it in person…Like it should be.

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