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the road trip of a life time

I just moved here to LA to go to college out here for fashion and design. During a week in April a few of my friends told me about this contest that one of the radio stations were having; weekend getaway with your favorite movie or tv star. Jonathan Jackson filled my head and I couldnt stop thinking about him, making me smile! “Kori! are you going to do it?!?! you have met the guy a couple times, go for it!” as Jensen smiled widely at me, shaking my arm in excitement. “Jen, I have only met him twice–briefly at that” I smiled back shaking my head. Jake walked by and smiled at me because he know what Jensen and Izzy were planning. I looked towards the sky and thought for a moment. Within seconds I yelled “ok! What do I have to do?!?” “YEA!!!!!!!!” Jen and Izzy yelled simultaniously. They gave me the info on what I had to do, I filled out the form and what kind of fantasy getaway I would like to take with Jonathan Jackson. The next day I mailed it in and actually didnt think anything of it because I really didnt think I had a chance.
Everybody on campus knows that I have the Hugest crush on JJ, all the pictures and posters on my wall are of him, I even have a few signed autographs from him. A whole week went by before anything happened. on the 1st of May I got a phone call from his rep. I thought it was a joke but didnt know how to handle it so I just went with it. I was actually quite calm. He told me that I had won the getaway and that that coming weekend Jonathan would be at my dorm room waiting for me. After I hung up, Jake and Jensen came walking in. “Great joke guys! I almost fell for it” Looking confused Jake asked what I was talking about. Which one of you got one of your friends to pretend he was the representative for Jonathan Jackson? “OHMYGOSH!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!” cried out Jensen! she started jumping up and down in excitement. Such a drama queen. lol.
Being that I still thought it was all a cruel joke, I went on with my usual business on Friday, going to classes, work, then hanging out in Jens room. at around 7pm I headed back to my room and pushed open the door. Wide eyed and grinning I saw THE Jonathan Jackson, with his dazzling blue eyes and somewhat shaggy brown hair sitting on my bed, his eyes wandering around the room! I almost fell over in excitement. I was so nervous and ecstatic I didnt know what to do. “kori! wonderful to see you again” he said as he grabbed for my hand. “Jon, you….you remember me?” “kor, how can I not, you bring light in every room you walk into.” with that he kissed my hand then lead me outside to show me the vehicle we would be taking on our roadtrip. “we can leave tonight or tomorrow morning if you wish.” he smiled slightly. “Now” I said “but, we’ll have to go back to get some clothes” He then pointed to the duffel bags in the back seat of the silver-blue ford explorer. “we’re set”.
With that we were off to anywhere we wanted to go! Just the two of us, no rep, no cameras, no friends….Just us. We talked forever that night, everything from school to family to religion even to sexual partners! Being that I love this young man with everything in me, I knew before he told me that he was a virgin. “Jonathan, Im really amazed in more ways then one that you are still ‘pure’. guess you havent found the right one yet, eh?” “its my love for God, Kori, not because of if I have found the right girl or not.” At around one in the morning we pulled over to the side of the road near a lake and made ourselves comfy in the huge SUV. Before I drifted off to sleep, I made a bold move, well, being shy I thought it was bold, and I moved over to Jonathan and kissed him on the lips and touched his chest. Which of course, that made me weak because I never really got to touch his chest, much less kiss him!
In the morning we went to a nearby restaurant that served breakfast. We took a seat in the booth near a window. From underneath the table I touched his knee through his torn jeans, he just smiled. Within a few minutes he went to the back of the restaurant to make a phone call. I wondered who it could be that he was calling so early. I still couldnt believe I was here, with Jonathan Jackson! Well, I finished my breakfast and went out to the car to change my shirt. With my luck, as soon as I got my shirt pulled over my head Jonathan came strolling up. He turned away quickly “Im soo sorry!” I know he got a peek because the bra I was wearing was somewhat see-through. We got back in the car and drove off to the south, I was driving this day. I started getting frustrated because Jonathan was too much of a sweet guy and he wasnt taking any advantage of me! Finally I asked him who he called on the phone this morning, and who he called last night. He didnt answer, he just smiled then looked out the window. As we went into the parking lot for the highway restrooms, I must have been day dreaming because I didnt see the car coming at me. We hit each other head on, but we were only going 10 miles an hour, so the damage wasnt too bad! Luckily there was a car repair shop not too far from us. While the vehicle was in the shop getting fixed, Jonathan took up a bball game with a few people staying in the hotel room next door to us. I sat and watched. The day was so humid, drops of sweat trickled down my face and I was just sitting there!! Oh how I wanted Jon, but I didnt know how to tell him. In the sunlight you could see every sweaty part of him, every muscle! I wanted to cry because it seemed whatever I tried he didnt advance……

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