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The Stranger

We get an evening out of the house. We decide to share our time and go to the movies with another couple. We get there and we have to wait for our theater to finish the previous showing before we can go in so we wait outside. It’s a nice quiet place, not very many people there on a Thursday night. I decide to go upstairs to the restroom as I walk toward the stairs this guy catches my eye. He is walking across the lobby in my general direction but not right at me. The weather around here is getting cooler so he is wearing a jacket. It’s a waist jacket that fits snug over his shoulders and pinches in at the waist, and what a nice set of shoulders he has. Broad, wide, down a nice back to narrow hips. He is dressed cassual in jeans that fit comfortable not skin tight. Sandy blonde hair, clean cut, no beard or mustash. As I walk up the first half of the stairs my back is to him, I know I slowed my walk and wiggle more as I climb the stairs but I could not stop myself. As I got the middle of the stair case there was a 180 turn to continue up the stairs and I can look back down toward him. I blush a little wondering why thoughts of this strange watching me are turning me on, I blush more cause I am pretty sure he noticed me too. With the way I was walking of course he noticed. I go about my business and as I walk back to the top of the stair case I see he has sat down to wait on a bench not far from the foot of the stairs. I take some time to check him out without him seeing me, he is not really tall I’d say about 5’10”, just about perfect. I walk over closer to the rail before heading down the stairs. I know he is watching me and its turning me on. I know my hubby is down there too but, that does not stop my reaction to this stranger, I am dripping wet as I walk back down the stairs careful not to glance in his direction, I walk back over to where my husband and our friends are sitting and start talking to them. I turn slightly as we talk so I can see him still sitting there by himself. He has takes off his jacket and lays it beside him on the bench, his shoulders are as broad as they appeared to be. Finally I watch him stand and start to walk to the theater he will have to come past us I think to myself but just as I get ready watch him walk past my husband and friends stand up and are ready to go into the movie. So I stand and walk with them into the theater, he is behind me again the whole way. I imagine him watching my hips sway under this over sized silk shirt of hubbies that I have borrowed. We sit down and he ends up somewhere behind us. I don’t know if it was a row or 20 rows but it did not matter I knew he was back there with his eyes glued to me. I snuggled up with hubby all though the movie but, when it was over and we got up to walk out I found my eyes scanning the theater for this stranger. There he is just walking out the front door, I hurry to catch up with him, leaving the others in my group behind. I followed him across the street to the parking garage. He hears me and slowly turned around he was surprised to see it was me but, I could tell he knew who I was, good! So he had been watching me on the stairs. He held out his hand and I took it as he pulled me up against the side of a truck. He tucked me between him and the truck his legs straddling though mine, his thigh pressing and rubbing against my mound as our lips teased and tasted each others. Arms wrapped around each other, holding close. Then I felt his hand go to my pants and open the zipper slipping them down around my ankels. He pulled me away from the truck and turned me around. Holding my hips he let me lean forward to rest against the truck but he made me keep my feet back and apart, or at least as far apart as the pants wrapped around my ankles would let me. He slipped two fingers up in side and felt how wet I was for him. Sliding his fingers in and out a few times rubbing my clit at the same time with his thumb. Then he opened his pants and let his hard cock out to play. I saw just a bit of it before he was behind me rubbing it up and down my slit. I felt the big thick head seperate my lips, I leaned over farther, allowing him more room to do what he wanted. I felt him push himself forward driving deep inside me. I very wet but also very tight, I had not had sex in the last week for one reason or another, I wanted this so bad. I pushed back on to him more, helping him drive deeper up inside of me. Then we got that rythem going and it did not take long, we exploded together, I came all over his hard cock feeling myself move and squeeze every last drop out of him. I felt his head swell up buried inside me as he erupted. With that he pulled out, did up his pants I reached down and lifted mine back up over my hips. I walked back over to the back parking lot and waited for the others, a smile on my lips.

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