What Will I Do To You

I will:

I will book a room at a hotel on the ground floor near to the entrance.
Tie you to the bed by your legs and arms and blindfold you.
Then I will gradually strip your clothes off cutting and ripping them where necessary.
I will get baby oil and massage it all over you until you are slippery, glistening and relaxed.
I will then let you lie there in suspense for a while in anticipation.

You will hear me draw the curtains, including the nets and turn all the lights on so that anyone
entering the hotel can see you spread-eagled on the bed.

I will then play with your clit and cunt lips until you are dripping wet and begging for my Cock.

Still with the blindfold on I will untie you and take you to a chair right in front of the window.
You will suck my Cock until I am ready to spunk on your face and in your mouth.

You will sit in the chair with my spunk on your face, tits and in your hair until I recover.

I will then stand you up and bend you over the windowsill ready to enter your dripping wet cunt.
I will fuck you and pull your arms back so that your gorgeous tits are pushed forward for all to see.
You will at this time still be blindfolded not knowing if anyone can see or not.

Just as I am about to come I will let your arms go but you must stay with those glorious tits pushed out.

I will tell you to remove the blindfold just before we are both about to come and there you will be looking out at the entrance of the hotel in full throes of orgasm not knowing if anyone is watching or not.

I will spunk in your lovely cunt like I have never spunked before and you will have the biggest orgasm of your life making as much noise as possible.

With just a little time to recover we will go to the restaurant for dinner. No shower and you dressed in just a thin summer dress, no underwear or anything else. I will play with you at the table and spread your legs wide so that anybody that is looking can see what I am doing and how wet it is making you.

I will then have you all over again in our room as desert, again with curtains open in full view but without the blindfold.

Would you like that my Horny Gorgeous Ex?

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