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right door better ending

It was Friday after noon I had gotten off work early. Went to eat some lunch and head home for the weekend. Kind-of boring but i had hopes of hooking up and sucking some cock. Had been thinking about it all week I wish I had my personal phone so I could look up some videos. I had only had my work phone and they had access to it when ever they want. So being that I don’t want my personal business out in my career I keep my personal phone at home.

Anyway I ate lunch and went home. I wasnt in the house 30 seconds and I herd my phone in my bedroom beeping. I took my shoes off and walked in to my bedroom. I had 3 missed calls and 6 texts from Rick.

1st text … hey boy you wanna come over and play …

2nd text… well that sucks I was hopping to hear back from you

3rd text … maybe this will help

4th text … a picture of his cock freshly shaved

5th text … if you want I’m home all day and would love for you to come over

6th text … can’t wait to trade cum again

I was excited to play again with Rick. I was really looking forward to sucking his cock and licking his balls. I was already rock hard thinking about it. I didn’t text him back just got into the shower. I shaved my balls and all round made it clean. Put on those icey white panties some gym shorts and a tank top. Grabbed my phone and there was another text from him.

Text… I’m gonna take a nap the door is open CUM in when you’re ready!

It drove me nuts to think of Rick laying in bed buck naked with his dick out. I quickly ran out to my car and drove over there. He’s only a few blocks away from where I live so it wasn’t long before I was walking into his appartment. I tried to be as quiet as I could I wanted to wake him up with his cock in my mouth slurpping and sucking away. I took off my shorts and tank top and walked back to find his bedroom. I walked in to see him sleeping naked with his cock in his had. Soft and not at all hard. I knelt down on the side of his bed and started to lick around his fat head. The feeling of his cock getting harder in my mouth was exciting. I was already hard as a rock these little panties were tight and the bulge of my cock was way to big to fit in there. Once his cock was fully erect thats when the fun started.

I started to pound the back of my throat and gag on it. I was too busy slobbering over his entire cock that I didn’t even notice him awake. I felt his had pushed down on the back of my head and hold it tight. He counted to 15 and let me up. The feeling of his cock sliding out of my throat almost made me cum. He said hey there buddy and slapped his dick on my face a few times. This is a really good way to wake up from a nap if you ask me. I smiled and licked all over his cock paying special attention to his fat head. God he had a nice cock. I loved watch it glistening with my spit as I stroked him and sucked him more. With his head tilted back I could tell he loved it too. Bobbing up and down and and out of my throat he was truly enjoying it.

He said he wanted to see what i was wearing. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood up for Rick and showed him the panties he gave me last time. With my rock hard cock hanging out the side of em. He rolled over grabed it and started to suck on it. I almost came right away but held it back. I asked him if daddy liked what he saw ? He said yes boy now get back over here and suck me. I got right down like he said and sucked his dick. He said that this was the best. I felt his hand grasp my cock and start to stroak it. I told him to be careful because I was on the verge of cumming. He said thats fine I want you to cum on my cock then you can clean it all up.

I got up and started to jack off over his cock. He was stroaking it for me occasionally id spit on his cock to help lube it up for him. It didn’t take long before I got that feeling if pure pleasure. I told him i was close he said cum on me boy! My body started to shake as I shot 4 very big loads onto his cock. I sat beside him playing with his cum covered cock. He said are you gonna clean up your mess? Then grabbed the back of me head and shoved it down to his cock. Rubbing my face in all my cum. He said suck it up boy. I started to lick all my cum up and rub his cock. It didn’t taste to bad to be honest I actually liked it. He layed back as i put his cock into my mouth slurping and gagging on him. He moaned and grasped the back of my head guiding my mouth on and off of it. He was breathing deeper and deeper i could tell he was getting close. He sat up and started to jack off into my mouth. He spewed alot of cum onto my tongue. I showed him before i swallowed. It was sweater then mine but there was alot more than mine.

I got dressed and told him I’m not busy all weekend if he wanted to play more to text me. He grabbed my cock and said he wouldn’t hesitate. I couldnt wait for him to call. I gave his cock a reminder of what I want so I was sure to get the call then I left

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