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Chubby sexy bartender

I have had a crush on this bartender at this neighborhood bar since I saw her. I never said anything to her because I was in a relationship and didnt want to fuck up what I had. About a month goes by and my relationship took a turn for the worst. She and I split up and went our separate ways. Better off if you ask me she was a lazy fuck and didnt like doing anything different

So I thought about it and figured why not and try to talk to Zoe. She was a little chubby but on the good side. Big big big ass tities and a nice round ass. Every time I’d go to the bar I’d just imagine what kind of panties or what color and if her bra matched and just everything kinky or sexy I could think. I have fantasized about fuckin her and eating her pussy and basically doing what ever she wanted. Anyway I was hungry and went down to the bar for lunch and she was working. I bellied up to the bar said hey to Zoe.

She walked over to me with a menu. I ordered food and a pop. It was busy at all she looked like she didnt wanna be there. Since it wasn’t busy she hung out at the end of the bar I was sitting. We chatted and talked about plans for the weekend. She said her boyfriend broke up over a fight they had. I told her it was probably nothing and I’m sure he’ll come crawling back to you in no time. She said she didnt want him. He had cheated on her a few times and she just really realized that he was never gonna change. She said he is who he is and I am who I am I cant be in a relationship like that it’s way too toxic. So I asked her when does she get off. She said why are you asking me out? I said absolutely not I was just making conversation. She had a look on her face like she didnt know whether i was serious or just being sarcastic. I laughed and said actually I was just being nosey is all. But if you would like to go out and grab something to eat or a drink or two i said i was game for that. She said i was her last customer and she knew of a cool patio a little ways away. Well that’s if your up for it. I said hell yeah box my food up in a to go order and I’ll meet you there.

I got there and sat out on the patio ordered a beer and just played in my head what’s gonna happen. I’m a guy so definitely wanted to fuck. She was 5’7 chubby with beyond huge natural tits. At least a double e. Perfect round ass and hips. Her legs were so sexy and can only imagine what her pussy looks like. Out of no where I feel someone tickle the back of my neck as I flinched and turned around there she was so fuckin sexy. She stood there with a smile. She said you like that. I said yep sure did. She sat down and we sat there and talked for hours.

We settled up our tab and headed out. We walked to her car and she asked me what I was gonna do. I said it was time for dinner since I didnt eat my lunch. She said come to my house and I’ll make you something. I said ok so I walked to my truck and followed her home. On the way home I had so much built up anticipation I was really looking forward to actually getting to fuck her.

we get back to her house and starts making something I have no ideas what it is bit it smells really good. She set the table and told me it was ready I walked out to the kitchen and sat down and we ate. We had wine with dinner and after the we drank it all she opened another one. I told her I had enough I still need to drive. She says nothing and pours me a whole glass.

As the conversation went on she got more and more comfortable. First her sweater came off and she had a tank top on no bra. Then she went and got her pjs on witch consisted of the same tank top and some little shorts. Her ass was round big and really nice. I could see the silhouette of it and it was fat looks really tasty. We polish off that bottle of wine and she goes and puts the empty bottle in the kitchen. When she come back in she sits close to me on the couch. Looks me in the eyes and says I wanna kiss you so bad. She leans in closer and plants a kiss on me. Her hands probe my chest and slide down to my now rock hard cock. My hands traveled a little but too. On to her thigh and and up her shorts. Her ass was soft and smooth like she had never grown hair. She pushed me back and took off her top and let her tits out.

My god they were nice. Perky round her areolas were a medium sized by her actual nipples were like the dots candy and pierced. She got down in between my legs and started unbuckling my belt and sliding my pants off. She pulled my boxers off along with my pants and my cock stood at attention. With her eyes wide open she had a big ol smile on her face saying oh my god! She opened her mouth wide and tried to take it all the way in. I layed my head back and just let her do her thing. Before I knw it she was bobbing up and down on my cock. Slurping and gagging on my cock. She stood up and said my turn.

She bent over onto the couch and told me to take her shorts off. I slid them off her perfect round ass to reveal a sheer pink thong. With my mouth watering I spread her ass cheeks and put my mouth in between her ass hole and her pussy. She let out a giant sigh and a quiver. As I was licking her ass and pussy I watched her ass get covered in goosebumps. She pulled her panties off and demanded I shoved my cock in her. I gathered up some spit and spewed it in to her pussy then got to my knees and shoved it all the way in. She grasped the pillows on the couch and let out a huge scream of pleasure. Almost like she’s never been fucked before. As the pace got more and more turned up she was throwing it back at me wanting more and more every time. Her ass jiggling with every thrust in and out. I looked down and saw my cock covered in her hot sticky cum.

She had me pull out so she could lay on her back. Her body was chubby and sexy as hell. Her pussy had a thick little line of hair from the top of her clit. I played with her pussy a bit rubbing the head of my cock in between her lips up and down. She begged me to slide it in as I did some cum of hers squirted out on to the base of my cock. While I was fuckin her I couldn’t believe this was happening I couldn’t stop thinking about Ann the times I jerked off thinking about doing this. It was everything I ever imagined plus more. Her pussy was so soft and dripping wet. I could feel her cum dripping down the side of my balls and the insides of my legs. I felt the cum start to build up so I told her I was getting close. She moans out cum with me …. cum with me! I could hold it back anymore so I let loose in her pussy shooting a hot thick load all in her pussy. Her body started to shake her hands grasped the cushions her back arched and her face into the pillows of the couch. As I pulled out both of us shook and quivered. A thick goup of cum came out and dripped on to the floor.

Satisfied we sat there for a minute didn’t say a word to eachother just stared at eachother. She say up and grabbed my dick and cleaned it off. After that she looked at me and said I can’t waste any I love the taste of cum as she fingered herself to get more cum on her hand and lick it up.

We both got dressed watched some TV and eventually fell asleep. This was the best sex I have ever had.

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