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The full moon yawns. It’s light, luminecent in the mistyvbcrlf night. I travel it’s path upon the breath of the wind. I enter yourvbcrlf room in a whisper. I pause beside your bed. The covers like wavesvbcrlf crest apon your sprawling form, receding from the shores of your skin,vbcrlf exposing your naked chest and right thigh . Should I disturb yourvbcrlf peaceful sleep, or depart? Ah but the sight of you fill me withvbcrlf desire that takes control of me. I must touch your soft skin andvbcrlf caress your smooth lips. I kneel on the bed beside you. With onevbcrlf swift move I swirl my black cape about us, shrouding us in darkness,vbcrlf as in a dream.vbcrlfvbcrlf So sweetly you stir from the movement of the cloth. Your bluevbcrlf eyes sparkle with recognition. Slowly you move to untie the string ofvbcrlf my cape. You pull, and it cascades to the floor. Your hands about myvbcrlf shoulders, your lips upon mine, and my body fills with warmth.vbcrlfvbcrlf Your fingers trace the edge of my garment from the shoulder overvbcrlf each breast to the waist where you undo the one button. Then withvbcrlf your hands beneith the cloth you move your hands up, over each breast,vbcrlf pausing but a second at the nipples, then to the shoulders and down myvbcrlf arms. The garment falls to join the cape. Your lips upon my neckvbcrlf send a quiver through my body, but I gently push you back.vbcrlfvbcrlf You look quizically at me. I smile. Then I undo the blackvbcrlf bandana about my hair letting it fall to my shoulders. With it stillvbcrlf in hand I untie the four leather throngs about my waist.vbcrlfvbcrlf As I blindfold your eyes. I kiss your lips long and lovingly.vbcrlf Then I caress your neck, your shoulder, and down your left arm to yourvbcrlf wrist. Gently I bind your wrist to the bed post kissing the palm, thenvbcrlf tracing each finger with my tongue, warming them with my mouth. Ivbcrlf find your waiting lips again and repeat my ritual down the right arm.vbcrlfvbcrlf I feel your body respond as I run my fingers through the fieldvbcrlf of hair on your chest and circle your nipples. Then I move my handsvbcrlf slowly over the warm soft skin of your sides to the ridge of yourvbcrlf pelvic bone. There I trace the curve with my warm tongue to yourvbcrlf inner thigh nibbling on the fleshy inner skin of your left leg. Ivbcrlf continue down the leg with my hands to your ankle. Gently I tie thevbcrlf ankle to the footpost of the bed, then caress the arch of your foot,vbcrlf kissing it deeply. You jerk slightly from ticklishness, and I treatvbcrlf each toe with the same loving care I did your fingers. Again I findvbcrlf your waiting lips, then your right pelvic curve, then down to where Ivbcrlf tie the right ankle. When done I sit back on my knees between thevbcrlf spreed legs with my hands on your thighs. I smile…….vbcrlfvbcrlf From within the pocket of my garment I retreive a small bottlevbcrlf of scented, sweetened oil. Applying some to my hands I start at yourvbcrlf knees and gently rub upward, across the abdomen, up to the middle ofvbcrlf your chest, where the field of hair is thickest. Then swirling myvbcrlf hands down across your stomach, down your abdomen again, and aroundvbcrlf the junction of your leg and pelivis, down through your legs. Ivbcrlf circle each soft pouch and with a feathery touch lightly trace linesvbcrlf between them. You moan.vbcrlfvbcrlf I then let my tongue follow the paths my hands just roamed,vbcrlf nibbling along your sides, following an imaginary line around yourvbcrlf thighs to under those soft and now sweetly scented pouches. Each onevbcrlf feeling a light flick of the tongue as I pass under and around.vbcrlfvbcrlf My tongue works circles around the final destination, gettingvbcrlf closer with each turn till finally it meets and swirls around as ifvbcrlf following the lines on a peppermint stick. Ahhh so sweet you taste, Ivbcrlf take your candy in my mouth. I can feel your delight as I enjoy thevbcrlf sweetness, and my hand lightly draws lines and circles through yourvbcrlf hair and around your pouches. As your enjoyment peeks….I stop. Youvbcrlf plea for more..”Don’t stop now, you utter..” Ahh but torture is sweet.vbcrlf I smile, and then get off the bed and attend to your straining hands.vbcrlf Teasing each finger with the same intensity, hightening yourvbcrlf anticipation……….vbcrlfvbcrlf I continue to nibble your fingers, then draw the skin of yourvbcrlf palm as deep into my mouth as I can. I let my tongue travel your lifevbcrlf vein up your arm, pausing to inhale your natural oder and nibble yourvbcrlf skin. Again the tongue follows it’s path across the shoulders, up thevbcrlf neck, around the ear, down the jaw line, on to your lips that greetvbcrlf mine with a fire, and you whisper for me to finish. Then across thevbcrlf colar bone, down through the field of hair on your chest, circlingvbcrlf each of your nipples, pausing to taste them along the way. I feelvbcrlf your body grow in anticipation as I draw closer to your waitingvbcrlf manhood, throbing as I near. But I passed, and your hands strain undervbcrlf the restaints trying to finish what I have not.vbcrlfvbcrlf I pass of and nibbled your knees, then worked upward rubbing myvbcrlf nose below your soft pouches, you moan. Then I paused kissing andvbcrlf nibbling the skin that is junction of your leg and abdomin. I takevbcrlf that fleshy part deap into my mouth. Then, as I can stand the wantingvbcrlf any longer, I quickly, without you suspecting, move to the object ofvbcrlf my desire. I swirl my tongue around, moving quickly up and down,vbcrlf while one hand grasps the fleshy skin below the curve of your rear.vbcrlf The other hand caresses the base and the skin between you soft sacks.vbcrlf You moan and move in rythum to my strokes. Your hands strain, and yourvbcrlf fists clench as I feel that last throb and warm fluids fill my mouth.vbcrlf I continue, just for a moment, and your hands relax.vbcrlfvbcrlf Then gently I get up from the bed and one by one remove thevbcrlf binds. As I undo your blind fold, your arms ensnare, holding mevbcrlf close. Your lips inhale mine with a fire and passion I have nevervbcrlf known. I untie the blindfold. When you have released me I sit backvbcrlf on my knees, your eyes focus on mine. A smile plays across your lips.vbcrlf I smile back, and with a glint in my eyes, I hand you the trongs andvbcrlf blind fold.

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