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NON-fiction…the truth

My very FIRST experience with multiple orgasms came after TWO failed marriages.. It was with a man whom I said I would JUST meet for sex..well it is MUCH more than that NOW…I met him through a personal ad.. He wanted sex and so did I… We were amazed at what we got… After meeting this man for several weeks and JUST talkin to each other, we decided that it was time to take things furthur..We went to a nice hotel somewhere in Massachusetts… At first I was shy, but then I thought “oh what the hell.. THIS is what you answered the ad for” We got into bed and he started to massage my thighs and breasts.. I was already turned on… Well then he got adventuresome and moved furthur up to my HOT WET pussy… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh did his hand feel amazing. He brought me quickly to my first orgasm, then he said “well since you are so relaxed why don’t we continue this adventure” So we did.. When he went down on me to lick me He laid across my body so I could NOT squirm away..He licked me up and down and oooooooooo My goodness was his tongue amazing. When his finger entered me I was so hot that I came again..He was VERY pleased with himself and me at this point.That was already TWO orgasms….wait there is more to CUM… He entered my hot dripping pussy with a deep thrust and I was screaming because he felt so good.. It was like a steel rod had entered me..Think he was a little hot?! He slowly moved in and out of me.. driving me mad with passion, I just could not stop cumming. I thought “this man is going to think there is something wrong with me” But he was so pleased with me that we kept meeting ALL the time and EVERY time I came AT LEAST 5 times, YES ladies that is the number five… Now we are together and have been for about 3 yrs..and EVERY time we make love I cum so much that I lose count.. So ALL u men out there…learn to keep your woman happy in bed, no it is NOT all about YOU, and she will NEVER leave your side..

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