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The Chair

Slowly Amber submerged herself onto his thighs delighting in the sensation of their bodies converging as one. Marcus enjoyed the sensuous feel of her inner essence constricting around his pulsating fullness. He looked into her smokey chestnut lustful eyes as a delicate whimper escaped her perfectly formed lips.

Her bounteous ripe bosoms were near his face the temptation of taking her apparent arousal in his mouth was more than he could stand. Slowly he drew in the ripe bud as he watched a smile play about her lips at his touch. The smooth leather chair only added to the excitement, Amber set the motion as she glided up and down his hotness within her. Marcus could feel her excitement as her core seemed to milk around him. The way Amber increased his excitement was how she responded to his touch, her velvet core contracting harder around his thickness. He began roaming her body with his hands caressing her back, neck and face. Taking his index finger across her full bottom lip, she surprised him by capturing it between her lips sucking it deep in her mouth.

The sensations of her sucking on his finger as her tongue danced on it in her mouth and her rocking on his hardness made him want to thrust deep inside her. He enjoyed bringing her to the heights of ecstasy watching her back arch and lips part before the release. To him she was the perfect lover, perfect love, and the perfect wife.

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