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This Evening

Madison slowly walked into the dimly lit room. The sent of candles burning stung her nose with pleasure. She looked around but saw no one. She looked at her watch to make sure she wasn’t early. 12:00am exactly. Hmm she thought to herself. He asked her to come over now where was he?
She looked on the bed and saw a small piece of white paper wrapped in a red ribbon sitting on the oversized pillow. She saw her name on the outside and picked it up. It read…

My Darling,
Thank you for coming. I have something special for you this evening. Undress leaving your clothes on the floor and follow the rose petals to find your surprise.
Love, Luke.

Madison did as the note said and undressed leaving her clothes strung across the floor. She looked down on to the floor to find the rose petals. She saw white rose petals leading into the bathroom. She stood outside the closed door where the petals trail ended. Slowly opening the door to peek inside.
There waiting on her was a nice full tub of steaming water and bubbles. Again the sent of candles burning cradled her with desire. Madison walked over to the tub and breathed in the sweet sent of romance.
She saw another small piece of paper like the one she had on the bed. She picked it up and it read…

My Darling, You’ve now discovered the first part of your surprise. Step into the tub enjoy and relax, Keep your eyes closed and wait for my arrival.


Madison stepped slowly into the large garden tub burning the bottoms of her feet at first then her legs then her butt and stomach then her chest. She sat and let herself soak and almost as quickly as the water burned her it relaxed her. and she was used to the tempter. Madison closed her eyes and laid her head back taking in the warmth of the water. Bubbles covering her body, like a blanket. Madison laid waiting for so long she fell asleep. She awoke to Luke kissing her lips. She looked up to see him standing before her nude. Already happy to see her. She whispered for him to join her and he did. Slowly moving in closer to her placing kisses down her neck and chest and on her breast. Lightly licking her nipples until they grew hard. Madison reached her hand down under the water and took his manhood in her embrace, Softly and slowly massaging it in a rhythmic motion. Slowing at the tip rounding her palm hard across the nose of his head. Then taking her other hand and playing with his balls. While he caressed her body in kisses, she lived for their foreplay. She was in need of him. She showed him by running her hand down his hard cock faster cupping her hand around him and swiftly pumping up and down on his penis. He moaned in desire as he released himself into the tub. The hot cum mixing with the water. He told Madison to turn around with her back to him. She did as he asked and stood up to turn around. She sat back down in the tub, the bubbles once again clinging to her beautiful body. He cupped her breast from behind taking the water in his hands and letting it run down her lovely 38.d breasts. Reminding her that his cum was in the water. Then cupping his hands and filling them with the bath water letting it run down her hair and over her back. He moved her long blonde hair to the side and kissed over her back and shoulder areas. Leaving a little trail on her neck and turning her face to kiss her lips. Slowly he ran his hands down the length of her body. Her reaching her arms up and around his neck to bring him closer to her. Feeling his hard cock pressed up against her ass under the water she reached down from his neck with her one hand and grabbed it again rubbing and teasing at it. Knowing what she was doing to him as she heard him moan out she stopped. She took his hand and brought it from her breast and ran it down her tummy to her sweet spot. She took his hand placing it palm first on her pussy. Hoping he’d get the hint. He slowly began to kiss her neck softly nibbling as he let two fingers slide inside of her. Slightly moving his fingers in and out of her. Slowly at first then as she moved her hips to meet his rhythm he went faster, and faster. using his other hand to play with her breast he took her nipple between his thumb and pointer and massaged her erect nipples. Along with nibbling on her neck. He was driving her wild. Then lightly tickling her clit with his finger tips. Barely touching her then engulfing her. Over and over until she couldn’t take anymore and explored on his hand. Letting his fingers cover in her juices he pulled out and licked his fingers clean. She laid her head back on him letting herself fall into his neck. Cradling him up against her holding him around the neck from behind. He leaned to kiss her lips as he went to lift her helpless body out of the tub. Getting up he helped her up and out of the tub. He handed her a robe and she put it on. He walked naked into the bedroom and lay on the bed face up. She followed him in and straddled him. Laying down on him slowly kissing her way down his chest from his lips. Slowly licking around his belly button and moving down. She stopped as she noticed him yet again hard under her. She moved off of him and got on her hands and knees to please him once more. She bent and took him in her mouth. A little at a time. Slowly licking the length of his cock and then letting him slide down into her mouth as she sucked her mouth back off. Then going down even more letting him in more. She tongued his cock licking the end quickly. with Swift brushes of her tongue on him brought him over the edge as she took him in deep and he came into her mouth his cum filling her mouth dripping down her throat. She licked him clean. He moaned in ecstasy and smiled at her. She went up on his body laying on him now face to face he put his hand to her chin and whipped the cum that had over flooded her mouth and spilled out onto her face. He put his hand in front of her and she licked his juices off his hand. He thanked her and she smiled. Placing her lips to his. “Thank you” She spoke for the first time, “For what?” He asked. “For this evening.” “Your welcome, But it’s not over yet.” He looked deep into her eyes and he held her tight.

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